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Senpai is Sick (Kyoukai no Kanata a.k.a. Beyond the Boundary Mirai x Akihito)


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I just finished Beyond the Boundary and iT IS SO PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND. Yet when I search there are hardly any sneezefics sadsmiley.gif I plan on fixing that! Prepare for some fluffy Mirai x Akihito <3


Mirai Kuriyama was walking to literary club on a brisk November afternoon. She gazed out of the windows in the hallway to notice the falling snow. That would complicate things when hunting Youmu. Hiroomi Nase was already so sensitive to the cold. She wondered if he was even at school that day. She hoped they would be successful though - her food money was running low. If she ever got desperate she knew Akihito Kanbara would take her out to dinner. Mirai didn't want to do that though. First of all she would feel guilty about having him pay, and second she wouldn't want to give him the wrong impressions. She did not harbor any feelings towards him. Nope, none at all. Zero.

She entered the club room to find an unusual scene. Mitsuki Nase was staring absentmindedly into a stack of papers like always, but right next to the papers lied Akihito's head. He was sprawled across the table, lightly snoring. Mitsuki didn't seem to notice him.

"...Is he...okay?" Mirai asked hesitantly. She had seen her Senpai sleeping in public before, but never on a table. Mitsuki pulled the sucker out of her mouth.

"I don't know. He was like this when I came in." She replied without looking up.

"And you didn't think to check?!" Mirai shouted. Akihito stirred at her outburst. He slowly opened his eyes and rubbed his face, which Mirai noticed was paler than usual. A yawn escaped his lips as he pushed himself into a half-upright position.

"Kuriyama-san?" he asked dazedly. He flung his eyes open as he realized where he was. He whipped around, only to have his face land two inches from another. "MITSUKI?!" he tried to yell, but croaked instead. In his panic he fell off of the table and landed at Mirai's feet. He cleared his throat and stood up.

"Are you okay Senpai?" Mirai asked. She wanted so badly to straighten his uniform and hair for him. Wait, what was she thinking? That would be impolite. She definitely did not want to do that.

"F-fine. Why do you ask?" Akihito asked, feigning surprise.

"Well...Senpai....you were sleeping on a table! And...your face looks a lot paler than usual! And...you..." she trailed off. The look on Akihito's face distracted her. His eyes were closed, forehead slightly wrinkled, mouth open.

"...S-sorry I.......I.....hehh.....h'Kkshhn!" he stifled into his hand. Mirai jumped at the unexpected sound. "I skipped my last class to sleep here. I was up all night deciding which glasses would look best on Mitsuki!" he lied through his teeth. He had gotten plenty of sleep last night, but was worn out for some unknown reason. "In short, I'm perfectly fine!" he stated as he lounged in one of the chairs, hands behind his head with elbows up. Mitsuki shot a glare his way.

"If you say so..." Mirai murmured.

"...'KKshh! KShh!" Akihito stifled again. He sniffed a few times and wiggled his nose around. God that's cute, Mirai thought. Hold on, no it isn't. The poor guy must feel like crap! Sympathy! No cuteness!

"Bless you." Mirai managed, a blush rushing to her face from her unpleasant thoughts.

"I think it's obvious don't you? Akkey is sick." Mitsuki said.

"Don't you start calling me that! ...but I had been wondering such things myself..." Akihito sniffed and crossed his arms sheepishly.

"You're sick?!" Mirai shouted.

"Agh! Not so loud!" he hissed and rubbed his temples. "And I don't know. It would explain my headache and sneezing..." He noticed the look on Mirai's face and blurted, "It's probaby just a cold though! Nothing serious!" he laughed and patted her on the head.

"Unless it's not." Mitsuki threw in.

"Not helping!" he shot back.

"You should go home and rest Senpai!" Mirai said anxiously. She wanted to check his forehead for a temperature. Only because she was concerned for her friend's well being! No other reason!

"I'll be...I'll...b-....h'Kkssh!" Akihito stifled. "I'll be fine. Let's just continue today as usual." he said with a smile and half-hearted chuckle. Mirai wasn't so sure. She planned on keeping a special eye on him. They would just have to see how the day panned out.

To be continued! Maybe soon! I'm sick myself so I should have lots of free time to update smile.png

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this is th e cutest thing ever omg thank you sooooooo much for writing a fic for them they're way too cute together to remain sickfic-less pleeeease continue omg wubsmiley.gif

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Aaasljsdflklwiefjl;akfjsdlkjf thank you all so much! I will continue <3


Akihito walked down the halls with Mirai after the club meeting. As it turned out, Hiromi wasn't at school and Mitsuki was busy keeping up the appearance of the literary club. They were the only two left available to do anything. Apparently a Youmu had been terrorizing a children's park and was their target today. Neither of them had said a word since they left the club room - just the occasional sniffle from Akihito. Mirai decided to break the silence.

