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Unbounded Connection (MxM)

Candy Dust

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Okay, so this is my first slash, MxM - sneeze fiction, so bare with me. smile.png

I suppose there'll be a lot of hurt/comfort/angst/ in my story because my stories often leads in that direction in the end, lol

And also, I'm very into one of the guy's being very brazen, kind of cheeky, while the other's very shy, feminine, sensitive and all of that. So if you're not into that, then this story's not for you, I guess. twitchsmile.gif

Chapter 1 – The meeting

He saw him seated at the table from the other side of the cafeteria. Sitting with his leg crossed over the other he seemed quite engrossed with the book he was reading. His semi-long black hair was parted and some strands of hair hung lightly infront of his eyes. He felt drawned to him, like there was some invisible connection between them.

Tyler rose from his seat, with his espresso still in hand, as he worked up the nerve to approach him.

'Is this seat taken?' He asked, trying to sound casual.

The dark brown eyes that gazed up at him swept him off his feet. He was even more beautiful up close.

'No.' The dark haired guy softly worded as a faint smile found his lips. The tone of his voice amazed Tyler; it was much more fair than he'd imagined.

Tyler found a seat across from him at the round table.

'Such a nasty weather outside, eh?' He had a quick sip at his hot coffee.

'Hmm.. I don't know,' The guy seemed to ponder, 'I love rain. The air's so fresh and humid. It kind of puts you in a melancholic mood.'

Tyler stared at him. His big dark eyes eyed reflected the somber clouds outside the window. And he gently cleared his throat as he watched him have a swift lick at his lower lip.

'Uh, yea. I guess.' Tyler uttered.

'Mhm.' He gave him a quick glance before returning his focus towards the book.

'So.' Tyler relaxed his back at the chair, 'You come here often?' He regretted his silly sentence instantly. 'You come here often'?, he felt like slapping himself in the face.

'Uhm.. sometimes.' The stranger suddenly looked shy. 'What about you?'

'It's my first time being here actually. I just moved into town, so.'

'Oh.' He softly nodded.

'It's a nice place though. Friendly atmosphere.' Tyler said as he let his eyes wander across the dim lit café.

'Mhm.' The stranger nodded again as he gently tucked some of his dark hair behind his ear.

'What's your name?'

'Oh, I'm Preston.' He held out his hand towards him; exposing his long, slender fingers.

'Tyler. Nice to meet you.'

'Nice to meet you too.' Preston put off a shy smile as they shook hands.

'So.. what do you do, when you're not, reading?' He chuckled sheepishly as he cursed himself for sounding so dorky.

'I work, uhm, as a cashier. Just a few blocks from here.'

'Ah, okay.' Tyler had another sip at his coffee.

'And you? What do you work with?' Preston appeared to gain interest as he clasped the book together. Could have just been out of courtesy, though.

'I'm unemployed at the moment.' He confessed.

'Oh okay. I'm sorry.'

'Nah. It's okay. I get by. I'll find something shortly.'

'That's good..'


Tyler scanned his face. He really liked his small, kind of upward nose and it actually seemed like he was wearing some type of mascara or eyeliner. Tyler didn't know the difference.

'Uhm.. you feel like doing somethin', sometime? Like.. have another coffee or uhm, whatever. ' Tyler asked nonchalantly. Preston suddenly appeared to be blushing. Maybe he'd been coming on to him too hard or too quickly.

'I don't drink coffee.' He softly replied but his eyes revealed a hint of playfulness.

'How about tea then?'

'Much better.' He gave a light giggle. It was the prettiest giggle Tyler'd ever heard.

'Great. So. Uhm. I'll just.. give you my number and you can call me, like, whenever.'

'Okay.' He gently nodded as he picked up his phone from the pocket at his trousers.

'It's uhm, 555-6236.'

'Great. Thank you.'

'Cool.' Tyler rose from his seat. 'Call me.'

'Mhm.' Preston gave him a tender smile as he turned and left the coffee shop.

Preston had called him a few days later. He'd sounded happy to hear his voice and they'd quickly decided to catch a flick a teather that same evening.

Tyler gazed at himself in the fullsize mirror as he anticipated the evening. He let his hand slide through his short, dark brown hair. His piercing light green eyes looked back at him as he softly smiled. He'd been told he had the resemblence of the actor Zac Efron with his straight nose and strong jaw line but Tyler didn't see it. Nor did he want to.


They met outside the cinema and Preston seemed to hesitate, before he quickly gave him a warm hug.

'Nice to see you again,' Tyler felt him whisper at his neck.

'You too. '

They softly let go of each other. Tyler noticed Preston's eyes seemed a bit glazed and his nose had a hue of light pink but he shrugged it off. It was spring after all and rather cold outside.

'So, ready for the movie? I've heard it's gotten some great reviews.'

'Really? I'm excited.' Preston smiled at him brightly.

They both went inside and found their seats as the commercials started at the big screen.

'Comfy?' Tyler glanced at him as he watched him crossing his legs smoothly.

'Very.' He smiled back at him.

There was a moment of silence as Preston suddenly brought his hand up to his face and he softly froze in position as he closed his eyes.

'Heh-kng!' He gently stiffled a sneeze.

'Bless you. Tyler glanced at him.

'Thank you.' Preston gave his small nose a quick rub before returning his focus towards the big screen.


'No. No thank you.' Preston lightly frowned as he glanced at the big paperbox of popcorn.


'Nooh-' He rapidly brought his hands up to his face as he stifled yet another sneeze.

'Bless you. Are you okay?' Tyler expressed a concerned look on his face.

'I'm sorry. How embarrassing.' Preston said shyly as he sniffled several times.

'It's fine. You need tissues?'

'No, no..' Preston waved his long fingers infront of him, 'I'm fine, it's just allergies.'

'You sure?'

'I'm sure.' Preston gave another of his precious giggles. 'Very sweet of you though.'

Tyler gave him another quick glance as the movie started.

He noticed Preston giving his nose several rubs throughout the movie and he'd a stifled yet another sneeze in some mild action scene.

