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Hey guys! :) Just a little something I wrote over Christmas. It's a Oneshot and I thought about splitting it into three parts, but then I just thought, what the heck, I'll give it to you all at once! c: There'll be no second part, though, I'm afraid. Hope you enjoy a sick, sneezy James as much as I do!

“He should have let us go early”, said Sirius Black, who was walking up to the school with his broomstick under his arm.

“Hm”, agreed James Potter, his best friend. “Doesn't he have to get ready for the dance?”

“I'm not sure he's got a girl”, said Sirius pensively.

“What do you mean?”, asked James, and pushed back a wet strand of hair that was clinging to his forehead. “He's the captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team! Girls should love him!”

Sirius nodded and shrugged. “I agree, Prongs. They should. It's just... in between practices he's always busy coming up with new strategies, so I just don't think he found the time to ask a girl. Probably forgot all about the dance!”

Sirius laughed out loud at the thought of his quidditch-obsessed captain, but James merely smiled.

“That's no reason to make us play in this rain, though, is it? We look hideous! And I want to look good for Lily!”

Sirius watched James walk up the hill slowly, leaning against the wind. They were both soaking wet and shivering slightly. Practice had been intense, but not exactly successful. It was hard to see anything through the thick rainfall, but Sam Nicholson, their captain, had insisted that they needed to be ready for this kind of situation and that therefore it was actually beneficial to practice in these rainy conditions. Sirius wasn't sure yet whether or not he agreed. Sam did have a point. However, he felt like a wet dog now and probably looked accordingly. Kayla, his date, surely didn't want him to take her to the dance like this.

“I still can't believe Lily is actually going with you, mate”, Sirius said to James and hit him on the shoulder playfully.

“She likes me! Get used to it, Pads!”, James replied and hit back. Sirius was irritated at how little force there was behind the punch.

“You okay, Prongs?”, he asked, now becoming aware that his friend was dragging his feet and was shivering quite a lot, too.

“Just cold”, James answered through gritted teeth. Then he sneezed twice into cupped hands.

“Bless you, Prongs”, Sirius said with raised eyebrows. He was starting to feel alarmed.

His friend mumbled a thanks and sniffled wetly, then wiped his nose with an already-dirty sleeve.

“We should hurry”, said Sirius now, rubbing at his arms. The rain was really annoying him. For a moment, he considered transforming, knowing that Padfoot didn't mind rain as much. “I bet Remus and Peter are all ready for their girls by now.”

James nodded and picked up his speed. They made it to the school in silence.

“Told you”, said Sirius when they stepped inside the Gryffindor common room. “Everybody left.”

“Do you think Lily is waiting for me somewhere?”, asked James, sounding as if he was scared that she had decided against going with him last minute.

“Maybe she's still up in the girls' dorm. I'm sure she's waiting for you somewhere, Prongs!”, said Sirius comfortingly.

“Okay”, James said and sniffed with a noticeable liquidly sound.

“Your nose runny?”, asked Sirius casually, while following James upstairs to their dorm.

James shrugged. “Just from the cold outside.”

Sirius pointed out that they were inside now, but James only shrugged again. “I'll just blow it once, then it'll go away.”

“Whatever you say. I'll go change now”, said Sirius and went into the bathroom to wash his hair, dry it and comb it into shape. From inside the bathroom, he heard James in the bedroom.

“HuhESSHoooo...!! Eeshhheh!”

“Bless!”, he called out.

When James called back his “Thaggs”, Sirius couldn't help but notice how stuffed up his friend sounded. He fixed one last strand of his hair, so that it looked neat, but as if he hadn't actually put a lot of effort into making it look the way it did. Kayla would love it.

When he came out of the bathroom, James was sitting on his bed, shirtless, his tuxedo next to him on the bed. It looked like he had been in the middle of changing and then interrupted by something.

“Hey...”, Sirius said softly, sitting down next to him.

James couldn't reply. He was preoccupied doing something else... “HuhESHHshooo...! HaISHoo!”

