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So I had a dream about me and a friend...

And if you don't want a glimspe into my psyche I'd recommend stop reading now...

Okay here goes.

I was about to leave the house and she came over. She's tall with pale skin and brown eyes and red hair. I've never found her attractive and that's why this dream is funny... >.<

She leaned in and kissed me and soon enough we were doing it. She left and I sat down on the couch. I fell asleep and when I woke up I got a call from her saying she was pregnant.

I said wow let's get to baby things!

And the next part was us preparing to get ready for the baby.

But while I was at the store she called and said she wasn't interested in me anymore. She said it was an experiment and she liked boys and wanted to marry one and have his kids.

I couldn't believe it. I said, "Why have sex with me to conceive if you're going to opt out of it?"

I felt like I was playing the man in a show about teenage pregnancy.

I said "You led me on!" And hung up the phone.

Then later she appeared at my house and apologized to me. She said she was only interested in me because I liked guys and girls and she wanted to try kissing a girl. She said it went too far.

I said I'd stay with her to raise the baby but she had a better idea.

She put the baby up for adoption and I remember being proud of her.


First of all, I am not a man so I don't see how this was possible.

Second of all, I don't kiss straight girls.

Third of all, I am amazed she went along with it.

All the straight girls I know would have stopped after the kiss.

And that's why it was a dream.

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Wow.. interesting. Dreams are cool. They're random stories I doubt anyone could consciously come up with and see from first person POV.

I actually remember having one last night tonguesmiley.gif I was in London (never been, watching too much Doctor Who) and I barely remember, but I do remember my friend, who moved there a few years ago, helping me escape aliens in a school (again, Doctor Who) and I got to drive a car, and I specifically remembered to drive on the other side of the road. Not that I've ever driven a car, but I do it a lot in dreams, so I was getting good at it :)

I woke up disappointed I didn't remember driving and that it was a dream (because things were going well as far as I could remember and it would've been cool IRL)

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