'So.. what now?'

Tyler asked as they stood outside the corridor. Preston looked a bit tired in the bright light.

'Heh.. I don't know.' He gazed at him shyly.

'You wanna go to a café?'



They found a semi private spot at the cafe and they'd both ordered a cup of tea.

'So, you do drink tea as well?' Preston smiled as he carefully touched at his nose.

'Yea, in the evenings it can be kind of nice but in the morning's it's a big no no.'


'Yea I can't wake up without a-'


Preston interrupted him as he stifled into his hands. He shyly glanced up at him as he slowly frowned and closed his eyes again, 'Heh-etchsho!' He sneezed into his hands.

'Bless you.'

'This is horrible..' Preston seemed embarrassed beyond comprehension.

'You feel that bad?'

'No, I mean..' Preston said as he grasped some tissues out of a box at the table, 'I finally get to know a guy that seems nice and decent and of course my allergies has to act up,' He sniffled numerous of times as he dried off his hands with the tissues.

'Oh, okay.' Tyler smiled back at him.

'Hm? Oh God.. what did I just say now..' A soft pink hue found the upper part of face, matching his the colour of his nose.

'It's okay,' Tyler chuckled. Finding his behavoir incredibly cute.

'Ignore me. I don't know what I'm saying. I blame the hayfever.'

Tyler chuckled lightly.

'It's okay, believe me. It's no big deal. Sneeze freely, who cares.'

'I could never do that.' He lightly shook his head as he lightly wiped the tissue under his nose.

'Anyway.. what do you do for fun?'

Preston didn't answer as he seemed to fight off yet another sneeze. Tyler watched his nostrils flare and with another huge intake of air he squinted his eyes and sneezed harshly into his hands, partly onto the used tissue. 'Eh-Eschhooo!'

'Wow, bless you.'

Several people at the cafe turned their attention towards their table.

'I'm so sorry.' Preston blinked as a tear streamed down his cheek.

'Maybe I should take you home?' Tyler gently removed the tear with the tip of his finger.

Preston gazed at him, evidently touched by his gentle approach.

'Okay.. maybe you're right. I'm sorry. I never wanted this to happen. I forgot my allergy meds at home.' He softly said as he reached for another tissue at the table that he gently dabbed at his nose.

'Stop saying you're sorry. It's okay.' Tyler rose from his seat. 'Come on, I'll give you a ride home.'

'Thank you.'

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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe >-< wownsiuwhshshdyhdheheydye no words to describe how cute and perfect this is. It has everything I like m/m , allergys, embaressement, "ruined" dates :) ! . I'm excited if there is more <3 :)

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Deathnoteowner - Thank you sooooooo much! It really means a lot. :) I'm already working on an update, it'll be posted shortly.

Moonduck - Thanks a lot! I'm so pleased, especially as you usually don't enjoy slash. I'm gonna post chapter two soon!

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Chapter 2 – My place.

Preston had stifled several sneezes on the way back in the car and Tyler couldn't help but feel sorry for him. Mostly because he'd seemed outermost embarrassed as he'd kept apologizing after each sneeze. Tyler'd dropped him off outside of his condo and Preston had hesitated, before he rapidly got out of the car.


Several days had gone by and there had been no word from Preston. Maybe their last meeting had put him off, considering how it'd ended.

'Only one way to find out..' Tyler pondered as he slumped into the couch and dialed up his number.

Several tones went by before he answered.

'Hello?' There was that light, familiar voice. Tyler thought as a smile formed on his lips.

'Hey, it's me.'

'Oh hi Tyler..' The tone in his voice hit a higher note as he appeared to be very cheerful to hear from him.

'How are you?'

'Doing pretty good.. how about you?'

'I'm great. So, has your allergies eased up a bit?'

'More or less,' He gently giggled.


There was a short pause.

'I'm happy you called.'

'Oh yea?' Tyler stretched out his back onto the couch.

'Yea.. I've..' He nervously cleared his throat, '.. been thinking about you.. I thought you'd never want to see me again after what'd happen.. you know, at the café.' His voice trailed off.

'That's stupid. I don't care about your allergies. You seem like a great guy.'

'Oh? Okay... That's.. lovely,' He gave a quick giggle, 'So, I didn't destroy any... vision that you've might had of me?'

'What are you talking about?'

'Heh, uhm.. I don't know.'

There was another silence.

'Let's meet up.' Tyler said as he changed position in the sofa.


'Wanna come over to my place?'



Tyler gave him the information and they decided he'd be there in a couple of hours.

At exactly 6.08 p.m the doorbell rang and Tyler swiftly welcomed Preston inside.

'Hi..' He gazed at him shyly as they softly embraced.

'Hey you.' Tyler looked at him as they parted. He wore some greyish baggy jeans and a dark blue sweater, his hair had been neatly styled with some mousse and a light hue of dark eyeliner found the corners of his eyes.

'You look great.'

'Why thank you.' Preston glanced down shyly, 'you don't look so bad yourself. '

Tyler lightly chuckled as he looked down at his black sweatpants and white t-shirt with the slogan, To buy or not to be.

'Come, let's have a seat in the livingroom.' Tyler hinted towards the room at left as he placed his hand behind back.


Preston softly seated himself in the couch and Tyler found a place right beside him. Tyler eyed him intently, quite mesmerized of his dark eyelined eyes that seemed to hold on to so many secrets. He let his eyes wander down to his small nose, to his lips, and to the almost unnoticeable adam's apple at his throat. He was a beauty, no doubt about it. A stunning beauty, that's how he would describe him. Tyler contemplated.

'So... ' He lightly exhaled, 'would you like anything to drink? Water? Tea? Wine? Beer?'

'Hm,' Preston glanced at him thoughtfully, '...some wine would be nice.'

'Coming right up.'

When he returned with their drinks he found Preston sitting with a book at his lap.

'Here you go.' He handed him the high glass, which was filled up with red wine,

'Thank you. I found this book in one of your shelves. I hope you don't mind?'

