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So, No Costumes? (Teen Wolf +SPOILERS)


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Okay, so this is based on the latest Teen Wolf where Stiles loses his mind :3 or starts to anyways... I just thought ya know what would be amazing? If he got sick during that episode (or any episode, it just needs to happen, ok?) so I decided to write this. :D


I sorta ship StilesXLydia (what's their couple name? Stlydia?) more than Sterek-DONT KILL ME!- because Stiles is so cute and he wuvs her sooooo much :3 I die a little inside every time that stupid b!tch chooses some a$$hole over Stiles. Ugh. I mean, b!tch please, ARE YOU BLIND?! HUH, HUH?! STUPID! *slaps forehead* and that about wraps up my rant ;)


Stiles had woken up screaming again, jolting up in bed, in terror. His clothes were soaked in sweat, sticking to his body, and he was breathing heavily. 'It was only a dream. Only a dream,' he consoled his racing mind, taking deep breaths. Once he had calmed down enough to think clearly, he looked over to his bedside clock, the screen read 1:12 AM. A sigh escaped his mouth, and he slouched back against his pillows. Why couldn't he get one night of decent sleep?...Maybe a shower would help.

That being his plan, he set off to the bathroom, peeling his shirt off over his head. (A/N can't you just imagine that? :P haha) He took a quick shower, scrubbing the sweat off from his nightmare, and then crawled back into bed only to roll around, not getting even a wink more of sleep before his dad had come to wake him up in the morning. There were dark circles under his eyes when he checked his pale reflection in the mirror. He hoped nobody pointed out his shitty appearance when he got to school, and just passed it off as a late night studying. But he had a feeling Scott would catch on.

"Hey, Stiles!" He turned around to see Scott maneuvering through the crowd of students to catch up to Stiles, who was walking to his locker. Scott pulled up beside him, taking in his disheveled exterior, consisting of wrinkled jeans, messy unbrushed hair and...was his shirt inside out? "Dude... Is your shirt on backwards?"

"Huh?" Stiles glanced down to see it was in fact on backwards. "Oh...uh, yeah, it's the new style. Wearing things right side out is so last season."

"Riiiiiight," Scott gave Stiles a look, rolling his eyes.

"Yep, I'm always right. Glad we finally see eye to eye," Stiles smirked, trying to keep up with his normal happy-go-lucky attitude, even though he felt like curling up on the ground and taking a nap for the rest of the day...or season. Humans should really just start hibernating actually.

Scott rolled his eyes at his friend's antics. Typical Stiles behavior. When Scott first saw him this morning, he was worried something was wrong, but Stiles seemed to be fine, still fluently speaking the language of sarcasm. His friends eyes did look a little dull though... Scott'd have to keep an eye on him.

It was biology when God decided to give Stiles a miracle by pairing him up with Lydia for the lab assignment. About halfway through the class, he was dozing off, leaning on his hand, elbow resting on the lab table, and Lydia had to nudge him awake.

"Stiles," Lydia whispered, shaking his shoulder gently. She could tell he was feeling worse than he tried to let on.

"Hm?" He jerked awake, rubbing his eyes. "Oh...Sorry."

"It's okay," Lydia gave him a rare genuine smile. "Did you get any sleep last night?"

"Yeah," Lydia gave him a look to which Stiles rolled his eyes, but answered truthfully this time. "Fine. No, not really."

"Bad dreams?" She asked quietly, and if you knew her well enough, you could hear the subtle worry in her voice that Stiles unluckily seemed to miss.

Stiles didn't answer, just gave her a tight, strained smile. Lydia decided the subject was best left alone, and continued working on their project. Stiles watched her, unable to really help since he spaced off through most of the class. An annoying tickle sprung up in Stiles' sinuses and he sniffed, rubbing a knuckle under his nose. The itch didn't subside though, intensifying to the point of making his eyes water. He blinked away the tears forming in the corners of his eyes sniffling again, only this time wetter.

"Snnf-Snf-" Stiles continued to sniffle miserably, each becoming more of a slurp than the last. Eventually the tickle built up to a burning sensation and he jerked forward with a spraying sneeze. "Hih'itchhieww!" Stiles sniffles again, giving Lydia a fleeting embarrassed look, his cheeks hot. "Snnf- Sorry."

Lydia glanced over at her lab partner, with a sympathetic frown, "it's okay. Are you feeling alright?"

