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A Sneezy Kishin! (M, Asura from Soul Eater)


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Ok, so I tend to write stories about my anime crushes, and they are people you would never expect to get sick or have allergies. So I decided to write a story abut the Kishin Asura (a real cutie~ >w>) Info on Asura and the Show Soul eater are down below.

Soul Eater: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soul_Eater_(manga)

Ausra: http://souleater.wikia.com/wiki/Asura

And in this story, I am going to be using my Soul Eater OC, Phantasma Opere, her info is down in the link below as well.

Phantasma Opere: http://ua-sama.deviantart.com/art/Phantasma-Opere-OC-forum-425469151


Ok now onto the story, it will not, in fact, be a continuous story, only a one time thing. Unless someone asks for me to continue the story, then I might when I have time. So now the story begins.

~Third person POV~


Asura sat quietly in the middle of the fallen apart temple. He rocked back and forth on his knees. The girl with long mint green hair stood behind him and watched him as he was absorbed in his own madness. Phantasma walked over and sat next to him, feeling he had enough time to himself.


"Asura-kun? You should relax now." She gently placed her hand on his arm. The Kishin nodded at her request and gently laid his head in her lap, him surprisingly being a very clingy person. Phantasma smiled and ran her fingers through his hair. Though she soon stopped when she felt his body go oddly stiff. What she could not see was that Asura's face was twisted into a face of anticipation and irritation. His scarf lifted up and covered his face just in time for him to snap forward with a sharp "Heh'shuuh". Which made Phantasma giggle.



"Bless you. Seems like you're the topic of someone's conversation." She ran her fingers through his hair again. He smiled lightly before breaking off into a coughing fit. Phantasma rubbed his back until his fit was over.



"Sweet, please sit up, it would be easier for you to breathe." Asura did as his lover had told him to do. Though he still laid against her. Phantasma pressed her hand softly to his cheek.



"You don't seem warm. Maybe its allergies." She pondered to herself and hugged him lightly. Asura moved closer to her.



"Its probably nothing." He suggested.



"Its probably the poor choice in the hideout you picked. I can see every dust particle floating around the air." She said as-a-matter-of-fact. He snorted lightly and looked up at her and smirked. Phantasma smiled softly back to him.



"You are such a cutie sometimes, Asura-kun." She giggled lightly. But as she did, the Kishin covered his face and stifled a couple sneezes into his scarf.



"Hih'gnxxts! Hhh...hh'nxxts!" His body tensed up and shook forcefully with each sneeze. He only moved closer to the younger Meister with a groan of irritation.



"What ever is wrong with me is very bothersome now." He pressed his face close to Phantasma's body. She stroked his cheek softly.



"I know. I would give you some medicine, but even I would not like to see you, the Kishin, high off to much Tylenol. Even the most forgiving of gods would not show me mercy." Phantasma teased lightly. Asura smirked.



"Now you are curious to see how I would be if I were to be drugged, aren't you?" Phantasma laughed a little.



"Yes, but at the same time, I am not very." She pecked his cheek. Asura relaxed and enjoyed their embrace. Though it didn't last long as his nose suddenly twitched. He cussed silently and covered his mouth once again. He sneezed a few more times before he finally stopped. Phantasma held him close.



"Poor thing. Try to rest, maybe it will stop by then." Asura nodded softly and closed his eyes.



So that was the little story I had a random feeling to write. :) I hope you enjoyed it.

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I am so sorry about the   this site and my computer do not get along well, please try to ignore it, and I apologize greatly.

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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe its so cute :)

and that's fine it's still read-able

More please? :) !

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So, I finished the next part since I was asked to. It's actually very quick to write so, I just might continue. But now on with the story.


~Third person POV~

Phantasma and Asura had laid down together. Asura slept while Phantasma watched over him. She was the only person to have seen the paranoid child part of Asura's personality and not get killed by him. He trusted her. He felt safe near her and/or in her arms. She was his security blanket with arms and legs.

Asura soon started to wake, but just as his eyes open, his body went tense. His breath started to hitch, and his mouth and nose quivered with each small gasp of air. His scarf, or his mobile tissue at this point, came up to his face and coved his sensitive nose and mouth. His tensed body shook with each hitch, as the sneeze built up more and more. And while poor Asura was busy with his nose, Phantasma laid behind him, amused by the whole spectate. It took nearly over a minute for the sneeze to finally erupt out of him.

"HEh'kashieww!!" Being such a strong and loud sneeze, it actually made his voice go higher pitched. It was also very painfully, his nostrils burned on the inside, which gave him a small head ache and made his eyes water a bit.

Phantasma frowned lightly at the pain her insane lover was feeling. She hugged him and ran her fingers through his hair.

"You poor thing, that looked and sounded painful. Is there anything you would like me to do to help make it stop?" She asked him in a soft soothing whisper in his ear. Asura shook his head, not really sure what anyone could really do to make it stop. The younger Meister nodded and continued to comfort the Kishin.

But soon he sniffled thickly and then his body went tense again, the tickle in his nostril bothering him once again. He covered his face and stifled rapid fire triples.