'Of course not.' Tyler gulped down some intoxicating liquid from the beer bottle.

'You've read it?' He held up the book before him.

'Little women? Yea, ages ago. My mother gave it to me as a Christmas present when I was a teenager.'

'Oh.' Preston placed the book onto the table. 'It's one of my favorites,' He gently added.

'Okay... Cool.'

Preston gave the glass several sips.

'So, you're a bookworm, eh?' Tyler raised his eyebrow at him.

'Heh. Uhm... Yea, more or less. I like movies too. And nature, music, animals..' He gently shook his shoulders.

'That's cool. I got a hamster.'

'You do?' Preston's eyes seemed to lit up, 'That's so sweet.'

'Want to see it? It's in my TV room.'

'I'd love to.'


'Wow, your apartment's so huge. Such a disparity compared to my one bedroom flat.' Preston exclaimed as they made their way towards his sitting area.

'It's okay, I guess.' Tyler replied casually as opened the door and let him inside.

'Very nice...' Preston said as he let his eyes wander across the open space. The room didn't contain much. A huge led TV hung on the wall, a couch and a few chairs were placed facing it. A desk was positioned by the the window and onto the desk was the cage.

'This is Slug,' Tyler said as he made his way towards the table.

''Slug'?' Preston softly giggled.

'Yea, don't ask.' Tyler replied as he opened the cage and picked up the hamster within his hands, 'Wanna hold him?'

'Ooh. I really shouldn't.'

'It's okay, he won't bite.'

'Okay...' Preston tenderly grasped the furry little animal from his fingers and held it delicately within his hands.

'Hi Mr Slug..' He smiled as he gazed at the rodent more closely.

Tyler watched him speak to his little animal with his soft voice as he gently caressed it above it's tiny little head. And he suddenly felt himself becoming warm inside. He'd never met anyone so tender, so humble and loving before.

Preston quickly put the hamster back in it's cage as he gently sniffled.

'So precious.' He said as he gave his nose a few quick rubs before swiping his hand at his jeans.

'Yea, he's my lil' man.'

Suddenly Preston squinted his eyes as his breathing started to hitch.

'Excuse me, I..' He turned as he sneezed into his hands, 'Eh-Eetschooo!'

'Bless you.' Tyler murmured. He was getting quite used to his sneezing by now.

'Thank you. I'm sorry.' He used both hands as he rubbed at his nose.

'You alright?'

'Yea.. I have a..' His nostrils flared as he build up another intake of air but it quickly subsided, '.. Oh God. I'm sorry,' He repeated as he lightly inhaled, 'I have mild allergy to fur.' He said as he gazed at him awkwardly.

'And you didn't tell me this because..?'

'Cause I love animals and you wanted me to meet your cute little friend. I simply could not refuse such a adorable thing.' He frequently rubbed at his nose.


'Just.. a, sec' Preston hastily turned his back on him, 'Etchoo! Heh-knxg! Ah- waaschoo!' Tyler watched as he shook his shoulder as each sneeze took a hold of him. He sniffled welty as he turned around and faced him. He was blushing again.

'Bless you.'

'Thanks.. I think I'm done.' He softly said as a weak smile formed on his lips.

'Okay. Are you hungry? I thought we could order some take-out.'

'Sure. I just need to use your bathroom?' He asked as he swiped at his seemingly irritated nose.

'Absoutely. It's right to your left. Is sushi okay?'

'Yea, it's fine.' He hurried towards the bathroom.

Tyler had just ordered their meals and clicked off his phone when he heard some weird noises coming from the bathroom. And, being nosy by nature, he carefully made his way towards the door and he listened to it closely.

'Heh ughsch! Eh.. shungsh!' Sounded like muffled sneezes.

Tyler felt sorry for Preston. If he'd known he was so allergic he'd never introduced him to Slug.

'Eh.... Aaschioooo!' He heard him give a loud sigh and a wet sniffle.

He decided to knock on the door.


'Yea..?' He heard his light voice reply from behind the door.

'You okay in there..?'

'Yea..' He sounded out of breath.

'Do you-'


'.. do you need anything?'

'I'm...' He lightly exhaled, '..fine'.' He heard him sniveling as there was some noise of rustling papers in the background.

'Okay. Just wanted you to know I've ordered and the food will arrive here shortly.'

'I'll be right there.' The sound of soft nose blowing swept through the door and Tyler decided to head back to the livingroom.

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Wowie such a beautiful creature Preston is <3. Hum maybe have Tyler get embaressed too ?. But Preston is good if you want to focus on him ! :) . I love this part ! :) really adorable and perfection <3

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Thank you so much, Deathnoteowner! smile.png Hmmm, get embarrassed too, what did you have in mind? Maybe I can enclose it in my story later. I'm always up for any suggestions! smile.png

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Thank you so much, Deathnoteowner! smile.png Hmmm, get embarrassed too, what did you have in mind? Maybe I can enclose it in my story later. I'm always up for any suggestions! smile.png

. Uhhhh like he goes over to Preston's and like Tyler is allergic to Preston's cat , try's to hide his allergy. Idk
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Thank you so much, Deathnoteowner! smile.png Hmmm, get embarrassed too, what did you have in mind? Maybe I can enclose it in my story later. I'm always up for any suggestions! smile.png

. Uhhhh like he goes over to Preston's and like Tyler is allergic to Preston's cat , try's to hide his allergy. Idk

yeah, that'd be cool, and if it were a really mild allergy, there'd be fewer sneezes but he could hang around the cat longer :)

Yayyyyyy more! :D

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Thank you so much, Deathnoteowner! smile.png Hmmm, get embarrassed too, what did you have in mind? Maybe I can enclose it in my story later. I'm always up for any suggestions! smile.png

. Uhhhh like he goes over to Preston's and like Tyler is allergic to Preston's cat , try's to hide his allergy. Idk

yeah, that'd be cool, and if it were a really mild allergy, there'd be fewer sneezes but he could hang around the cat longer smile.png

Yayyyyyy more! biggrin.png

I like that idea, hmm, I especially like cat allergies, :P but Preston's already allergic to fur, how do you guys think I can combine that within the story?

