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Discovery Nightmare...

Graham Cracked

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Quite literally. This was the first time this has happened...

When I sleep, I tend to have multiple dreams and remember only a few when I wake up, but they become more vivid if I don't sleep until late/early morning. Last night, I had two that I can recall. A really fun one about being Elsa from Frozen, and one not so fun...

Apparently, I was in the back seat of a car where my roommate was driving me and two of his friends somewhere. For some reason, I had my laptop. They all wanted to use it, and I was already embarrassed enough about them almost reading a letter from my husband containing info on my fetish. They pulled the laptop out of my hands, but I said 'You'll never find out the password~'. Then my roomie said 'It's her husband's name' and typed it in. Almost immediately, this website was found, because of how they just wanted to know why I was so hesitant about them opening it. The entire rest of the dream was my roommate making fun of me for this.

I woke up at 11 this morning and just had to convince myself over and over that it was a dream. Especially when my roommate came back. He obviously still doesn't have a clue, but it was just so horrifyingly vivid, I had to brace myself for anything.

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That sounds so scary....

I had a dream where my brother came into my room, peeked behind my laptop screen and just barely didn't see this website. He asked me about it, and I was able to get out of it without him finding this website. I woke up and I was confused about what happened because it seemed really real. I was like, wait, did this happen in real life? No, right?

Somewhat unrelated.. you can remember dreaming? Lucky (well unlucky in this scenario), I almost never dream.

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