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I am watching last nights show, and Craig just sneezed.

He's been saying that he has a flu for the past couple of shows, so I was wondering if he was going to sneeze.

And he did. :)

i don't know if it's on youtube yet, so I'll post it if I find it.


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You can watch the whole episode on CBS.com.

Well that was interesting.. Does Craig ever get through a single scene without getting distracted? I don't watch his show, but I know who he his. He got through, what? 2 tweets? He doesn't sound too sick, though I couldn't fully tell because of his accent and I'm not really familiar with the sound of his normal voice. Either way, it was entertaining. Thanks for sharing.

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Can't watch it from Europe sadsmiley.gif

you poor, poor person. D: hopefully it'll be up on youtube soon. :)
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