Anyway, I've already started on chapter 3 and it'll be posted soon! :)

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And.. the next chapter!

Chapter 3 – Enjoyment and struggles.

The food had already arrived when Preston returned to the livingroom and he seemed a bit inhibited as he sat himself down beside him. Tyler gazed back at him. His eyes were watery and his so carefully laid eyeliner had become uneven at his eyes. There was a reddish hue at the edge of his nostrils and he seemed a little worn out.

'How do you feel?'

'Why do you ask?' Preston asked shortly as he glanced down shyly. 'do I look weird or something..?'

'Not at all.' He gave his thigh a quick squeeze, making Preston look up at him.

'So, we got sushi, wine and beer.'

'Perfect.' He smiled faintly.

They ate their food quietly at the livingroom table, with the company of some soothing chillout music in the background.

'So, Preston.' Tyler put his plate back at the table with a mouthful of sushi.

'Heh, yes?'

'How long was your latest relationship?

'Uhm.. about six months.' He carefully scratched at his head.

'Okay..' Tyler drank some beer, 'and what ended it?'

'Well.. ' Preston suddenly looked a bit uncomfortable. '..it ended abruptly with uhm, cheating.'

'Oh man. That's terrible.'

'Yea. I was heartbroken for months to tell the truth.' He giggled awkwardly but Tyler could sense the sadness in his body language.

'I'm sorry.'

'It's okay.' He glanced at him as he brought the glass of wine to his lips.

'So uhm... Was it with a guy or a girl?'

Preston gave him a surprised look but he seemed to relax as Tyler looked back at him with a sincere look on his face.

'It was, uhm.. with a guy. Yea.' He nervously rubbed his hands together.

'Okay.' Tyler simply replied.

'Hm? ... So uhm, what about you and your relationships?'

'I've been with both guys and girls. But I prefer guys. I think.' He chuckled lightly.

'Oh, okay..' Preston gave him a uncertain smile.

'And you? What do you prefer?' Tyler gazed at him with a sly smile at his lips.

'I'm.. heh, gay, so..'

'Aha.' Tyler gulped down some more beer with a content look on his face. He prefered gay men from bi. He felt they were more loyal and reliable.

'Yea..' Preston, on the other hand, seemed very insecure of their conversation.

'So, are you a top or bottom?' Tyler asked bluntly.

'Pardon?' Preston lightly gasped as his eyes widened.

'Heh, Nevermind.' Tyler gave him a friendly nudge at his arm.

'Okay.. uhm.'

'Anyway..' Tyler said as he grasped the wine glass from Preston's fingers and placed it on the table, '.. uhm, you know, I really like you and uh, stuff.'

'I like you too.' Preston looked down at his hands at his lap.

He smoothly closed in on him as he found his hand and let their fingers entwine. Preston glanced up at him as a shy smile escaped his lips.

Tyler gazed back at him and his dark brown eyes locked themselves with his. They were so close now that he feel Preston's soft breathing gently caressing his face.

He sat completely still and Tyler felt him starting to tremble as he let his lips sweep over his. It was a light, fragile kiss but Tyler could still taste the sweet moist from Preston's lower lip. He glanced down as the aroma reminded him of candied summer days-

He got interrupted as he felt Preston's hand at his thigh. He glanced up at him and Preston kissed him once again, this time more passionately. Tyler let his hand slide through his dark hair and he could feel Preston's hand squeezing his thigh lightly. Their lips slowly parted and Preston looked down embarrassed.

'That was... well, wow..' Tyler chuckled.

'I know..' Preston glanced up at him as he blushed shyly.

'Listen, uhm.. it's getting late. But you're welcome to stay the night, if you want. To, you know, just sleep.'

'I'd like that.' Preston gently tucked some of his loose hair behind his ear.

The next morning

'Eh knngx!'

Tyler tossed and turned in the kingsize bed.

'Eh.. Kngsch!'

Tyler rubbed at his eyes as he woke up to the familiar, sneezing tones. He glanced to the side and noticed the other side of the bed being empty.

'Eh-schngx! Ah-aschio!'

He yawned as he rose from the bed and made his way towards the repetitive sound.

He found Preston sitting on the floor in the hallway, desperately rummaging through his bag. He'd already dressed and fixed his hair.

'What's up?' Tyler asked as he stretched out his back. He felt grumpy and tired. He'd never been a morning person.

'Oh?' Preston glanced up at him as he gave a light sniffle, 'I'm trying to find my allergy meds, I'm positive I brought them with me.'

'Okay..' Tyler nonchalantly replied as he watched Preston stifled two more sneezes in the crook of his arm.

'Fine. Let me have a look.' He groaned as he grabbed the bag from him.

Preston didn't answer and remained on the floor.

Tyler had to admit to himself that he found the event of going through his belonging's pretty intimate. He'd always been a very curious person and scanning through someone's bag was extra enthralling

'You see it?' Preston asked as he wiped at his nose with the back of his hand.

'Noooo..' Tyler slowly replied. What he did see was a small mirror, q-tips, a wallet, keys, small packages of tissues and facial cleaners, one make up pencil and a bottle of water.

'Maybe it's at the outer compartment..' He glanced at Preston who looked back at him with a concentrated look on his face. His lips slowly parted and his lower lip gently quivered. His small nostrils widely flared as he closed his eyes shut.

'Ah.. AAaschhh!' He caught the wet sneeze into his hands. 'Oh gee, bless me..' he softly said as he looked down at his moist fingers.

'You can say that again..' Tyler fetched the small package of medication. 'Found it.' He tossed it into his lap.

'Oh, thank you so much. I knew I didn't forget it.'

'Let's head to the kitchen. I need some coffee in my system.'

Preston swallowed down his medication as he sat at the kitchen table and Tyler felt his intense gaze at his back as he arranged the coffee machine.