James's sneezes were somewhere in the middle between Sirius's really wet and forceful explosions and Remus's softer, half-stifled ones. Usually, James Potter wasn't a sneezy person. Only when he was sick, his nose could get extremely irritated and cause fits of multiple strong sneezes.

Sirius knew all that about his best friend. That's why he went straight to his nighstand in search of a clean hanky. Then, however, he realized that he hardly ever had any in store, and when he needed one he never knew where to find it. There was one person, however, who always had clean hankies in his nighstand. Remus Lupin. Sirius decided that Remus would have no problem with James using his hankerchief when he needed it, so he went over to Remus's bed and found a clean, light blue hanky in his friend's nighstand, as expected.

Meanwhile, James was still sneezing his head off. “HahRUSHoohhh! HaESHeew! HeISHhh!”

Sirius handed him the tissue wordlessly and James accepted it with a thankful look in his eyes. He held it to his face right away, desperately clutching it over his nose and mouth to contain the force of the sneezes. They came out muffled now, but still they wouldn't stop.

“HuhEEEHkkhhghh! HaISHHHHkxhh!”

“You alright there, James?”, asked Sirius, not sure whether to feel amused or concerned.

James nodded and tried to speak inbetween sneezes. “I'b not... huh... huhISHHooohhhh! Dot sick... It's just... my... mahh... HaESHH! My nose got runny in the rain and... I'b... I'b just a lih... little... HaESHoo! Cold.”

“You almost done?”, Sirius asked, chuckling a little.

“I'b...dot... huEESHHaahh! I'b dot sure, Pads!”

“Take your time, mate. No problem.”

“Thanks. It'll have to stop... eh... eh... ehSHOOhhh! Eventually.”

“Oh-oh”, teased Sirius. “What's Lily gonna say if she sees you all snotty and sneezy like this?”

James's eyes widened. “Shit! Lily!” He sneezed one more time and it sounded to Sirius like a big relief. “There.” James blew his nose softly into the hanky. “That was the last onedd, I thigg. Dow I just have to get chadged and fix by hair...”

“Hold up!”, interrupted Sirius. He looked his best friend right in the eye. “You're not going to the dance, Prongs. No way.”

“Of course I'b going!”, replied James irritably, folded the hanky in half and blew his nose again to relieve the congestion. “What are you talking about, Pads?”

“Um.... news flash, mate. You're sick.”

James shook his head immediately. “Abb dot!”

“'Abb dot'??”, mimicked Sirius mockingly. “Yeah, that's totally what a healthy person sounds like.”

James apparently couldn't come up with a witty reply right away, so he just shot Sirius an angry glare and went back to blowing his nose.

“James”, said Sirius now, a lot more gently than before. “We've been best friends for such a long time. Like it or not, I know exactly when you're sick.”

James sniffled and looked really unhappy. “I don't care what you think, Pads. I'm going to the dance.”

“Why? Didn't you say it was lame?”

“It.... huhESshoo! It's still lame.”

Sirius frowned. “Then why do you want to go?”

James blushed a little and a grin immediately spread on Sirius face. “It's all about Evans, ain't it?”

“Shut up!”

“Potter and Evans, sitting on a tree....”, Sirius started singing, still smiling from ear to ear.

“Shut up!”

“I'll shut up if you admit that you're sick.”

“But I'm not!”, James insisted stubbornly.

“Hmm....” Sirius observed him closely, pretending to be undecided. “You do look awfully shivery. Kind of pale. Red nose. Been sneezing a lot lately, Potter?”

James laughed a little. “You sound like Snivellus when you talk like that.”

“What did you say?”, Sirius called out, pretending to feel insulted.

James froze. “Snivellus...”, he whispered. “I have to make sure Lily doesn't dance with him!”

Immediately, he tried to get up, but Sirius reacted quickly and pushed him down again. As he did, his hands touched James's naked chest and he noticed how warm the other boy felt.

“Hey... what are you....?”

“You're not going to the dance!”, Sirius insisted.

“Let go of me, Sirius!”

“Not a chance. You're going straight to bed.”