"Ye-hh-hh'itshhiew! Ishhoo!-Yeah, m'fine," Stiles mumbled, a couple more sneezes bursting out of him, belittling his denial.

"Bless you," Lydia gave him an openly worried glance that Stiles purposely ignored by looking at his science worksheet. "Are you sure?"

Stiles nodded, afraid if he spoke he'd set off his over sensitive nose again. He tried to sniffle discreetly, but Lydia still looked over at him again.

Scott could see Stiles struggling to stay awake from the back of the class where he sat, paired up with Allison, and heard him sneeze a couple times. He knew what that meant. Whenever his friend got sick, you could tell, because he would start sneezing a ton, it was like a warning bell that he was getting a cold. He nudged Allison lightly, and gestured to Stiles.

"What?" Allison asked curiously, looking from Stiles back to Scott.

"I think he's getting sick, would you help me keep an eye on him?" Scott asked worriedly.

"Of course," Allison agreed immediately. "How can you tell?"

"When he starts to get a cold, he starts sneezing like crazy," Scott informed her, motioning at Stiles who seemed to be fighting off another sneeze-Scott could hear his breath hitching from there.

"Hh...hhh..." Stiles desperately tried to ward off the impending sneeze that was trying to work itself out, but was failing epically. "Hih... Hih'ishhh! Ishhiew! Hih'ju'tshiew!" He faced away from Lydia, sneezing into his right elbow messily, facing the aisle.

"Stiles," Lydia said, her voice sympathetic. "You don't sound so good. Why don't you go home and rest?"

"Tryig to ged rid of be, huh?" Stiles sniffed, congestion affecting his speech horridly.

"No, I'm trying to be a caring friend-" Stiles internally winced at that label-"now shut up and listen to me," Lydia glared at him somewhat playfully and Stiles smiled warmly at her, his infatuation showing slightly.

"Bossy, bossy," Stiles tsked, and Lydia slapped his hands away. Stiles laughed, but it quickly faded when the prickle flared up in his nose again. "Hh-Hih'tishh! Heh'eishh! Ishh'u!" Again he sneezed into the aisle.

Lydia blessed him again, her hand rubbing his shoulder soothingly, "seriously, Stiles. You need to rest, you're sick."

"I amb ndot," he protested pitifully congested. "I'b fi-hih'itshh!-fine."

Lydia rolled her eyes, he was so stubborn it wasn't even funny. He was going home to rest if she had to force him. "Okay, what do you want?"

"Waidt, are you...bribing be?" Stiles asked with a questioning raise of his eyebrows.

"Yes, now what will make you listen to me?" Lydia asked.

"Tagke care of be," he blurted without even thinking.


There was no going back now, "I said, tagke care of be. I'll go homb and resdt if you tagke care of be-hh'heishhoo!" Congestion crept into his sentences until he succumbed to a sneeze.

Lydia had been about to say no, when he sneezed again, looking helpless and pitiful, and she broke. "Fine. I'll babysit you, AFTER school though."

"Snf-Ogkay, so afdter school, I'll drive us to mby house ad you'll play nurse?" Stiles had a mischievous twinkle in his eye as he said that.

"No, you'll drive home next period and I'll come over after school, to take care of you, NOT play nurse," Lydia corrected, giving him a stern glare.

"So, no costumes?" Stiles pouted, and Lydia rolled her eyes, trying to ignore his comment and focus on her assignment.


So, how'd you like dem apples? Haha xD

I loooooove Teen Wolf :3

And for the love of all that's good and holy LET ME GET VALIDATED! xD haha. I just really would like to be... patience is key tho... *throws chair at wall* I'll be patient when I'm dead. Lol, jk :D

But seriously, pray with meh! PRAY TO THE LORD!!! Lol :D

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I love Teen Wolf (and Stydia) so yay for this fic. =) Can't wait for more.

One thing though ... please don't call Lydia a stupid bitch. ^^* Please don't call any girl a stupid bitch for that matter, that's just a horrible thing to say.

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Yeeessssss more sneezy Stiles! Also I love that Scott comments that Stiles sneezes a ton when he starts to get sick. *headcanon accepted* I'm so excited to see more Teen Wolf fanfics on the forum!

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I love Teen Wolf (and Stydia) so yay for this fic. =) Can't wait for more.

One thing though ... please don't call Lydia a stupid bitch. ^^* Please don't call any girl a stupid bitch for that matter, that's just a horrible thing to say.

