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European winters and weak immune systems.


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After spending a whole month traveling Europe in the middle of winter on a bus FULL of sick sniffly people I have realised two things; one being that being surrounded by sneezy sniffling people isn't what I expected. It's hell. And not in a good torturous kind of hell, like a it really sucked because I had no attraction what so ever to any of them so it really just annoyed me because even though I didn't like it I still noticed every cough, nose rub, blow, sneeze and sniff. Seriously I've never been scared of germs but ugh this bus was gross. And the second realisation being, my immune system sucks. I have been among the group of illness :( first off was in the snow covered Swiss alps, now I received this head cold out of my own pure stupidity. Dancing my butt off in the tiny stuffy bar then going outside without my coat to smoke and cool down. And guess what rapid body temp changes cause? You guessed it! A super watery eyed sneezy sniffly head cold. I kind of liked the idea of catching a cold in the snow but at the same time crashing waves of emptiness made the already existing ache for a certain someone back home, 1000 times worse. Then in Prague came a cold/flu that made me completely weak and aching. Cold to the bone and voiceless. Luckily my body only suffered for a day then I was just left congested and low. Completely missed out on Berlin due to a bad stomach bug but I won't go into that but the moral of the story is look after yourself better in European winters they're no good for ya. But on a lighter note, I did get to witness lots of attractive European strangers with red sniffly noses so it kinda made it worth it haha

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Awwww....so i know what to do if i go to europe. And that has to suck..being around sickies who dont attract u in the least. I hope u do feel better though. :hug:

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Aww that sounds like a nightmare :( hope you're doing all better now?

Funny, the time I was the most sick in my life was a couple of years ago when I was in Germany. I had been there for a month already, the first couple of days with the cold were so mild, I thought it was allergies. Then it just got terrible haha, I was so achy and tired and got pneumonia and was throwing up like crazy, blahhh not fun. After being sick for a month, I finally went to a German doctor, so nice and thorough, and really cheap even though I obviously had no German insurance. So really, it was the best place to be really sick. My best friend and her family took such good care of me, before that I was used to my germaphobic family quarantining anyone that got sick, and I felt so guilty for being a sick guest. But they were so kind to me. And the doctors were great. So looking back on it, it makes me wish every sick day were the way it was here. With someone to care for you and amazing, affordable doctors lol. Though it definitely sucked being that sick while on a trip.

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