“Stop it! I'm not even that.... uh...” James trailed off and Sirius pushed him into a lying position triumphantly, watching as his friend tried to fight the reflex and failed miserably. “HuhhASHHeeh!”

“Bless you”, Sirius stated calmly.

James only sniffled and started glaring at Sirius again from his not so intimidating position on the bed. “Listen, Prongs, I'm really sorry”, Sirius began and sat down on the egde of the bed, ready to push James down again if necessary. “It's just.... you're too sick to even have any fun tonight. Lily will hate to see you sick. And besides, we already agreed that the dance is lame. So why not just stay in bed and get better?”

“No.” Sirius sighed at James's stubbornness.

“Why not?”

“Because I'm not sick!”

Sirius let out another sigh, ran his fingers through his hair and finally had an idea. “Alright. How about we make a deal?”

“What deal?”, James asked suspiciously.

“You say you're not sick, right?”

James nodded, started to say: “Exactly right”, but broke off coughing.

“I, on the other hand, think that you have a fever. So if you let me take your temperature and I'm right, you have to stay. If you don't have a fever, then you can go to the dance. Sound good?”

James considered the offer for a moment and nodded then. “Okay. I don't have a fever, so go straight ahead. But how are you even gonna take my temperature?”

Sirius smiled and got out his wand. “I know how. I used to do this for Regulus when he was still little. Our mother never looked after us. She probably thought we were disgusting when we were sick. So Reg always came to me and I taught myself how to take his temperature. It was pretty useful back then.” Sirius was lost in his own thoughts for a moment, realizing all the sudden that he would never take care of his brother that way again. His Slytherin brother, who'd rather spit in Sirius's face than let him take care of him.

“Well, how does it work?”, asked James and thereby interrupted Sirius's train of thoughts.

“Lemme show you.” He held up his wand and touched its tip to James's forehead. Then he mumbled something. A moment later, red numbers appeared in the air right above James's head.

“101.5”, said Sirius triumphantly. “That's a fever!”

James probably realized that there was no point in arguing, because he only sniffled miserably, while Sirius lowered his wand again and the digits began to dissolve.

Sirius felt bad for his ill friend. “Just lay down, okay?”, he said softly. “I'll get you one more of Rem's hankies and then you can just try to sleep, alright?”

James nodded weakly and shifted his body into a more comfortable position. “Padfoot?”


“What are you gonna do?”

“Oh, I suppose I could start working on that Potions essay we have to write. I'll write yours, too, of course.”

“So you're gonna stay with me? You're not gonna go to the dance? You can if you like!”

“No! The dance is lame, remember?”

“Mkay.” James nodded, then sneezed onto his pillow. Sirius got up immediately and grabbed another one of Remus's hankies. “I'm sure he doesn't mind”, he said, as he handed it to James.

“Pads? You don't have to write my Potions essay, you know?”

“I know.” Sirius smiled. “But I'll do it anyway. You're in no condition to write it and you want to hand something in, don't you? Besides, I can't guarantee that it'll be any good. I'll try, though.”

“Thanks, Pads! You're the best!”

“I know”, Sirius said, hiding his embarrassment well. “Just go to sleep already, James!”

In fact, James, worn-out from his sickness and multiple sneezing fits, was already drifting off...

Meanwhile, Sirius got to work on the Potions essays. Every once in a while, James would cough in his sleep. One time, he woke up sneezing and had to sit up in his bed to blow his nose properly. He was too tired to talk, though, and went right back to sleep.

Sirius had just gotten comfortable on his own bed, with three school books and two empty rolls of parchment, when he heard a girl's voice from downstairs.

“Sirius? Sirius! Where are you?”

It was Kayla. Sirius cursed. He had forgotten all about her. James sat up in his bed again, awoken by the sound of Kayla's voice, which could get rather unpleasant in moments like these.

“Mhh...what's going on?”, he mumbled sleepily.

“Kayla”, Sirius whispered in response and cursed again. Then, another voice joined the first.

“James? James, are you up there with Sirius?”

James's eyes widened. “Lily!”