'Tea?' He glanced at Preston who swiftly turned his gaze towards the window.

'Yes please.' He softly replied as he sniffled gently.

'Okay.' He turned his back on him as he started preparing their breakfast.

'Eh..' he heard Preston gasp behind his back, 'Eh-knschhh! Ah-schh!' He gave a wet sniffle.

'Bless you..' He tiredly responded.

'Thank you..'

Tyler poured the boiling water into a cup, 'Which flavour?' He asked, with his back still turned against him.

'Which.. Eh-knsgx! ..oh gosh, pardon.. what kinda' flavours do you have?'

'Vanilla, exotic fruits, blueberry, English breakfast, Apple.. all kinds.' He lightly sighed. All he wanted was his coffee.

'Vanilla, please.' Preston replied sniveling.


While he prepared his tea he heard him stifle four more times and each time he would give these damp sniffles. It was starting to annoy him. He listened to the coffee machine brewing his precious coffee as he anticipated the feeling of pouring it into his system.

'Eh-estchoo!' Preston sneezed and sniffled once more.

Tyler rapidly turned and faced him. 'Could you just.. blow your nose already?!' He almost yelled. He didn't mean for it to come out so loud.

Preston gazed back at him, with a perplexed look on his face.

'I'm...' He softly started before he rose from his seat and dashed out of the room.

'Hey.. Preston, I'm sorry.' Tyler hurried up behind him but Preston was quick on his feet and went into the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

'Preston?' Tyler knocked on the door. 'I said I was sorry.'

There was no reply.

'I told you, I don't do mornings.'

Still no reply.

'Come on, Preston.. ' He impatiently let his hand slide through his hair.

'I'll be out in a minute.' He suddenly heard him reply.

'Okay? Your breakfast will be done by then. You want some toast, too?'

There was no reply, except for a small, almost silent stifle.

'... Yea.' He slowly replied. 'Thanks.' He gently added.

'Okay..' Tyler had a quick look at the door. Before he went back to the kitchen.

Preston arrived moments later and he seemed a bit upset but he hid it well with a small smile at his lips.

'I'm sorry I lashed out at you.' Tyler said as he watched him finding his seat at the table.

'It's okay..' He tucked some hair behind his ear as he gently grasped some toast from a plate at the table.

'Okay..' Tyler replied as he put the coffee cup to his lips,

'Ehm... I have to leave for work soon.' Preston said as he had a bite of the bread.

'Oh? What day is it?'

'Friday..' He had a small sip of his tea, 'this is nice, thank you.'

'So what'll you do later tonight?'

'I don't know..' Preston said as he let his eyes wander outside the window.

'You wanna meet up?'

Preston eyed him swiftly, 'Yea.'

'Cool. You enjoy clubbing?'

'No.. not really,' He gave his nose a quick rub with his slender fingers.

'Oh okay.'

'Yea, so.' He let his hand search within his pocket and he smoothly fished up a tissue that he gently dabbed at his nose.

'So what do you feel like doing?' Tyler eyed him as Preston seemed a bit embarrassed as he held the tissue under his nose.

'I don't know. Maybe..' he hesitated as he seemed to ponder.

'...maybe..' He repeated before he caught another stifled sneeze into the tissue.

'Bless you.'

'Thanks..' He glanced at him before his eyes squeezed shut yet again, 'Eh-gnh!-eh...' His sneezes appeared much more silent and he didn't sniffle at all, instead he let the tissue gently swipe under his nose.

'Bless you.' Tyler worded once more.

'Thank you.' Preston eyed him quickly before he rose from his seat. 'I need to go.'

'But you haven't finished your meal?'

'That's okay.'

'I can give you a ride?'

'No, it's fine.' Preston shook his head lightly as he put the tissue back into his pocket, 'Call me or.. I'll call you. Okay?'

'Okay?' Tyler had no chance of give into any argument as Preston turned on his heel and was out the door.

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Awwe poor Preston D: . Agh he's so pretti and precious. Tyler >.> don't lash out at him, he can't help it. I love this chapter <3 :) . Uh then pollen allergies if that works best?. But I'm assuming Preston as well has those.

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Hey :)

Sorry it took some time for me to get this next chapter done. I also figured out Tyler's ... weakness, heehee. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy.

Chapter 4 – Tyler's sensibility

Tyler was busy picking up his groceries from the brown paper bags when his phone rang. A soft smile entered his lips when he saw Preston's name at the caller id.

'Hey you..'


Tyler smiled as he heard Preston's soft reply.

'How's work?' He asked as he looked outside of the window. It'd started raining again.

'Oh I just got off..'

'Okay cool. So whatcha gonna do now?'

'I.. I thought we had plans? I mean, didn't we?' Preston seemed to hesitate.

'Of course, I'm just teasin' you.'

'Oh? Heh. Okay.' He giggled shyly into the receiver.

'So. You decide what we shall do. I'm up for anything.'

'Well.. how about you visiting my place? I'd love to show you how I live.'


Several hours later...

'I didn't know if you could handle flowers so brought you some chocolate', Tyler said awkwardly as he handed him a red box with a pink bow on top.

'Ooh, that is so sweet Tyler.' Preston kissed his cheek as he accepted the chocolate, 'And no, I probably couldn't. He giggled shyly, 'Thank you so much.' He gave him a long hug before he welcomed him inside.

Tyler let his eyes wander across the somewhat large room. Preston had been right though; his apartment was rather small, but at the same time he found it pretty cosy.

'So, this is your pad, eh?' Tyler raised his eyebrow as he eyed the livingroom, slash bedroom.

A couch was positioned by the window with a dark woody table infront. Preston's bed was at his right and various of green plants were placed throughtout the room. Purple curtains hung heavy by the windows, exposing small glimps of lights from the afternoon sun, giving the flat a very gloomy, yet vintage look.

Some calming, classical music embraced and contemplated the surroundings of the apartment.

'Cool.' Tyler expressed as he put his hands into his pockets.

'Mhm. It may not be so large but it's home.' He gently shrugged his shoulders.

