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I can't read this, because it's in Spanish and I unfortunately retained nothing from my college Spanish class. I don't know what's going on, but I know that Haru is sick, and what more do you need?

If anybody would be willing to translate this comic into English, I'd be INFINITELY GRATEFUL. If not, well, I hope that those of you who can read Spanish enjoy it!

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I'll try my hand at it? It may not be perfect but I mostly understand :xx

If anyone is more fluent and would like to correct, please do!

Makoto: You have a high fever, Haru.

Makoto: It wasn't the greatest idea to swim during the cold weather. You're lucky you didn't come down with pnumonia or anything. ... What I say won't serve you any good, right?

Haru: *Will continue to do so*

Makoto: I brought the homework they gave us and mom prepared some food and some medicine for you.

Haru: Thank you, Makoto.

Makoto: Are you hungry?

Haru: Not right now.

Makoto: Oh, but before you take your medicine you should eat something.

Haru: ...

Makoto: It's better that you should eat something... Haru... *I can feed you if you want*

Haru: I'm going to sleep.

Makoto: Well, if you rest well you'll recover much easier.

Haru: Makoto.

Makoto: Yes, Haru?

Haru: You don't have to be here the whole time.

Makoto: Ah...!

Makoto: I...

Haru: Thank you for being here. Honestly.

Makoto: Haru...!!

Haru: Makoto... did I also give you a fever?

Makoto: I think it's your fault... haha...


But omg this is such a cute comic though ;w;

And I hope you don't mind that I add some more MakoHaru findings too xD;;;





Omg I posted this just now but I didn't know someone else was going to translate until the page reloaded;;

I'm sorry! ;-;

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Ok, I did my best! I'm really proud of myself for remembering this much haha

- You have a high fever, Haru

- It isn't the best of ideas to swim in this cold weather. You're lucky that you haven't caught pneumonia or something. It doesn't do much to tell you this though, right?

- ---> is going to continue doing it

- I bought the homework that we got today, and Mama prepared food and medicine for you

- Thanks Makoto

- Are you hungry?

- Not now

-Oh, before taking medicine you should eat something.

- ....

- Really, you should eat something.. Haru.. I can feed you if you want.

- I'm going to sleep.

- Good, if he rests well he will recover quicker.

- Makoto?

- Yes Haru?

- You don't have to stay here the whole time

- Ah..!

- I...

- Thank you for being here.. really.


-Makoto.. have I given my fever to you?

- I think that it's your fault.. haha

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Omg I posted this just now but I didn't know someone else was going to translate until the page reloaded;;

I'm sorry! ;-;

Haha it's okay, I had fun doing it anyway

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Ahh, thanks guys, for the translation! And thank you very much for those other links, they're adorable! I especially love the third one, but they're all wonderful!

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