"You know, I could take this one by myself. You wouldn't have to make your illness worse." she offered.

"And leave my bespectacled beauty alone when she passes out afterwards? I don't think so." he argued.

"That doesn't happen that often!"

"Often enough. Either way the longer you fight the weaker you get, and it isn't good for you to be alone while that happens." He twisted his body away from her and stifled, "H'Ksshn!"

"What about you? You're weak right now too - bless you." Akihito sniffed and rubbed his reddening nose with the back of his hand.

"I'm not that weak! We're doing this together and that's final." he stated.

They had reached the doors of the school and continued their journey outside. A blast of frosty air was there to greet them. Mirai shivered and rubbed her arms.

"Are you cold?" Akihito asked. Mirai wanted nothing more than for him to put his arm around her as a shield from the merciless winter. She had given up on trying to deny her affection for him. Even still, he was sick, and if anybody should worry about keeping warm it was him. She supposed that her body would keep his warm as well, and was safe to answer yes.

"A l-little." Mirai stammered out, blushing with the idea of what was to come. Akihito took off his scarf and wrapped it around her.

"Here." he said, expressionless. That was not at all what she had in mind! Although, it was a very nice, warm scarf. It even smelled like him. She wanted to wear it forever.

"Akihito you'll freeze!" she shouted.

"Will not." he said, as if he expected her to reply with, "Will too." A coughing fit bent him over at the waist. She watched in silent concern until it ended and they began walking again. Mirai decided to be bold. Be bold, be bold, be bold, she chanted to herself. Mirai unwrapped the scarf and put it back on Akihito. He seemed surprised, but went along with it. She grabbed his arm, draped it across her shoulders, and leaned into his side. Both of their faces turned bright red.

"Now we can both be warm." she said hesitantly.

"A-are you sure about this?" he asked, stunned yet pleased by her forwardness. Mirai backed away immediately.

"You're right! I mean, w-we're out in public, and - I'm sorry! I didn't mean to - it was very stupid of me! We're almost there anyways!" she spit out in a hurry with nervous giggling. The rest of the walk was silent.

When they got to the park they came to a troubling realization. It was swarming with children and their parents. There was no way they could fight a Youmu in this environment. The magic that warded off people wouldn't keep this many way. Even if it did, the emptiness of an area that was usually bustling would look suspicious. How could they be so stupid as to not realize this. They had walked all of this way for nothing but cold appendages and an awkward moment.

"Maybe we can come back at night?" Akihito suggested.

"Yeah...that would be best." Mirai sighed.

"Isn't your apartment really far away from here?" he asked.

"...Yeah." she said hopefully. Her stomach grumbled. What did he have in mind?

"Maybe we could...go have dinner somewhere? When's the last time you had a decent meal?"

"It's been...a while. Where would we go?"

"...My apartment is pretty close. I could just cook something." he said like it was no big deal.

"Ok!" Mirai agreed. They started the walk towards Akihito's house.

Just then his nose became extremely ticklish. He stopped walking, closed his eyes, and inhaled sharply through his mouth. The inner recesses of his nasal passages felt like a thousand microscopic feathers were shaking and twirling. His nostrils quivered in anticipation - but he couldn't sneeze. He exhaled, "...heehhh....." but the tickle didn't go away. He sucked another audible breath through his mouth and prepared for a sneeze, but it wouldn't come. This continued for a few more breaths, coming every so close, "...heehhh.......heeEEhh......HEH-...ehh......heh, eEHH....HEH...KSSHhh!" he finally let out.

"...Bless you." Mirai said as Akihito sniffed and rubbed his nose with both hands. She was shocked by how cute the entire ordeal was, and even more shocked by the fact that it turned her on a little bit. She blushed.

She really hoped she wouldn't make a fool of herself tonight.


And there we have it! It took a bit of a change of feel there at the end, but I don't regret it :3

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Lovely story! I just got through watched KNK...I was waiting until I finished because I was worried about spoilers. You got the characters spot on--I really liked their banter, and how uncaring Mitsuki is versus how angrily caring Mirai is! I'm looking forward to seeing Akihito trying to fight a youmu while sick, that should be interesting. (Maybe the youmu could be one that spreads viruses and that's why he's sick...? Just a random thought, ignore it if you've got something else in mind!) Anyway, great story, thanks for posting. :D

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Thank you all for the positive feedback <3

Natto, that is a great suggestion! I didn't even think of it \('o' )/ But I have another idea in mind :)


Mirai liked to think that everyone had their own personal smell. There is a combination of things people surround themselves every day to create it. She caught glances of Akihito's smell every once in a while, but when she walked into his apartment it surrounded her. It was the most comforting thing she had ever smelled. It was warm like pasta, sweet like cologne, and crisp like a natural spring. The whole thing was very autumn-like.