'Yea.. it's nice.'

'Please, have a seat.' He hinted for him to sit in the couch.


'How about some tea?'


'How many sugars?'

Tyler heard him ask from the kitchen.

'Two's fine.'

'Okay.' Preston walked in with a tray with their cups.

'Here you go.' He placed it on the table before him. '...anything else? I baked some cinnamon rolls yesterday?'

'This is fine. Great.' Tyler gently chuckled as he figured how Preston would make a great housewife.

'Okay..' Preston sat down beside him as he gently grasped the cup within his hands and gave it a few delicate sips. 'You like the flavour? It's green tea mixed with mint.'

'Yea. It's okay.'

'Okay.' Preston put the cup back at the table as he gave him a shy smile. 'I'm glad you're here..' he softly said as he found Tyler's hand with his.

'Me too.' Tyler leaned forward and kissed his lips. Preston responded instantly and they kissed on and off for several minutes.

Tyler gave a faint smile as he smoothly leaned back at the couch.

'For how long have you lived here?'

'Hm.. about two years now.'

'Okay, awesome. And you enjoy the district?'


Tyler started to listen closely as Preston softly explained his living arrangements but he suddenly got distracted when he felt a small tickle building inside of his left nostril. He gave it a quick rub, hoping for it to subside but it only made it worse.

'...It's a nice neighbourhood with friendly neighbors. I couldn't ask for more.' Preston continue talking as Tyler felt the intense urge to sneeze take over him.

'That's great.' He responded as he sniffed quickly, 'It's really important to-to...' he stuttered lightly as the itchy feeling started to burn in the back of his nose. He felt his nostrils flare as he inhaled faintly.

Preston eyed him shyly with a questionable look on his face.

And with another large intake of air Tyler gave into the irritating tickle,

'AAaaschoo!' His head snapped forward as he loudly sneezed into his hands.

'Oh, gee.. bless you.' Preston gazed at him, 'are you okay?'

'Fine,' Tyler glanced up at him from his hands as he then rubbed his hands off at his jeans.

'Okay,' Preston gave him a bright smile, 'as I was saying,' he continued as Tyler felt his nose starting to itch once more. What was wrong with him? He rarely sneezed more than once. Tyler turned from him and concentrated on the tickle forming inside of both his nostrils.

'Tyler?' He heard Preston ask behind his back.

Tyler lightly gasped as he felt his nostrils flare and he squeezed his eyes shut,

'Uh-WAAschoooo!' He sneezed freely to the side.

'Bless you.' He felt Preston's hand on his shoulder, 'You need a tissue?'

'No,' He glanced at him swiftly as he rubbed his nose with the palm of his hand, while giving it a few wet sniffs.

'You're not getting a cold, are you..?' Preston expressed a anxious look on his face,

'No, stop asking me so many questions..' Tyler felt uncomfortable but he didn't have time to reflect on it as a another sneeze swiftly overtook him.

'AASCHIOoo!' He sneezed again, wetly to the side.

'Oh my.. bless you.' Preston looked at him worryingly, 'I'll go get you some tissues,'

'Really, it's okay..' But Preston ignored him as he rose from the couch and headed towards the bathroom.

Tyler rubbed at his nose frequently as he watched Preston leave the room. He felt the situation was getting unpleasant and he couldn't help but wonder what had cause his sudden sneezing fit.

'Here you go..' Preston smiled at him shyly as he handed him a couple of Kleenex.

'Thanks..' Tyler grasped the tissues from his long fingers.

Preston looked back at him as he repositioned himself onto the couch.

'Uhm.. if you don't mind?' Tyler raised his eyebrow at him.

'Oh? 'Course.' Preston turned his head to the other side as Tyler smoothly put the tissues over his straight nose.

Preston seemed to glance at him as he gave the tissues several wet blows.

'Let me take that for you.' He said once he'd finished.

'Uh, no that's okay.' Tyler replied awkwardly.

'I don't mind. I want to help you.' He smiled tenderly towards him.

'Fine.' Tyler reluctantly gave him the used tissues as Preston left his seat once more.

That's when Tyler saw it. The fine mist of small particles in the dim sunlight. Dust. Everywhere. Just the bare sight of it made his nose tickle once more.

'There. I hope you don't-'

'Stop.' Tyler interrupted him as he came back into the room. Preston responded by giving him a weird look.

'Sit down carefully. Your couch is like an inferno of dust clouds.' Tyler said with a agitated tone.

'I beg you pardon?'

'Yea, look.' Tyler pointed to the small particles, gently swaying in the mid air.

'So what you're saying is that you think my home's dirty?' Preston folded his arms as he looked back at him.

'No. I'm saying that I'm sensitive to dust in general.' Tyler replied dryly. Were they really gonna have their first fight over something so trivial?

'I see.' Preston looked bothered as he gazed back at him.


'Fine. I'll sit back, slowly.' He emphasised as he found a seat beside him.

'You don't have to get so upset about it.'

'I'm not.' Preston frowned.

'Yea you are.'

'Stop it.'

'You, stop it.' Tyler nudged his arm.

There was a quiet moment.

'So I guess you don't wanna spend the night with me, either. Who knows, maybe my bed's dirty too.'

'Cut it out Preston.'

'You'd never know.' He gently shrugged his shoulders as he seemed to becoming emotional.

'I was just explaining my sudden reaction.'

'Yea, fine, I get it.' Preston glanced at him, before he turned his gaze at his hands in his lap.

'Yea, so..'

There was another, quiet, awkward moment.

Tyler briefly panicked as he suddenly felt the urge to sneeze again. Not now, he argued with himself as he let his fingers touch the sides of both his nostrils.

He gently sniffed, making Preston glance up at him, but he turned his eyes down just as quickly.

'Ehm..' He tried to clear his voice to get rid if the tickle, but that didn't work, either.

The itch was growing stronger and felt his nose react increasingly.

'Eh..' He lightly gasped as he gave another wet sniff. He quickly rose from his seat and he turned away from Preston.

