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So I work in an office. And in this office, there are very close cubicles. So, when there is an illness, you can pretty much guarantee that 90% of the office workers will have that illness. And, luckily for me, although I am one of the few who missed out on it, MOST OF THE WORKERS CURRENTLY HAVE SUPER SNEEZY COLDS!! :)

Here are just a few of the wonderful observations I have had x

The other day, this guy, let's call him Jay (super cute - floppy blonde hair and brown eyes - if I didn't have a boyfriend I'd be hitting on him) came into work with a slightly pink nose. When I walked up to say "hi" (behave yourself Lila - you have a boyfriend) he sounded ever so slightly congested. I was like "How're you feeling?" And he said (and I quote) "I thindk I've caught dis catchy little cold by roombate had... But apart fromb that I'be fide." Seriously. He said that.

As luck would have it, he's recently been moved to the little cubicle next to mine, and after a few minutes of pretending to do work and texting my boyfriend, Jay came into my cubicle to borrow something.

So I said, "oh hey! Um, do you need anything?"

And he held up one finger, turned slightly to the side, held a hanky to his nose (white, plain) and

"Ptssshew! "

I was pretty much in seventh heaven, but somehow I managed to hold it together and say "Bless you!"

He smiled and thanked me, before holding up another finger and

"Ptssshew! Ptssshew!"

I blessed him again, he got what he came for and left, and I sat in Heaven.

My second work observation comes from the pretty receptionist, we'll call her Steph. (Tall, thin, coppery curls and dimples)

I was walking into work yesterday, when I remembered that I'd left my coat behind the other day. So I went up to Steph and queued up to see her (poor Steph does a lot) so I could ask her whether anyone had found my coat. I could already see that Steph was sneezing quite a lot - twice in one sentence - and she had a very pink nose. So once it was my turn, I was the last in the queue, so I shamelessly chatted to her to see whether I could witness a Steph Sneeze.

I said, "oh hi Steph! How're you doing!"

She grimaced slightly and was like "o- hitchew! Hitchew! Excuse me. I think I may have a cold."

I blessed her and asked her if my coat had been handed in. This is when the real fun started. (For me, anyway)

"Hitchew! Hitchew! HIH hitchew! Excuse be, no, I dod't think anything like that has beed... HITCHEW HITCHEW! Has been handed in.. HITCHEW! Excuse me."

I blessed her again and went back to my cubicle.

The third work observation came from an adorable technician who we will call Andy. Andy was fixing something (I am no techno geek, I cannot tell you what the hell it was) in my cubicle, when he doubled over with a massive double


I blessed him. Wow! I never knew such large sneezes could come from him! Must watch him more closely x

The final work observation that I'm going to share came from a petite blonde we will call Jenny, who works close to me. She came into my room to get me to fill out something, and I seriously witnessed the most sneezes I've probably seen in one go!


And on and on it went. Lucky me!

So there are my work observations x I will add more once I've written them down!

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wow. amazing obs! lucky, you didn't get sick and got to watch everyone else sneeze *evilly grins*

"I will add more once I've written them down!" Yes yes yes please :)

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I had even more Jay and Jenny observations today, and some new ones, so I'm just gonna write them down here.

Starting with Jenny, this morning she was going around asking everyone if they'd seen her clipboard, which she desperately needed. So. She came into my cubicle and was like

"HEH-TSS! Oh hi Lila, have you seen my clipboard? Aheh..... TSS-TSS-TSS-"

I was in Heaven ok "Bless! No, I don't think I have... Unless this is it?"

At which point I took the opportunity to rummage for a long time through a cabinet while Jenny waited patiently and sneezed.

"aheh-tss-tss... HEH-TSS-TSS-TSS-TSS! heh... Heh... TSS!"

I blessed her and sent her out because unfortunately for me, I had to do work instead of watching sneezes.

The first new ones came from a newbie, well call her Larissa. Larissa is extremely allergic to everything that breathes, so when she came into my cubicle lets just say sneezes were happening.

"Oh hey Lar. What do you need?"

"K'tew! K'tew! Have you.... K'tew k'tew! Have you filled out the k'tew...."

And so on.

The other new ones came from a really cute intern we will call Ansel, who just sneezed a lot of times (pulling up his shirt to cover them awe) but it was amazing.

I just walked over to say hi and he waved, before starting a mini fit.

"H-hey.... H'shoo! H'eshoo! Excuse me. H'shoo!"

"Bless you!" I said. But he sneeze yet more!

"H'shoo! H'shoo... heh.... Huuuuh....... H'ESHOO! Yea, sorry. I'm a little allergic."

He didn't mention what to. But he sure did sneeze some more, because soon his was in a massive fit

"aheh'shoo! Aheh'shoo! H'shoo! H'shoo! H'ESHOO! H'shoo! Aheh-shoo aheh-shoo! Excuse me..."

I had to go do work then so I didn't get to witness the end of the sneezing :(

Finally, Jay again!!!!! He came into my cubicle for something and


Really powerful but slightly muffled into his hanky awe. And there were more!

"PTSHEEEEW! aheh... PTSHEEW! Sorry Lila."

So cute!

I might write more soon......? There sure is a lotta sneezing going on at the moment!

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oh my gosh, how do you concentrate on work at a time like this? This must be the time that you are actually looking forward to going to work huh? Multiple sneezers are the best! I hope you catch some more obs and share them with us.

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