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Many bless yous in class


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This one is back from last spring. I had been very sneezy the entire day presumably from allergies. We were taking a test in class when all of a sudden I felt the urge to sneeze. I tried fighting if off at first but I realized this one had to come out. So I raised my arm and sneezed VERY wetly and loudly into the crook of my elbow. "Heh-essshhhhh!!" Around a third of the class turned towards my direction and called out "Bless you!" I sat embarrassed and looked up at the teacher who just smiled. Unfortunately, I was wearing a t-shirt and looked down at my elbow which was completely wet with spray. I waited until everyone returned to the test before rubbing my elbow against the side of my shirt as surreptitiously as I could.

After returning to the test for about a minute, I needed to sneeze again. I didn't bother trying to control it this time and just released another extremely wet "Huh-PSSHHT!!" directly into my elbow. About the same number of people called "Bless you" once again, leaving me feeling embarrassed. Then I made sure no one was looking and dried my elbow on the side of my shirt a second time.

Most other people don't seem to have this problem when elbow sneezing. But as for me, I'll think I'll sneeze into my upper sleeve if I'm wearing a t-shirt from now on.

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Awe cute . Blesss you. And I suggest covering your sneeze with your shirt over your mouth and nose ? Like sure the sneeze will go on your chest but its effective, also really attractive cuz my friend sneezes ALL the time like that . But yeh thanks for sharing :) hope your allergies tone down..(or get worst) whichever xD

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