'What's wrong?'

He heard his soft voice as from behind as he gave a deep intake of air.

'AAaschhooo!' He caught the sneeze at the palm of his right hand.

'Bless you...'

He glanced down at Preston who gazed up at him with a shy look on his face.

'Is it okay if I open a window?' He asked, with his hand still up at his face.


Tyler went over to the window and was just about to open it when the persistent tickle resumed by full blown. Tyler didn't even have time to react as the sneeze came sudden and in full force, 'Waaschooo!' His head snapped forward and he bent forward,

'Oh my..' Preston exclaimed, 'Let me.' He rose from his seat and passed him as he opened the up window for him.

Tyler let his nose breath in the fresh air as he sniffled several times.

'I'm sorry I didn't take you seriously. I'll vaccum once more and clean up the place. Maybe you can have a nice stroll in the meantime?' Preston expressed attentively.

'Let's just.. go out for awhile? I promise we'll head back here later.'

'Oh.. okay. Sure. Where do you wanna go?'

'I wanna take you out to a restaurant.'

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I LOVE THIS <3 I didnt even realize it was you who wrote these, dear friend ? Im like in love with this story !

:) . Yeees more please please :)

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I LOVE THIS <3 I didnt even realize it was you who wrote these, dear friend ? Im like in love with this story !

smile.png . Yeees more please please smile.png

thank you snitch.gif (lol, ugly smiley, ) haha :) that's okay. I'm glad you enjoy my story. :D

This is awesome smile.png Are you going to write more/how much more are you going to write?

Thank you! Well, I'm not sure. I have another chapter (the restaurant) in mind but I write whenever I get inspired, so... hopefully I'll write a few more chapters. I really like the characters, so. renske.gif

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I am generally not a fan of MxM sneezing but this is hot. Please continue it!!!!!!!

Thank you so much, really means a lot. I'm already writing on an update. :)

ps. Your gif's too cute!

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So.. the next chapter. :) Though this time it comes with a few warnings: this chapter contains strong language and it's a bit more 'messy' than usual.

Chapter 5 – The restaurant

'So.. what are you in the mood for?' Tyler asked as they both eyed their menus.

'Oh, gee, I don't know...' Preston looked at him swiftly as he tucked some of his dark hair behind his ear.

'I need meat. A big steak.' Tyler said in a deeper tone, giving his voice a playful southern accent. Preston gazed at him as he gave a heartfelt giggle.

'You know, somehow that doesn't surprise me at all.'

Tyler gave a sly smile as he placed down the menu. He gazed at Preston who held on to the menu delicately with his long fingers. His face lit up softly by the flickering candle standing on the table and Tyler watched as his dark eyes kept an intense focus, slowly reading the endless amount of choices of various dishes.

'Here you go.' The waitress came by with their drinks. She was a blonde woman, looking like she was in her early twenties. 'Red wine for you and a beer for you, sir.' She smoothly placed their drinks before them.

'Thank you.' Preston softly replied as he eyed her quickly.

'So. Have you gentlemen decided what to eat?' She smiled at them cheerfully.

'Steak, middle rare, thanks.'

'Ooookay, and you, sir?'

Preston thought momentarily,

'I'll have the chicken salad, please.'

'Very nice. Coming right up.' She eyed them both before leaving them.

'This is so nice.' Preston softly said as he gazed at him, 'so romantic.' he tenderly added.

'Yea, it's alright.' Tyler chuckled.

'I really like you.' Preston uttered as he blushed.

'I like you too. A lot.' Tyler winked back at him.

An eldery couple were positioned at a table nearby and Tyler watched them taking their seats behind Preston's back.

'Cheers,' Preston said tenderly as he shyly held up his glass before him,

'Cheers sweetie.' They clinked their glasses together and enjoyed several sips of their beverages.

''Sweetie'..?' Preston asked as he wiped off his mouth with a napkin.

'Yea.. too soon for any cute nicknames?'

'Absolutely not.' Preston gave a shy smile.

'Okay, then.'

Preston's smile suddenly faded as a panicky look found his face.

'What's up?'

'I need to sneeze.' Preston said quietly and Tyler noticed he started to blush again.

'It's okay.'

'But, all of these people...' Preston's voice trailed off as his breathing started to hitch and his small nostrils flared widely,

'Eh..' he faintly gasped as he brought up the tissue to his face, 'Eh-kng!-eh.' He sneezed silently.

'Done?' Tyler asked as he gazed at him.

Preston only shook his head as he firmly frowned and kept a pre sneeze look onto his delicate features. He brought up his other hand to keep the tissue steady infront of his face,

'Eh.. kngx!-eh.. Eh.. knschhh! Ah-Kngisch!' He stifled wetly into the tissue.

'Bless you three times.' Tyler said as he had another sip of the beer.

'Oh I'm so sorry.' Preston wiped his nose with the tissue.

'Its okay..'

'There's something's in the air that's bothering me all of the sudden.' Preston embarrassingly admitted as he sniffled a couple of times.

'Dust?' Tyler winked.

'Haha, very funny..' Preston gave him a sarcastic smile as he wiped the tissue under his nose.

'Could be.'

'Steak medium rare, and a chicken salad. ' The waitress appeared and placed their meals before them.

'Thank-' Tyler began,

'Eh Kngschu! Kngsch!' Preston interrupted him as he harshly stifled two more sneezes into the tissues.

'Bless you, sir.' The waitress smiled at him.

'Thank you.' Preston shyly eyed the waitress and then darted his eyes at Tyler before he looked down at his plate.


'Alright.' The waitress gave them a smile before she skipped off.

'You okay?'

'I think so...' Preston replied as he gave a short, awkward giggle.

'Okay? Well this meat looks beyond delicious.'

'That's nice...' Preston softly wiped his small nose several times before putting the tissue into his pocket.

Tyler ate his dinner as he eyed Preston briefly. He had a few bites of his salad but he kept pausing to rub at his seemingly irritated nose.

'You're sure you're okay?'

