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Would anybody be down for a roleplay?


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What's up, lovelies? I'm finally back on the forum after months of being away, and although I'm not sure I've yet got the time to devote to writing a fic (or finishing one of the several I've yet to) quite yet, I'm really in the mood for some fun, fetishy writing. So, I thought to myself, what better way to get back into the groove than doing a little roleplaying here on the forum?

Here's what I'm looking for: A roleplaying partner (or a few, who knows?) who is comfortable with writing at least a healthy paragraph or two per response in third-person past or present tense. I'm not a big fan of RPs that use first person writing because it tends to be a little hard to follow along with IMHO, and I much prefer actual writing to action-posts, like *giggles* or *sneezes*. There's more fun in writing it out to me! I'm partial to male sneezes, so I'm open to doing both MxF and MxM roleplays, so long as I have the opportunity to play a male character (is that weird? I've always found I'm better at that than playing girls, even though I am one!) I could probably be talked into a FxF though if you really wanted to. Original characters are my preference, just because I'm not familiar with too many fandoms, but you can always ask! And I'm open to pretty much any plot that isn't too wild-crazy-out-there, but we can cross that bridge when we come to it, right?

So, after that laundry list of specifications that really aren't too specific at all... anyone interested? Please let me know, because I'm super excited to get back into this!


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I'd be available as I'm not too picky about RPs. I could definitely try OCs and I'm quite open minded as well. Just PM me and we could work out the details...

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You sound like my typa woman! I specialize in all of those things. I wouldn't mind a MxM at all, after all I am bisexual, so if you're interested, PM me. I don't give out my number.

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id deffo be up for an RP with any of you guys, just drop me a message with some ideas, or let me know if you wana just wing it :)

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