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First Day Back, Cute Guy with a Cold


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So today was my first day back from winter break--I'm now back at college and I walk into my last class of the day, a small lecture hall and about 5 minutes into the class I hear someone blowing their nose.

I look to my right and there is this handsome guy blowing his nose. Just to give you a vision of how great a view I had. I was in the middle section of three sections of the lecture hall. I was sitting mid way back, but still closer to the front. The guy was sitting in the other section to my right and further up than I was. There weren't a lot of people in attendance so I had a PERFECT view!!!

This guy was tall, had broad shoulders. had golden/sandy/dirty blonde hair. Long-ish kind of like Troy Bolton from High School Musical. Oh, and he had a little scruff. :)

He finished blowing his nose which sounded a little like honking and it sounded like not much came out. He wiped it multiple times and after than kept rubbing his nose. I could plainly tell that he had a cold. Poor thing. His nostrils were glowing red and he's sniffle every few minutes, as discretely as he could, but I could hear and see it (curse this fetish and the ability to have super sensitivity to the sounds of bodily functions). It sounded like he really had a stuffed up nose.

His mouth hung open just a tad, I'm guessing so he could breathe, and his eyes were drowsy looking too.

We got dismissed early and he stood up and left fast. When he stood, he was definitely tall. I'd say 6 foot at least.

When I have class again on Wednesday, I wonder if he'll still be stuffy...

Should I try and sit next to him or get a good seat and stare at him from afar? (Wow, that last one sounds so creepy...)

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Sit next to him xD .

i meen couldnt hurt.

Update us :3 and he is ADORABLE ! :)

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Sit next to him xD .

i meen couldnt hurt.

Update us :3 and he is ADORABLE ! smile.png

I don't even know the guy. I just heard him blowing and then it just snowballed. Even if it does sound creepy, I think I'd rather stare at him from afar.

I'll try and keep you updated, if I see him on Wednesday

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I think you should stare at him from afar, but make sure you have a really good view. I'll be back on Wednesday smile.png

yeah, that's what I'm going to do. If the psychology is all aligned, he'll sit in the general spot as he did today. But sadly, I really have no idea who this guy is, and I hope I'll be able to recognize him on Wednesday. He left out a different door, and I was stupid not to follow him, but he got a way too quickly and I didn't know where the door lead to.. I'm only a freshman in college, I don't know all the buildings inside and out...

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Unfortunately the psychology did not line up and the cute guy did not sit in the same place. Although I did manage to see him before everyone flooded in, he was wearing a really cute maroon beanie, but I recognized his coat.

So I sat in the middle section only this time in the very back row because I saw him sit in the same section (to my right) but in the very back as well, so I didn't have a very good view of him.... I could only hear him.. which he didn't do much today.. if only I could have stared at him all lecture...

I tried to nonchalantly glance at him, but there was a huge guy sitting next to me and I'd look weird looking back and to my right every few minutes when the professor and Powerpoint notes were up at the front.

So this is what I've got:

He blew his nose twice before class started, he made a honking sound both times. I imagine he felt better because I didn't hear any sniffles or any more nose blowing. His nose was still red, but not as bad as Monday.

I noticed he cares about his looks, he took off his beanie and immediately started fixing his hair, using his iPhone as a mirror.

When I "stretched my neck" I saw him chewing gum, so I couldn't tell if his nose was still stuffed up--if he was breathing through his mouth or nose. Although he didn't look like he'd been rubbing it because it wasn't as red.

The Lecture finished and I waited for him, I "checked my phone" in the hallway and "conveniently finished" when he walked out. I wanted to know if he was going to Recitation (for the same lecture), but unfortunately he was not. He's not in my recitation.. :(

I don't have this class again until next Wednesday, we don't have school on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I have a feeling this is going to be it. I bet he'll be better by next week. And even if he isn't, I don't think he'll sneeze, all I've heard are his nose blows.... I really want a sneeze though.. Oh well...

Allergy season is approaching in March.. maybe he had allergies... ? Hopeful!

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Oh yes if i were u i would have sat next to him (Y)

I so would have, but he was all the in the back in moved to the very end of the row next to the wall and there were already people on the aisle end and I didn't want to make them move.... I think it'd be really weird to make those people sitting on the end move just so I could sit closer to sniffle guy.

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I HAVE TO THANK MY LUCKY STARS!!! I SAW THE CUTE GUY!!!! AND HE'S STILL SICK! (or it's the cold weather)...

BUT ANYWAY HE SNEEZED! (but I'll get to that in a second)

So basically the university shut down for a day because of a tragic shooting that happened on Tuesday. So Wednesday I didn't have any classes. I usually have my Anthropology recitation on Wednesday, but since we didn't have class I had to make it up today. So I went on Friday...I was waiting for class and it came across my mind, wondering if I'll see this cute sick guy again. AND WHAT LUCK HE'S IN THE RECITATION I WENT TO!!!! I saw his maroon beanie and gray coat. This time he had a full beard.

The TA took roll so I got his name but I'm keeping that for myself. For now I'll call him N.

Unfortunately N sat in the way back corner so I didn't get any chances to stare at him. His nose was most likely red and runny because everyone's was...it's so flipping cold. We don't get about 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

So we were taking a quiz and all of the sudden: UUSSSHOOO! it had no or little build up it just came! Now I wish I was in Friday recitation rather than Wednesday.... oh well. I still thank my lucky stars for getting to see him today.

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*Sigh* I can't wait for college boys <3 That is so awesome you got to see all this, but so sorry about the shooting that must have been scary and awful :(

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*Sigh* I can't wait for college boys <3 That is so awesome you got to see all this, but so sorry about the shooting that must have been scary and awful sadsmiley.gif

Thanks. If you want to educate yourself google "Purdue Shooting" I wasn't in the building or anything, but I was scared to walk outside after the coast was "cleared"

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