'Mhm..' Preston gave him a uncertain smile.


'Do you need your tissue?' Preston asked as he brought up his hand to his face.

'My tissue? No.'

'Can I..' Preston paused as his breath lightly hitched and he closed his eyes and swiftly used both of hands, clasping them around his nose and mouth, 'Eh, ah-ascho! Eh knschio!' He sneezed into his hands.

'Bless you.'

'Excuse me.' Preston darted his eyes at any table close-by as he slowly brought his hands down, 'could I please borrow your napkin?'

'Uh sure.' Tyler handed over his tissue which was placed neatly at his plate.

'Thank you.'

'You've taken your allergy meds, right?'

Preston only nodded as he brought the tissue up to his nose.

'And uhm, what else are you allergic to?'

'Ehm..' Preston suddenly looked a bit uncomfortable. 'Let's see..' He thought as he gently let the tissues graze under his nose. 'Hay, pollen, some perfumes, grass, fur..' He gave a light sigh as he began to frown, 'I need to sneeze again..' Preston said in a helpless but excusing tone.

Tyler didn't reply as he gulped down some beer.

'Eh etschioo! Aschioo!' He sneezed openly into the tissues. 'God I'm so sorry, I couldn't hold them in, ' He expressed weakly as he sniffled.

'It's okay, really.'

'No. I know that my sneezes sometimes annoy you and I can understand that but I really can't help it.'

'That's not true. If you're referring to the other day then that's so deceptive. I was having a rough morning, that's all.'

'But..' Preston started but stopped as his voice lightly quivered. His lower lip dropped as he brought the tissue up to his face again, '...e-excuse me,' He coaxed out before he rapidly turned to the side of the table, 'Aschioo!' He sneezed even more wetly.

'Hello! We're trying to enjoy our meals over here!' The old man from from behind them loudly complained.

'Yea? Then you should mind your own damn business!' Tyler snapped back.

'Well my! I've never heard of such rudeness..' The old lady accompanied by the oldster responded in a sorely voice.

Tyler gave them a stern look as he looked back at Preston. He, on the other hand, seemed a bit upset as he looked down at his plate.

'Screw them.' Tyler said as he grasped his hand at the table.

Preston looked up at him as he seemed to becoming a bit emotional.

'Hey it's okay.. forget about them. We got as much right to be here as anyone. If they can't enjoy their stupid meals, then fuck 'em. Who cares.'

Preston lightly giggled as he sniffled slightly.

'You're amazing..' He gazed at him tenderly as he held on to his hand.

'I mean it, though. Don't let a couple of assholes ruin our evening. '

'Okay..' Preston lightly nodded as he wiped the tissues at the corners of his eyes, then at his nose, before letting his hand slip under the table.

'Good.' Tyler gave him comforting smile as returned his focus towards the plate.

Preston had a couple of sips from his wine as he let his eyes wander outside the window. He seemed to be lost in thought when the waitress, once again, appeared at their table.

'Excuse me, sir's? I'm sorry to bother you in the middle of your dinner but the gentleman behind you's complaining about you being very loud and offensive.'

'What?' Tyler gave her a severe look.

'Yes, so if you could just keep it down a bit. I would really appreci-'

'Hey. That acient grandfather over there got some serious issues and I would advise him to cool off myself if I wasn't in the company of someone I care a lot about. My friend over here is going through a difficult moment of allergies and that old dude simply attacked him, for no reason, whatsoever.'

'Tyler, please..' Preston whispered as he looked uncomfortable.

'Oh. Well I didn't know that.' The waitress replied.

'Of course you didn't. But he's the one having problems, not us. We're just trying to enjoy our dinner. In peace.'

'Okay. Well I'll go and see what I can do.'

'You do that.'

'Tyler. You shouldn't have. Let's just leave.' Preston said as soon as she was out of sight.

'No. This is ridiculous. I'm not gonna let that douchebag get away with this.'

'Fine.' Preston gave a light sigh as he gently sniffled. His nose started to sound stuffed-up.

'It'll be okay. Let me just take care of this jerk.' Tyler seemed furious as he cracked his knuckles.

Preston sniffled a couple of times more and he faintly gave another sigh as his nose appeared to be getting clogged up. He eyed Tyler briefly and he seemed utmost embarrased as he turned in his seat and shielded his face with his hand as he gave his nose several harsh and wet sniffles.

'Are you alright?' Tyler gazed at him.

'Yea.. Yea. I'm just...' Preston faced and glanced at him shyly.

'I'm sorry about your allergies. It must be hard for you.' Tyler expressed in a much more calmer tone.

'Yea..' Preston wetly breathed in through nose, giving it a moist sound. 'Excuse me. I'm... just, uhm a bit.' He started to blush again.

Tyler gave the eldery couple a quick glanced and they seemed very preoccupied with their meals.

'You sure?' He asked as he looked back at Preston.

'My nose's all stuffed up..' He replied in a tired voice as he suddenly appeared a little weary. 'I need to use the restroom.'

'Go ahead,' Tyler replied as he saw suddenly saw Preston's nose starting to run right at the bottom of his nose.

'I'll be right back.' Preston swiftly got up from his seat and hurried towards the bathroom.

Poor guy. Tyler thought to himself as he watched him leave the table.

A couple of minutes later Preston returned and he sat down slowly at his seat.

'All good?' Tyler asked as he gazed at him. Preston looked back with a weak smile. He seemed exhausted. Tyler didn't know why but he felt sort of sorry for him. He seemed so fragile and brittle.

'Let's swing by some pharmacy on the way back.' He said as he eyed him more gently.

'Okay, good.' Preston replied in a stuffed-up voice, ' Thank you.'

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Awwwwwwe I love this ! <3 smile.png

Really though. perfection smile.png

Thank you soooo much friend! To be honest I wasn't sure if I'd included enough details, lol. Maybe I'll do that in the next chapter.

Again, so so sweet!

Thank you. turned.gif I was afraid I was pushing the boundaries, heehee. Glad you enjoyed.

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