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woken by sneezing


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So last week I had the great fortune to go on a trip with the girl I have a crush on. I was recovering from a cold but I was a bit embarased to sneeze in front of her so I managed to suppress it during the day.

However by night when we'd turned out the lights the sneeze came back to me and since I could hear her deep steady breathing I figured it would be safe to just let it out, so I sat up and sneezed three times rapidly into cupped hands, more forcefully than I'd anticipated.

As soon as I was done I heard a sleepy "bless you" whispered from the bed next to mine. I had actually woken her up with my sneezing.

So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go die of embarrassment now.

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Aww don't die of embarrassment, I think it's cute! Besides, she probably didn't think anything about it anyway. :)

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