“Right”, Sirius said quietly and wanted to slap himself. He hadn't wasted one thought on the girls. Now what were they supposed to do? Hide up here? Evans was too smart. She'd figure them out.

James made an pathetic attempt to get up, but started coughing and fell back onto the bed.

“Potter?!”, Lily yelled from downstairs, apparently getting more furious by the second. “I know you're up there!”

“Lily....”, James croaked sadly.

“Shh....”, hissed Sirius. “I'll go take care of it.” With that he got up, messed up his hair a little by shaking his head. Then he put on his best sick-face and left the dorm.

Lily and Kayla both looked gorgeous in their dresses. However, they also looked extremely angry and possibly a bit dangerous. Especially in Lily's case, one always had to be careful.

“Kayla, Lily...”, Sirius whispered and pretended to break off into a coughing fit. The sound was rather convincing, he thought proudly.

Lily raised one eyebrow the way only she could. “You alright, Black?”

“Not really”, he answered and rubbed at his face as if he had just woken up and was still feeling drowsy. “I'm afraid James and I... got ourselves a terrible cold. We....” He trailed off and decided to throw in a fake sneeze, which came out pretty authentic as well.

“Bless you”, Lily said, looking a bit disgusted.

“Bless you”, Kayla said, looking concered. “Poor Siri. Is there anything I can do for you, babe?”

Sirius flinched when she called him 'babe' and pretended to be coughing again quickly.

“I'm not sure”, he said then and shrugged. “I think we should probably just sleep it off.”

Kayla looked as if she was going to cry, while Lily seemed closer to murdering somebody.

“I'm so sorry about the dance, girl!”, Sirius said with big puppy eyes.

“I'm so sorry you're sick!”, Kayla cried out. Sirius felt a little bad for lying to her in that moment.

Then he remembered what she had called him before and threw in another fake sneeze.

Lily took a step back and said cooly: “You should probably get back to bed, Black.”

“I s'bose”, he agreed, nodding feebly. “Really sorry, girls.”

“Tell James to feel better”, Lily said with a short glance upstairs.

“Will do.”

Kayla looked at him as if she was going to jump on him and cuddle him to death. “Get better, sweetie”, she cooed. Sirius felt nauseous. He turned his head away, coughed some more and started retreating quickly. “Try to have some fun, you two”, he said and waved, then went back into the dorm.

James was sitting upright in his bed, lips parted. Apparently he wasn't even noticing the fine trail of liquid that was running out of his nose. “What did she say?”

“Get better, James”

“I'll go back to sleep as soon as you tell me what she said!”

“No, that's what she said, Prongs. She wants you to get better.”

“Oh.” He finally grabbed the used hankie to wipe his nose. “She wasn't mad at all?”

“Well...” Sirius avoided to look at James. “Not at you, I don't think.”

“What did you tell them?” James seemed really feverish now. The excitement was turning the cheeks on his otherwise pale face into a scarlet color.

“I pretended to be sick, too, and told them that we can't come to the dance with them.”

James frowned. “And Lily believed you?”

“Of course she did”, Sirius replied boastfully. “I'm quite the talented actor, didn't you ever notice?”

James chuckled. Then his facial expression changed quickly. “Huh... huh... ISHH! Huahh...eshhaa!”

“Bless you. Prongs, you should really go back to sleep. Get some rest, mate.”

“Okay.” It seemed as if James had no power left to resist. He sniffled wetly, then yawned. “I'll apologize to Lily later. She'll understand, right?”

“I'm sure she will. If she doesn't, I'll make her.”

“Don't touch her!”

Sirius grinned at how defensive his friend was, even when he was so weak himself.

“I would never.”

“Good.” Less than a minute later, James's snores were filling the boys' dorm and Sirius went back to working on the essays.

Sirius didn't know how much time had passed when the door flew open. All he knew was that he was done with James's essay and halfway through his own.

Remus and Peter were staring at them, both looking fine and only a little bit ridiculous in their best tuxedos. “How are you feeling?”, Remus blurted out. “Are you alright?”