"H'gntxs! Hih'tshss! H'gnxx—SHUH!" The ending part of the third to strong was to stifle. Now his body was trembling slightly with anger.

"This is really starting to piss me off. Haven't you figured out what's wrong, yet? And if you have, why haven't you done anything about it, Phantasma?" She knew he wasn't angry at her, and that he wasn't really angry, just scared. She spoke softly to him, trying influence him him to calm down if she were to be calm.

"It's most like allergies or a small cold. Nothing serious. I promise you will be okay, Asura-kun. There's not really much we can do about either of those things. So just try to relax and cope with it until it stops. You are strong, I know you can do it." Phantasma smiled reassuringly to him. He nodded and smiled back.

"Fine. Do you know how to calm it down though? Make it le-lehh-hh....less constant?" Asura's nose twitched, and he rubbed at it with his knuckles, coaxing the tickle away. Phantasma smiled, amused still.

"Well, if it's allergies, going outside to fresh air might make them calm down. But if it's a cold, going outside might make it worse, so bed rest would be best. In other words, it's a win or lose situation. If you go outside and it's a cold, you get worse. If its allergies, they stop. If you stay inside to rest and it's allergies, they get worse. And if it's a cold, you get better. There is really no way to know what might work." Asura stood up. And looked down at her.

"I haven't been sick for over 600 years. I think it might be allergies. I will go out side for a walk. Would you like to come?" He asked in the nicest tone he could manage. Phantasma smiled and stood up.

"Of course." He offered her his hand to hold and she gently took it. He started to walk gently tugging her along side him. The younger Meister smiled again and leaned close to him as they walked to giant temple doors.


Once they had gotten out side. The Kishin had not sneezed or even sniffled. He smiled victoriously to himself. Not only for solving his nose issue, but for getting a chance to bond closer to Phantasma.

The walked down the snow covered mountain, talking about personal topics and plans for Death and Death city. Though they didn't mention anything they really were going to do, just in case if any unwanted ears would have heard.

As they started to make their way back up Asura stopped at the familiar sensation in his nose. He cussed quietly to himself, and caught the sneeze in his scarf, stifling it.

"H'ngxxts!" He sniffled a bit and sighed. Phantasma smiled.

"Cold it is then. Now lets hurry and get you back up there before it become pneumonia or the flu." She started to walk back up the mountain at a faster pace. Pulling the sniffly, pouty Asura with her. 'Oh how interesting these next few days are going to be.' She thought to herself as she walked along.



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This chapter is a little silly. Well to me it least. Please enjoy. :)


~Third person POV~

It never really clicked in Phantasma's head at how tall Asura is compared to her, but yet at the same time, he seems so small. Kind of like a kitten. When they are all curled up they are so small, but when the stretch out they are a lot longer then they look at first. She the giggled to herself. Seeing as she is close enough with the Kishin to compare him to a kitten, and maybe even get away with it, if she were to mention this thought aloud.

"Heh'pashiew!!" The wet sneeze echoed slightly through out the temple, bribing all attention back onto Asura. He laid close to the sitting Phantasma, using her lap as his pillow. She would have given him a blanket, but considering he has 3 thick layers on, she thought he would be okay with out one. He had his scarf wrapped up and over his face. Which meant that Asura, wasn't Asura at the moment. He was The Kishin. Something that had been one of the first things Phantasma had noticed about her love. Scarf off meant he was the 'man' she loved, calm and collected, misunderstood, and scared. Scarf on...well...lets just say hell will be raised. He was more unstable and crazed. Though he had still never hurt Phantasma while like this, it was just not what she was used to unless in battle or when he was untrusting of others. That was the other question she had. Why was he like this now? Did he not trust her? Or was he scared of being sick? It was most likely the second one. His was vulnerable to all if he were sick. Even her. So, then it was both. He did not trust her because he was weak at the moment.

"Heh'tehshuh!! H'teshiew!! Hng'nxx--SHIEW!!" And he sure didn't care to cover his mouth when like this, she thought to herself again as she wiped his spray off her arm with a rag she had next to her. She only smiled and and gently rubbed his shoulders to get him to relax. But she only felt his body go tense once again. She took the rag and covered his mouth, covering and muffling the sneeze just in time.

"Heh'-Hmpch!!....Ow..." He gently unraveled the scarf from his face and sighed into the rag. "Sorry, Phantasma." He said softly, thinking back to when he had sneezed all over her.

"It's fine, just relax please." She smiled and kissed his cheek. Asura closed his eyes and did as he was told. Relax. Something Phantasma was good at making him do. He ignored the itch in his throat and tickle in his nostril and just relaxed. Closing his eyes, he fell asleep peacefully. Well, somewhat. He did cough a bit here and there before falling asleep.