Okay :( sorry... I didn't mean it, it was meant to be sarcastic... Sorry again. :(

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Don't worry about it. =)

I know you meant no harm. (I just keep thinking - we women must stick together, you know? :-) Because there will be a lot of guys in our lives who are going to call one of us "Stupid bitch", so we shouldn't do it to each other. That's all. )

And I'm really looking forward to reading more. <33

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Don't worry about it. =)

I know you meant no harm. (I just keep thinking - we women must stick together, you know? :-) Because there will be a lot of guys in our lives who are going to call one of us "Stupid bitch", so we shouldn't do it to each other. That's all. )

And I'm really looking forward to reading more. <33

Yeah, GIRL POWER! Lol :D

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Hh…hh… hh’tshhh! Hih’ktshh!” Stiles sneezed into his wrist, before cutting the engine on his jeep, and going inside to warm up and take a nap before Lydia got there.

Once he stepped out into the cold, his nose twitched, an intense itch forming in his sinuses. Rubbing feverishly at his nose, he hurried towards the door, the strong tickle increasing deep in his nasal cavity until he stumbled to a stop, his nose quivering and breath hitching.

Ihh…Ohhh…god-hhh…” He said breathily before convulsing with a thick wet fit. “Hep’tishhuh! Hih’kchush! IShhh! Hih’tshhh! Hh-hh-PSHHT!Stiles quickly brought up a hand to shield the mess he’d made of himself, and hurried inside.

He wondered who he’d wronged in the past to make karma kick his ass so hard with this cold. He kicked the door shut behind him, and stopped right in front of the stairs, the annoying tickle making an appearance again. Why did he have to sneeze so m-mu…much-

Hih-KT! ISH! ISHUH! KTSH! IH’SHH! ISHH! KX’TCHUH!” Stiles sniffled heavily, physically feeling like a sopping wet snotball. “SNnnf-Snnf-Snf!”

He rushed to the bathroom, and wiped the residue off his face and blew his nose in some toilet paper. If he was still in this condition when Lydia got here his chances with her would be completely destroyed. There was no way she’d ever be interested in someone she’d seen with snot dripping out of their nose as they sneezed continuously for about a minute. Ugh. Why did colds have to be so gross? Stiles took one glace in the mirror and winced. His nose was red, and rubbed raw from all the contact it had been getting throughout the day, between the nose blows and rubbing, and his eyes were red and watery.

“Knock, knock!” Stiles jumped at the sound of Scott’s voice outside the bathroom door. He opened it and there stood his friend. “Hey, dude-oh man, you look horrible!”

“My bruised ego thanks you,” Stiles said sarcastically.

“Tell it that wasn’t a compliment,” Scott grimaced as he observed how sore his friend’s nose looked. “You look like Rudolf’s second cousin.”

“Thanks, Lassie. Now why don’t you go see why Joey fell down the well,” Stiles rolled his eyes.

“Oh, shut up,” Scott punched Stiles’ arm. “And it’s Timmy for the record.”


Stiles pushed past his friend, marching up the stairs and to his room, with Scott following behind him like a guard dog. Scott slammed into Stiles from behind when he stopped suddenly on the landing above the stairs, and almost went tumbling back down the stairs if not for his werewolf reflexes. Stiles’ shoulders shuddered with a breath as he inhaled unsteadily.

“Stiles?” Scott asked worriedly. “What’s wrong?”

“I…hh…I thi-ink…. I’b gonnahh…hh…snuhh-Uh’schieww! Hah’KTCH’uh! Tshhieww! Hih’ngxt’uh! Hep’chuh! Hih…hh…” The urge to sneeze faded away, leaving a lingering tickly sensation fluttering around his nostrils. “Ugh. Damb id.”

“Bless you,” Scott said, amazed that someone could sneeze that much without blowing their brains out.

“Thangks,” Stiles sighed, sniffling. “Snf-Snnnf.”

“You gonna be okay till Lydia gets here?” Scott asked, his eyebrows furrowed with worry.

“Yeah, I’ll be find,” Stiles nodded, still congested, and now with a pounding headache. “Go ahead ad go, I cad tagke care of byself-Snnf-Snf…hih’tshieww! Ishieww!” He sneezed messily into his elbow.

Stiles staggered a little, his vision blurring reminding him frighteningly enough of his panic attacks. Scott gripped his upper arm so he didn’t fall and led him to his room, sitting him down carefully on his bed.

“Stiles…you okay?” He asked, his brown eyes clouded with worry.