Sirius chuckled at how concerned his friend sounded.

“James, you look really sick!”, said Peter wide-eyed, looking at the pale James in his bed.

“Sirius, you... look okay...?”, said Remus with confusion when looking at Sirius sitting on his bed with crossed legs and a smile.

“But...”, stuttered Peter. “I thought you were both sick.”

“Who told you?”, asked Sirius and put his books and rolls of parchment aside to make room for Remus and Peter on his bed.

“We... um.... ran into Lily”, explained Remus. “She told us that you were both ill.”

“Prongs is. Me... I lied.”

“Why?”, asked Peter. “Kayla looked gorgeous tonight!”

“I know that. I talked to her. Still, smart-one, somebody had to stay here with Prongsy, you see?”

Peter blushed immediately and mumbled “Of course, sorry...” Sirius didn't mention that no matter how beautiful Kayla looked, she had given him gross boyfriend nicknames and was apparently under the false impression that they were dating. Anything could have happened if he had gone with her... therefore, James's illness was actually sort of convenient.

Remus stepped closer to James's bed and scrutinized the black-haired boy with a frown.

“How are you feeling, James?”, he asked in his serious tone.

“Oh... dod't worry about be, Rebus...”, James said with a wave of his hand, but due to his audible congestion it wasn't much of a reassurance.

“Do you need a hanky?”, Remus asked with a smile and went to his nighstand, but Sirius stopped him. “Sorry, Rem...”, he looked at his friend with puppy eyes. “I already gave him two of yours. Couldn't find my own ones.”

“As always”, Remus laughed and shrugged. “It's fine.”

“Thaggs, Rebus... I'b sorry I had to... um...”, James trails off and looks lost for a second. His nose twitches premonitorily. “Huh.... HuhhhESHuuhhh! Ishhuuuhh!”

“Bless you”, Remus, Sirius and Peter say in unison.

James looks flushed. “Thanks, guys”, he muttered, looking embarrassed.

“And what are you doing, Padfoot?”, asked Remus now to direct attention away from poor James.

“Writing that Potions essay that you finished yesterday.”

“How much are you writing?” Remus took a critical look at the roll of parchment that was already fully written on. It was James's finished essay.

“I'm writing two”, Sirius said carefully. “One for James, one for me.” He saw the look on Remus face, and quickly added: “I know, I know... we shouldn't be doing each other's work! But this is an exception, can't you see that? Prongs is in no condition to write his essay, so I thought I could be nice for once! Don't be all prefecty about it!”

“That's not even a word”, Remus said with a smile. “It's okay, though. Just this one time.”

James's interrupted them once more by sneezing two wet sneezes into the hanky and afterwards letting out a harsh coughing noise.

“Can I get you anything?”, asked Peter sweetly. He liked James the most of all of his friends.

“Ah, Wormy, don't worry about me”, said James evasively. “How was the dance?”

“Pretty fun!” Peter smiled.

Sirius laughed. “Did Susie Baker look as pretty as you imagined, Wormy?”

Peter blushed like crazy and only nodded shyly.

“Peter has a crush on her”, Sirius said to nobody in particular and laughed even more.

“Shut up”, Peter mumbled without looking up, confirming Sirius suspicion.

“And Rem? What about your date?”, Sirius asked with a grin.

“Oh, well... um...” Remus was embarrassed as well. “She looked stunnning.”

“Did you kiss her?!”, Sirius asked excitedly.

“Um... no. The opportunity didn't arise.”

“Why not? There must have been some slow dances!”

“Well, when the music started for the couple's dance, we ran into Lily!”, Peter exclaimed.

James, who had been resting his head, sat straight up in his bed immediately. “Lily?!”

“Calm down, James!” Remus looked worried.

“What did she say?”

“Well...”, Remus sat down on James bed and pushed him down gently. “She told us that you were sick. -”

“Anything else?”

“James! Let me finish!”

“Sorry, Rem!” James sniffled.

“It's alright. She told us to look after you once we leave the dance. And...she said that we should tell you to get well soon.”

