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Stephen Colbert, because I'm obsessed.


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Stephen Colbert did a couple of shows back in 2008 sounding INCREDIBLY sick and congested. There's no actual sneezing, but since I love him and since this is one of the stuffiest voices I've ever heard on TV, I had to post it. He does acknowledge he's sick, but with a joke ("I'm sorry if my voice is a little bit hoarse tonight, it turns out that the pink fluffy stuff in your attic isn't cotton candy. Now my house is so drafty.)


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haha, nice! have you seen him when he was completely ill and he did the show from a chair? it was back in 2007 I think and someone wrote a great fanfic about it called Nation, I'm Sick.

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.... that was me. haha

Oh, sorry I didn't know the author.. I read it and absolutely loved it! If i remember correctly it's not "finished" or is it? I feel you kind of left us hanging and was wondering if you were ever going to write more. You are a really talented writer and I really enjoyed reading your fanfic.

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You're right that it's not finished, I posted an update last night! And I'm editing a new one right now that should be up by tomorrow. I'm definitely an intermittent contributor here; it depends what's going on at work and how much free time I have and what I'm doing with it. But I'm into this right now, so look out for more frequent updates at least for the time being! It's posted under stories obs/stories/artwork --> stories --> fan fiction.

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