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If you were a sneeze, what would you sound like?

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Like your personality or your looks or whatever. For example if I was a sneeze, I think I'd sound like "Heh... heh.. HEYYEHHShoo!" moderately loud and soft spittle producing. But I think my appearance would sound like "Hichnnx!"

Your turn. What do you think you would sound like if you were a sneeze?

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For both personality and appearance I think I'd be soft and unobtrusive, with enough body and force to be a little messy but nothing worth fussing about unless you were watching or listening for it... Probably something that sounds like "Hih'Ishhh".

Maybe I've over thought this, but 'tis an interesting thing to think about :)

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I'd like to be a big cartoon-style sneeze that you feel coming about 10 seconds before it starts, making you go ah, AH, AHHHHH!

But realistically I'd be a "chsss!"

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