~Phantasma's POV~

I giggled lightly at Asura's sleeping form. He slept soundlessly. I gently stroked his cheek, not being able to resist making him feel loved, even in his sleep. 'I wonder how he caught a cold' I thought to myself. 'Maybe it's the difference in temperature and air pressure thanks to the altitude. But then, wouldn't he be coughing more? Maybe it's just a head cold. Or a stress cold. Seeing as he is always paranoid, he always must be stressed. But then wouldn't that make him sick all the time?' I sighed softly. 'Maybe he caught it from someone else. No, I'm the only one he has been around for a while and I haven't been sick. What if this is really serious. He said he hadn't gotten sick for 600 years. But then again he spent that time in a bag of his skin locked away under Death city...Holy crap, I never really thought about how old Asura is. 600+ years? Damn.' And my thoughts soon went off track from trying to figure out how Asura-kun got sick. He moved a bit, and I looked down at him. His nap apparently was cut short by a sudden coughing fit. I made him sit up, and I rubbed his back until it subsided. When it did, he was panting a bit. His cheeks had gone red and were hot from the force of his cough. He looked miserable. I hugged him.

"Its....so...hot." He panted. My eyes softened.

"Aw, okay. Here let me just." I gently unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off him. And underneath was another shirt, I took that one off. And there was a tank top underneath that shirt. But I left that on. I didn't want him naked. At the moment. For a Kishin he was pretty sexy. I mean some Kishins just kinda make you shiver in disgust. But Asura is a different story.

"Hh'nxxgts" He stifled the sneeze into his scarf, then stifled three more. "Hih'nxxts! H'txxst! Heh'ch-xxts!!" Just barely able to stifle the last sneeze. And they must've woken him up more. I only say that because he opened his eyes, looked down at himself all exposed and nearly screamed. He scurried around a minute or so trying to find his shirts. I just kind of say back and watched in surprise and amusement at how he can nearly cough up a lung one minute and then run around like a chicken with its head cut off the next.

"I have your shirts, you know." I held them up. He then tackled my arm in an effort to take them from me as though I had stolen them from him or something. He then quickly put them back on. I blinked a bit.

"Please leave my clothes on me." He said with a slight tone. My eye twitched. "I only took them off because you complained of being hot. And let me tell you. You are hot. Both of those double meanings are intended." I smiled lightly and he blushed. His face then twisted up. I tilted my head.

"Something wrong?" I asked he gave me a look and nodded.

"Tickle.....Sneeze...." His breath started to hitch again. He tilted his head back a bit. His mouth was a jar, and he had shut his eyes. His scarf came up and covered his mouth as he snapped forward with a sneeze.

"HEH'pashuew!!" It sounded wet, painful and messy. When he sniffled it was thick. He was still hiding behind his scarf.

"Can'd I'b had a tissuge, Phandamba? Welld, if you'd had onb." He sniffled again.

I couldn't help but giggle and hand him the rag I had used earlier.

"Here, don't blow your nose to hard or you'll give yourself a bloody nose. Okay?" He nodded. Then he blew his nose into the tissue. He the sighed and sat down next to me. He pouted.

"I feel like crap." He looked over to me. I hugged him close to me.

"Oh, poor thing." I kissed his cheek bone and rested my head against his chest.

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Awwwwwwwwe I can't express how much I love this story >-< gosh. You're such an amazing writer :)

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  • 3 weeks later...

A day or so later, Phantasma and Asura were cuddling and sleeping. But this time Phantasma was in Asura's arms. The Kishin laid with his back up against the wall.

Though later he had woken up. His eyes were drawn to the sleeping Phantasma in his arms. He smiled. But then his eyes widen in fear when he felt a sneeze coming on. If he sneezed, he would wake Phantasma up. Or even accidentally sneeze on her and get her sick. She had laid against his scarf ends making it impossible for him to move it without waking her up. He had no choice but to try to stifle with out stuffing his face into something or pinching his nose. His eyes blinked rapidly as his tilted his head back, and his breath started to hitch. He knew if his breath was hitching it was going to build up to a strong sneeze, so he breathed through his nose to coax an early sneeze. His head moved a bit as he tried so hard to stifle.

"Hngtsstshh!!" It made a somewhat loud paper tearing kind of sound, and it hurt his throat and nostrils. He gently looked down at Phantasma to make sure he didn't sneeze on her. He saw her tired violet orbs looking back up at him.

"Bless you." She muttered tiredly to him. Though he felt bad for waking her up, did admit she looks cute when she first wakes up. Asura then moved his scarf from under Phantasma seeing as she was (somewhat) awake, now.

"Why are there straw spiders on the ceiling?" She asked, still very tired. Asura smiled. She always mumbled incoherent and random things when she woke up. But something was off with her....

Her nose twitched a bit. Then she suddenly cupped her hands over her mouth and nose and sneezed.

"Hih'chiew" It was soft and feminine. Much less powerful as Asura's but, obviously just the same amount of messy. She groaned and sniffled.

"Oh, excuse me." She blushed lightly. Asura held her close.

"You aren't getting sick? Are you?" He asked in the most affectionate tone he could manage. Phantasma smiled.

"No, I'm fine, just a little itch is all." She snuggled close to him. He wrapped his arms back around her.

"I'm feeling better...." He whispered softly.

"Really?" She smiled brightly.

"Yeah, I tend to heal faster, and I guess that includes sickness." He smirked. Phantasma giggled.

"Awe and I thought you were cute all sick and weak~" This comment made Asura frown a bit in confusion.

The End. For now~ ¬w¬ I will add little stories here and there~ So don't worry.

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