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Rapid Fire Fits on a Bus!


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So today, I was on a long, 5-hour bus ride--which is one of the worst ways I can possibly imagine spending 5 hours, since bus seats are always uncomfortable, I can never sleep in them, and bus wifi is never at all functional. (Why can't they have half-decent wifi on buses? It doesn't seem like it would be too hard to do.) So as you can imagine, I was not looking forward to this ride.

But lo and behold, things got a little interesting about an hour into the bus ride. Sitting one row in front of me and to my left was an attractive blond, probably in her early 20s. Well I was struggling with my crappy wifi when all of a sudden, the woman turned towards her window, breathed in deeply and sneezed a wet "ap-tchOOO" into her arm. But she wasn't done yet! She got another pre-sneeze expression on her face and sneezed again, and again, and again: ap-tchOOOO! ap-tchOOOO! ap-tchOOOO! The sneezes were all one or two seconds apart, and she gave a big wet sniff once the fit was done.

About an hour later, I had lost focus on the sneezer when suddenly I saw her build up again out of the corner of my eye. She sneezed another rapid fire fit, this time three wet sneezes: ap-tchOOO! ap-tchOOO! ap-tchOOOOOO! She wiped her nose and continued to sniffle. This time I watched her closely (maybe a little too closely--I thought I saw her look over at me a couple times...oops!) but she didn't sneeze again for the rest of the ride. There was, however, a good deal of sniffling, and once or twice I thought I saw her build up to sneeze again before realizing, to my dismay, that she was only yawning. But two rapid fire fits is enough to make a boring bus ride fun!

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