James looked as if he couldn't talk for a moment.

“Oh no”, Sirius asked, pretending to be shocked. “I think his heart just stopped!”

“She said I should get well soon....”, James mumbled, staring into empty space.

“James?” Remus leaned closer to him. “Are you alright?”

“He's just in love, Moony!”, Sirius chuckled. “Let him!”

James looked over to his best friend with wide eyes. “Pads? Do you think she'll go out with me?”

“Doubt it”, Sirius said. It was meant to be a joke, but Sirius regretted saying it as soon as he saw James's face. “Hey... I didn't mean it! Of course, she will! Eventually...”

“Hey”, said Peter comfortingly. “She already agreed to go to the dance with you, right?”

“Well...”, said James sheepishly. His face looked even more flushed. “Actually...”

“What?”, inquired Remus. He sounded alarmed. “You realize that love spells are illegal?”

“Remus! It wasn't a spell! Merlin, I'm not that bad a person, am I?”

Nobody answered. They all knew that James would go to great lengths to win over Lily.

“Anyway... we made a deal.” He paused once to cough, then continued. “I told her that I would never ask her out again if she just went to the dance with me.”

Remus raised an eyebrow, Peter looked shocked and Sirius laughed out loud. “Now I know why she said Yes!”

Remus looked amused now, too. “I'd say, you got lucky, James. If you hadn't been sick, then she would have danced with you once or twice, and ignored you for the rest of your life!”

“Maybe that would have been worth it”, James sighed.

“Hey, Moons”, interrupted Sirius. “Can you help me with the rest of this essay, please?”

Remus raised his eyebrows at Sirius, then sighed and nodded.

“Peter, you better write yours, too”, he adviced the fourth marauder and Peter went to get his own books. A few minutes later, everyone was working, but James, who was laying in bed, sniffling and coughing. He was trying to go to sleep, but was having difficulties.

Suddenly, he let out a powerful, wet sneeze that startled the other three. They couldn't even say anything, before his nose twitched a second time.

“HuhhhASHooo! HASHooo!! HeUSshhh!”

“Are you alright there, mate?”, asked Sirius, but James couldn't answer.

“Huh... huh... ESHeeeww! Eshhh!!”

“Bless you, James”, said Remus and got up with a worried look on his face. “How are you feeling?”

“Horrible”, admitted James, his voice scratchy. “I cad't stop sdeezigg... add I'b really cold.”

“Hm...”, Remus frowned. “It's warm in here.” James shrugged helplessly and Remus leaned forward to place a hand on the other boy's forehead. He paused for a moment.

“So?”, Peter asked. “Is he okay?”

“I'm not sure, but I think he may have a bit of a fever. Sirius, will you check?”

Sirius immediately did what was asked of him and went over to his friend's bed.

“Lemme feel that, Prongs”, he said and touched first James's forehead, the cheeks and neck.

Then he got out his wand and said to Remus. “When I checked earlier, he was at 101.5. He feels even warmer now. Let me get an exact reading.”

He repeated what he had done earlier and new digits appeared above James's raven hair. “103.1.” “How bad is that?”, asked Peter, sounding very worried.

“It's a fever for sure, but no reason to be scared, Wormy”, Remus assured him immediately. “I will go get you a potion, James. It'll bring your temperature down quickly.”

“Thanks, Rem....” James murmured. He was fighting with his blanket and wiping the sweat off his forehead. Remus gave him one more concerned look, then left the dorm quickly.

“You still feeling cold?”, Sirius asked.

“Nah... I'm too warm now.”

“I'll get you something.” Sirius went to the adjacent bathroom and let cold water run over a wash cloth, only to return and palce it on James's sweaty forehead.

“That's great....”, sighed the sick boy thankfully.

Just a few minutes later, Remus returned. “I got you this antipyredic potion, James”, he announced.

James looked confused. “Wait... what did you get me? Is it safe?”

Sirius and Remus started laughing. “It means anti-fever”, said the latter. “And yes, it's safe.”