Stiles nodded a couple times, and then jerked forward with a few unexpected and uncovered sneezes, “Hih’eshh’u! Eh’shuh!”

Scott recoiled quickly but not quickly enough, because he was sprayed right in the face by Stiles’ sneezes. He wiped off his face, trying to keep the disgust off his face because really, Stiles felt bad enough without feeling guilty for sneezing on him. But unfortunately Stiles knew what he did and he did feel guilty.

“Oh, madn, I’b so sorry,” Stiles groaned, ducking his head in embarrassment. “Jusd go homb before I ged you sigk.”

“Stiles, it’s okay. Besides I can’t leave you alone when you’re like this.”

“Lydia’ll be here soodn,” He protested. “I cadn magke id dill thed.”

“Nope, I’m staying.”


Kinda short, but oh well… yep… Hope ya liked it! thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

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yay.gifyay.gifyay.gifyay.gifyay.gifyay.gifyay.gifyay.gifyay.gif THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING THINGS THAT I HAVE EVER READ IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!! PLEASE CONTINUE!
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Omg - YAY (so much yay) for Scott & stiles friendship. Eeep. Scott worrying about him is just soo cute.

I LOVE THOSE TWO so much you have no idea! *__* Their friendship is like my favorite thing in the whole show. <333 Great work.

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Dawww thanks guys :D I'm happy I've written something you all enjoy! :) hehe.. I'm almost done with the next part too so be prepared ;) lol

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ok did you see the new episode!! I'm freaking out!!!

but more importantly did you see the promo for the next episode???



(am i a horrible person because of the sentence? sweatdrop.gif )

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  • 2 weeks later...

ok did you see the new episode!! I'm freaking out!!!

but more importantly did you see the promo for the next episode???



(am i a horrible person because of the sentence? sweatdrop.gif )

Lol XD yeah, i saw it too and was slightly dissapointed that there was no sneezing but i still love the show haha :D

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“You’re ad idiodt,” Stiles mumbled under a shit ton of blankets that Scott had oh-so-graciously piled on him, even though he wasn’t even cold. If he didn’t know any better he’d think his friend was trying to suffocate him.

“You know, you get grumpy when you’re sick,” Scott said pouting childishly.

“Shud up, ad go homb! You’re goi’g to ged sick,” Stiles groaned, coughing a little.

“No, I’m not,” Scott rolled his eyes. “Werewolves have a higher immune system.”

“Whadever, ged sick thed, for all I care.”

Stiles sniffled through his clogged nose, feeling absolutely horrible. He just wanted to suffer in silence alone. He knew Scott was just trying to look after him but he didn’t need his help and honestly didn’t want it. After a while you get tired of being the weakest link in the chain. All he had was sarcasm, no weapons or claws or future-seeing powers like the others. He felt useless. Especially now. He was so consumed in his own thoughts of self-loathing that he didn’t realize Scott had left the room, and was surprised when he looked up and saw Lydia marching into his bedroom, in all her strawberry blonde glory. Fumbling to lift some of the blankets off of himself and sit up, and try not to look completely disgusting, Stiles threw a half mortified look Lydia’s way.

She sat on the edge of the bed, her expression soft and nurturing because what nobody else knew was that she did have a caring motherly-like side to her, but nobody had really experienced it yet. “Hey, how are you feeling?”

“Nod thad gread acdtually,” Stiles sighed, a frustrated noise escaping his mouth.

“Do you need anything? Water, medicine, tissues-“ she began listing off things, but was interrupted.

“-Hey, he’s my patient, not yours. Go take care of your own friends,” Scott said, crossing his arms, and really Scott? When Lydia is offering to take care of him for the first time ever Scott decides to be overprotective and caring?

“He asked me to, I don’t suppose he asked you?” Lydia gave him a challenging glare.

“…no. But I’m his best friend, can you say the same?” Scott said, considering sticking out his tongue, but decided against it.

“… No. But he likes me better, right, Stiles?” She turned to look expectantly at him.

However Stiles tuned out somewhere around Scott blabbering about how he was Stiles’ best friend, because of the persistent itch that started up in his nose.

“Stiles?” Lydia asked again.


“See, he likes me better,” Scott declared, pointing at Stiles.

“No, he doesn’t! Stiles, tell him!” Lydia looked at Stiles and finally realized he wasn’t listening. “Are you okay? Do you need a tissue?”

“I’ll get him one first!” Scott shouted, running out of the room, and Lydia followed afterwards determined to be the most helpful.