"It smells so nice..." Mirai mumbled.

"What?" Akihito said, not as a response to how weird her statement was, but because he actually couldn't hear her.

"Nothing! Just that I like your place." she mused.

"Oh, thanks. It's really nothing much. You can sit down over there if you want." He gestured to a stool against an island in the middle of his kitchen.

Mirai nodded and sat down Akihito began getting out all of the items he needed to cook. After setting the water to heat up he coughed a few times. It was obvious that he was trying to keep it hidden. Since they were the only two in the apartment it was very quiet and very awkward. She shifted nervously in her seat as he leaned up against the table, waiting for the water to boil. She didn't notice before but he was sniffling every so often. The list of symptoms she was keeping track of was growing. Soon he would have a full blown head cold - and both of them knew it. Akihito pulled out the stool right next to her and sat down. He leaned his head in is hands, sighed and sniffled.

"It's quiet." he remarked.

"Yeah..." Mirai said, painfully aware of how quiet it was. She blushed and looked down. "Sorry..."

"You don't have to apologize." he said before coughing. A groan escaped his lips as he put his head down on the table.

"I'm s-" she was interrupted when Akihito turned his head towards her, opened one eye and gave her a look. "Oh, right!" she laughed. "I still feel bad that you're sick though."

He sneezed into the table. "You and me both." A noise from the stove brought him to his feet. He put the noodles in and began stirring. His back was to her but she noticed the signs. His stirring slowed down and eventually stopped. His shoulders rose and fell ever so slightly with quivering, uneven breath.

"...heehh....h'KStch!" he almost sneezed into the pot, but turned to the side at the last second. The sound rang throughout the quiet home. Mirai blushed and tried not to think about how cute he was.

"Hold on." Akihito pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and finally blew his nose. Even that was cute. He sniffed a few times and realized that the nose blowing only prompted more sneezes. "...*sniff*...hehh...heeEEHH.......ha'KShn!" he stifled into his handkerchief, "...ha'KSHnn!....ha-...'KSHh! Kkshh!...uun. Bless me." he sniffed and rubbed his nose.

The rest of the cooking process went similarly. He would cough and sneeze every now and then, neither of them would say much, and it was all very awkward. He finished what seemed to be some sort of pasta, but Mirai didn't really care. She would eat it uncooked. Her plate was clean within two minutes. It was then she noticed that Akihito hadn't touched his meal. She was torn between asking him if he was okay and getting up for seconds.

"Are you going to eat that?" she asked.

"No." he replied and scooted his plate towards her. She was going to ask if he was okay, she really was. Just after she had finished eating - which wasn't long.

"Are you feeling okay?" she asked, still chewing her last bite.

"Yeah. Just not hungry. And my head hurts." he said rubbing his temples.

He tried to stand up but was swarmed by vertigo. He clutched his head and leaned heavily on the table. Mirai fluttered to his side and became his support. She helped him into the next room and set him on the couch.

That's all I got for now~

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Awesome ! :) I really love this story

so cute so cute.

and your signature too is cute :)

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From what I've seen of the characters (episode 6) they are represented really well and I am loving how cute Akihito is and I LOVE YOU <3

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Aw yeah! This is just what I was looking for, sooo cute~ *-* Can I tell you a sugestion? I would like to see some fainting/passing out scene on it :3 like.. Akihito fainting due to the fever. It would be really cute if he faints, and Mirai takes care of him! And if he sneeze when he's asleep, it would be sooo pretty cute *--* Anyway, awesome story! Continue, please <3

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Aw yeah! This is just what I was looking for, sooo cute~ *-* Can I tell you a sugestion? I would like to see some fainting/passing out scene on it :3 like.. Akihito fainting due to the fever. It would be really cute if he faints, and Mirai takes care of him! And if he sneeze when he's asleep, it would be sooo pretty cute *--* Anyway, awesome story! Continue, please <3

gonna have to agree with allll of this omg pleaseE

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Just saw this fix and I can't believe I hadn't seen it earlier, because I love this show and your writing of the characters is sooo cute! Thank you so much!! :D

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