After a while, they had James convinced that they only wanted to make him better and he finally opened his mouth and accepted the potion.

“You should stay in bed for at least two more hours for it to work properly”, explained Remus.

“He'll manage, I think”, said Sirius. “Right Prongs? You won't go anywhere tonight!”

“I sure won't. I'll just... HuEShooo! Sorry, didn't see that one coming. I... huEShhh! Or that one.”

They all laughed and James smiled a bit embarrassed.

“By the way”, began Remus then. “I met Lily in the common room. She was really worried when I told her what the potion was for. She said that she wants to check on you.”

“What?”, James looked startled. “You mean... tonight?!”

“I suppose. She said she'd just change quickly and be with you in a minute.”

“But... but....”, James stuttered, looking horrified. “I'm all snotty and stuffed up and sneezy. And I'm shirtless! And I can't think straight! And my hair is all messed up! And I didn't brush my teeth!”

“Yup. Sounds like you're screwed, friend”, Sirius said wisely and Remus shot him a warning look.

“It'll be fine, James. She just wants to see you. She won't judge.”

“Wait, wait, wait...” James was almost hysterical. “Let me just comb my hair quickly. And put on some cologne.”

“I think you better stay in bed”, said Remus. “Remember what I told you about the potion? You need to lie down and relax. It'll be fine.”

“No, it won't!”, James whined. “She'll never go out with me if she sees me like this.”

“Sh...”, interrupted Sirius. “Somebody is coming upstairs!”

Peter gasped. James looked as if he was going to throw up.

Then there was a knock on the door and Lily called out: “James?”


So? Was it cute? Or hot? Haha... I'd be really happy to get some feedback!

Luv, Sophie

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Omg yes ADORABLE. And hot. And just- *squeals incoherently* I love the marauders so much!! I adore your spellings, they just sound so desperate and incredibly adorable :wub: I love this so so so so so insanely much :wub: :wub: :wub:

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I quite agree ;). Lovely work here; James and Lily are so cute together! I loved how this had a coherent plot as well, and the handkerchief action was just :P. So, in other words, nicely done.

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The-the-the END!?!?! Thats it? *starts crying* but...i want moreeeeeee!!! Haha :P that was amazing :D

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But- but- NOOOO. You can't end it there! You can't possibly end it there! That's not fair!


Boo cliffhangers that never get resolved...oh wait...

Now I know how my drabble readers feel...

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Omg yes ADORABLE. And hot. And just- *squeals incoherently* I love the marauders so much!! I adore your spellings, they just sound so desperate and incredibly adorable wub.png I love this so so so so so insanely much wub.pngwub.pngwub.png

Aww... thank you so, so much, MaiMai! You're such a good writer, this coming from you means a lot! blush.png

I quite agree wink.png. Lovely work here; James and Lily are so cute together! I loved how this had a coherent plot as well, and the handkerchief action was just tonguesmiley.gif. So, in other words, nicely done.

Thank you! Yes, I inserted that part for the hankerchief lovers amongst us! ;) And I decided to leave some nice Lily/James interaction up to everyone's imagination, but I agree, they're cute! Glad you liked my story!

The-the-the END!?!?! Thats it? *starts crying* but...i want moreeeeeee!!! Haha tonguesmiley.gif that was amazing biggrin.png

Haha... I'm so sorry, darling! ;) I take it you liked my story? :) Thanks so much for replying! I'll try to add some new drabbles to the Marauder drabble thread soon. Hope you'll like them!

So so so so so so so so good!

Thank you! :) I can see you love Harry Potter, just like me! ;) Who are your favorites? Mine are definitely the young Sirius, James and Remus! But I also love Harry and Ron. And Ginny.

But- but- NOOOO. You can't end it there! You can't possibly end it there! That's not fair!


Boo cliffhangers that never get resolved...oh wait...

Now I know how my drabble readers feel...

Haha... sorry! :P It wasn't meant to be cliffhanger, though. Not really. I mean, people can imagine what will happen next, right? ;)

Generally, I agree though. Cliffhangers are mean! Thanks for replying to my story!

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