Stiles would’ve been relieved that Lydia left so she didn’t see the mess he was about to make of himself, but right now he was too distracted with the struggle that would lead to the mess. His eyes slid shut, breath hitching wildly as the itch flared in his sinuses. This went on for a couple seconds until he pitched forwards with a fit of itchy and highly messy sneezes.

Hih…Hih’idchuush! Hah’kshh! Hih-hih’tchsh! ISHoo! Huh…hu’ju’tshieww! TShieww! Hah…hah…tSHUHSH!” The sneezing was bad enough, but the aftermath was even worse. Stiles’ nose was running, the amount of mucus expelling from him appallingly disgusting, and he had nothing to clean it up with. He could feel it on the lower half of his face too.

“I’M GONNA GET THERE FIRST!” There was a crash from downstairs and somewhere in the back of his mind it registered that Scott and Lydia may have broken some kind important furniture, and he’d be in trouble for it later.

But the foremost thing on his mind right now was hiding the mess he’d made from his friends. He’d have to change into pajamas eventually so he might as well use his shirt. He tugged the cotton t-shirt off his body over his head, and wiped his face off, and anything else that had gotten sneezed on. He got up slowly from his bed, feeling kind of light headed, and threw his used t-shirt to the corner of his room because honestly he was too lazy to take it to the laundry room. He was pulling out another shirt-long sleeved this time-when Scott and Lydia burst into his room, shoving each other like kids with behavioral issues.

“Here,” they both pushed separate boxes of tissues at Stiles who was staring at them with raised eyebrows because really, was that necessary?

“Thangs,” Stiles said taking them and chucking one on his bed and the other on his dresser, before pulling the shirt he was holding over his head.

Unfortunately for him, Stiles’ nose was highly sensitive, especially when he is sick, and when his shirt brushed against his nose while he pulled it over his head, it set off a chain reaction. He jerked forward with a barely stifled sneeze, since he didn’t want to outright sneeze when Lydia was there.

Hih’ngxt!” Sadly one was never enough to satisfy his irritated nose. But he knew what was coming, and quickly pinched his nose between his thumb and forefinger, stifling five more sneezes completely silently besides the sharp inhales in between. But after five he couldn’t keep quiet anymore. “NXT! Hep’GXT! Nn’CHXT! Hih’KTX! Hah’KT! KTX! NXT! NX!” Stiles didn’t think he’s ever sneezed that much in a row in his life.

He was regretting stifling a lot now since his head was pounding in his ears, and he winced when Lydia spoke, her voice quiet but not quiet enough. “Oh my god. Bless you!”

Stiles just groaned, squeezing his eyes shut against the world and pain. But sadly the latter didn’t go away. He felt someone grab his arm gently, and it must have been Lydia because Stiles knew Scott didn’t use moisturizer and the hands were soft and small. Stiles let her lead him back to bed, opening his eyes barely because man, light was making his headache worse, and he just felt drained now. He crawled into bed and just passed out, not even registering that Lydia kissed his cheek and whispered ‘get well’ to him before leaving him to rest.

Dawwww, I love Stylida… and ya know I’m actually starting to warm up to Scott and Kira as a couple… it’s just cute and fluffy, and in the next chapter I think I’m gonna give them some couple love. For those of you who don’t know who Kira is, she’s a new girl who has some sort of power-it hasn’t explained exactly what it is in the show yet-and has a positive attitude and is just a nice person in general, and Scott being a big dork likes her a lot and was nervous to ask her out (he ended up not tho cause he listened in on a convo she was having with her dad-little eavesdropper lol-about only wanting to make friends not get a BF-poor Scott L but she totally likes him so I have no worries, they’ll be a couple in no time), and it’s just so cute ^.^ hehe (was all that jammed together as confusing to you as it was to me?) (And yeah I pretty much spoil everything about the show. You don't even need to watch it because I would literally sit you down and tell you everything I know about it and walk you through every episode...I am really bad at keeping my mouth shut lol :P)

I’m hoping soon Styles and Lydia actually get together in the show (instead of just in my head lol :P) because they are just-just…I don’t know… but they need to be a couple. That show screws with your emotions >.< maybe it’s just me tho cause I have no life and need to focus on something haha :D

Btw sorry for any OOC :/

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I love this <3 such a cute story :)

Thank you :) its a good show :D and an addicting show lol :P

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So Much Stydia!! Stydia is my favorite paring on Teen Wolf and they legit need to get together now!! So happy you updated!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!

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