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Secret Santa for Sophie<3 (Sirius Black, HP)


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Merry Christmas! Sorry that this is totally last minute, I hope you like it!


Sirius sniffled as he held a cool rag to his forhead, trying to quell the sickness that was swiftly brewing. Taking refuge in a cave near Hogmeade, the wizard was hiding from the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Magic while still trying to be there for Harry during his strange entry into the Triwizard Tournament. He could not be so foolish as to operate out in public while still trying to escape from the law. Although he was doing his best, a few trips through bleak and rainy weather had left him bedridden, sniffing and fighting off an itchy cold.

“Hih...hiihhh...” Sirius sniffled wildly as he struggled to maintain balance while staving off the creeping tickle that was slowing forcing his nose to an expulsion that not even any sort of magic or spell could stop. He knew that he most certainly could not be sick, he needed to be in top health in order to promptly use his Animagus to come to Harry's aid. He needed to be strong. But alas, the sneeze that was lingering in his quivering nostrils certainly had other plans.

“HHAA-CCCHHHHIIII!!” Sirius attempted to stifle into his sleeve. It pained him that all he could do at this point was wait, but he was most certainly in top health in his own mind.

As the long-haired wizard slumped against the wall he hurriedly rose back to his feet, sniffling like mad and easily rubbing his nostrils. He blew his nose into a crumpled tissue that he hurriedly put back into his pant pocket.

“Id...Id is certainly good that I'm not sick...” Sirius mumbled to himself as he assured himself that he was perfectly healthy, walking to the opening of the cave and feeling the cool, brisk wind tickle his nose slightly, itching out another urge to sneeze.

“Hhhihiiihh...hhhiii...haaahh!” The buildup was urgent but the wizard strive to hold it back, as healthy wizards certainly do not sneeze to this degree. But, although healthy in his mind, Sirius was definitely not a healthy wizard.

“Hiiiaaa...HA-HAAA-CCCHHOOWWW!!!” Fully uncovered this time around, Sirius stumbled backwards practically falling over at the force of the nasal explosion.

“Sirius, are you all right in there?” A familiar voice called from the now distant opening of the cave.

Sirius rubbed his nose, trying to do so secretively as not to raise any suspicion of himself being sick. He coughed once into the draping sleeve of his garment and made sure to make himself clear before speaking to the voice. He cleared his throat.

“I'b fide.” He called. Drat. He thought to himself. That is most certainly not how healthy wizards sound.

“You don't sound fine at all, go lay down and I will fix you a cup of tea to make you well. Harry needs you healthy.” And before long the face of Remus Lupin, Sirius' old friend, came to light.

“I ab healthy, I dob't need any tea.” Sirius for sure tried to make his case that he was healthy, but as he spoke he could tell that Remus surely was not taking any of his misconceptions for truth.

Remus could not help but laugh. “Could you just accept it, Sirius? The longer you put off the fact that your constant traveling in the cold and rain has made you sick, the sooner you can get back on your feet.”

Sirius suddenly felt something tingle deep in his nose. It was an urge, like he wanted-- no, NEEDED to sneeze. “Hhiiihhhh...hhhhiiihhhhh...”

Remus reached out a hand. “Here, old friend, let me just help you--”

With that, Sirius extended his hand to Remus as if he wanted him to wait for a moment, as if he thought that he was going to fight off whatever his nose needed to do. But this was definitely not the case.

“Hhiiihhh....hhhiiiiihhhhh....HHHIIIIII-CCCCCCCHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOWWW!!” The enormous sneeze sent Sirius visibly stumbling this time, his legs wobbling before the oncoming fever made him feel woozy. And before he knew it, everything went black (no pun intended).

Not before long, Sirius came to, with his head resting on a pillow and a cool rag on his head. “The rag is to help cool you down, you are running a pretty high fever.” With that, Remus removed the thermometer from his friends mouth and put it aside.

Finally, Sirius allowed himself to admit to himself that he was sick. “Alright, Rebus. I ab sick, I need to get healthy at once though.”

Remus nodded. “Ah! It's about time that you finally admit it. Now, I believe that his cold can be cured the old fashioned way, with rest and lots of water. So just do me a favor and stay here until I return, I will be right back. Sirius nodded.

As soon as Remus left the cave, Sirius blew his nose. Then, he felt something, as if something was tickling his nose deep within, itching to explode out, but he could not quite feel the urge to sneeze. He sat up, his elbows resting on the bed.

Ssssnnniiiffffffff! Sirius tried to sniff in to quell the monstrous tickle that was brewing deep in his nostrils, but to his surprise, it served only to increase the intensity.

Sirius rubbed and rubbed his nostrils, even taking the crumbled tissue out of his pocket and pressing it firmly against his nose, wiping away some of his nose drippings and trying just desperately to subdue the tickle. It was still part of his dignity to win this fight against his sneeze-- to hold out hope that he was indeed not sick even though part of himself had already agreed to it.

“Hhhiiihhhiiii...hhhiiiihhhhh...” The wizard was building up to the sneeze desperately, and it was ever so imminent as his nostrils were teasingly convulsing and twitching with irritation.

“Hhhiiihhhiiiiiii!” Just as Sirius was about to sneeze, Remus entered his quarters with a glass of water and a mug of soup.

“HHHHAAAAAA—HHHAAAA-CCCHHHOOOWWWW!!!” The huge sneeze sent Sirius doubling over in his bed and Remus jolting back with complete and utter surprise.

“Sirius! You gave me quite a scare, you almost made me drop your soup...” Remus could not help but laugh.

Now fully accepting his being sick, Sirius reluctantly took the soup and laid back down in bed.

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And now when i watch and read the forth installement of harry potter...again... I now know where sirius was....

In a cave...


Being cared for....

By lupin...


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Awww... you have no idea how excited I got when I saw this post! My heart pretty much started racing!! Thank you, Animeeze! c:

First of all, the characters...<3 Obviously I stated in my information that I love Sirius and Remus, but I also mentioned a lot of other characters and fandoms and I'm so happy you picked this, because a few days after I sent my information I realized that really all I wanted were these two...! So you made a good choice! thumbs_up.gif

Also... you included so many of my preferences, such as fever and denial and trying to ignore the illness...! <3

All in all, this was worth waiting for! I'm glad I took part in this year's Secret Santa! Thank you for this lovely story!

- A happy Sophie

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And before he knew it, everything went black (no pun intended).

Oh, and this made me giggle! :)

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