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'To Save a Hedgehog' BBC Sherlock Fanfiction


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Hello everyone! A late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! Sorry I haven't been about, so much work and not enough free time! My first story of 2014 of course has to be a Sherlock fic. There will be light spoilers but nothing major, so it is up to you whether you will to read it-- you have been warned. And sorry if I'm a bit rusty!

Enjoy my lovelies! :D


Sherlock knew John hated him. After the restaurant incident, John hadn't said a word to him, nor even seen him since their meeting. Sherlock, deducing to avoid any confrontation, began to 'get to know London again', and decided to go for a walk through the city centre, at about 11 o'clock in the evening.

Passing the time, time which Sherlock no longer knew what he could with, since John was no longer about; a little dark lump caught his eye, as it was just sat the middle of the road. Sherlock stood for a moment trying to identify the object, when a car came barrelling around the corner. As its headlights gleamed upon the thing in question, Sherlock's stomach dropped as if it had been thrown into a pit.

The object was a hedgehog.

As if running into an oncoming car was now a reflex for Sherlock, he dashed into the road, clambering to scoop the hedgehog into his hands. The headlights were speeding towards him and before there was any time to react he felt the colassal impact. Tire screeches and a blarring horn screamed in his ear. He felt the wind whip across his cheeks as the car came rushing past his face.

Knees scraped and a little shaken, Sherlock had somehow managed to hold onto the spiky animal, muttering something about how ungrateful the driver was not having any flat tyres tonight. Catching his breath and returning to the pavement, suddenly the hedgehog sprang its quills against Sherlock's hands, scrambling to free itself from another threat.

Not wanting the scared hedgehog to injure itself further, Sherlock held the animal firmer only to helplessly watch as its claws curiously intwined with his thick, dark curls. His lips remained pressed together for a long minute, wondering how to remove himself from the hedgehog's sharp contraption. Having the hedgehog so close to his face was proving difficult to keep his concentrat... 


His voice was breathy, desperate, and his nostrils quivered as Sherlock's irises dipped away, pulling creature towards his chest. "Hih’IGHHShh!” The sneeze shook his whole body only allowing him a second of recovery before another caught in his throat. "Heh’ISHHHksttt!" And then came one last drawn-out sneeze, "gh'SCHHiishhhh!

Regaining a sense of direction, Sherlock coughed a little, looking to see if anyone had witnessed the outburst. Then, he returned to the matter at hand-- well, inside his hands. Black eyes glistened in surprise and fear up at him, only for Sherlock's baritone voice to rattle through the small being. "What sex are you anyway?" The detective questioned the imperceptible creature; as if suddenly aware of the detective's intentions, the hedgehog lashed out and began biting Sherlock's thumb. "Excuse be," He groaned, noticing the congestion lacing his voice "You're a male." The hedgehog quietly made puffing noises, Sherlock realised the poor thing was trembling inside his hands. Sherlock softened his eyes, "The runt of the litter."

Carefully manoeuvring the hedgehog into his left hand, his right unfastened his scarf from his neck, gently helping the small animal snuggle inside. Wrapping the hedgehog inside the scarf reduced the scared puffs to quiet sniffles. A shaky breath seeped through Sherlock's pursed lips, as he realised how the creature in his grasp was beginning to fall into shock.

"A shock blanket: Mm, that brings back memories..." A flicker of something moved past his eyes; a cross between nostalgia, melancholy and contentment. Which was when Sherlock noticed how sore his eyes felt, his hands bared irritated, red dots from the hedgehog's quills which itched immensely. His nostrils, now a light pink in color, wriggled and scrunched with hopes to banish the horrid tickle settling inside his sinuses.

Realising his situation, Sherlock began to quickly make his way home to Baker's Street, to put the prickly thing down and frantically google 'how to take care of a hedgehog.'

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Like your other stories, this seems really good so far! I really need to watch BBC Sherlock.. all these amazing fanfictions :)

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I have literally zero time to browse around the forum, but I just popped on and I had to comment on this, because 1) an AppleBlossom story! and 2) a Sherlock story from AppleBlossom! This is awesome, please continue!!

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Oh please continue. I can totally see Sherlock with a hedgehog. It's such an odd pet. And prickly, like him. Although I admit, I actually have one myself. They are awesome!

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There is too much cute in this fic to handle. I'm fairly sure it will be my cause of death but I hope there will be more! :)

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Don't worry guys, I am going to continue! I had an idea where I was going for this story, but someone beat me to it! :L

It may be a while before I post the next part, but I will try my best to hurry! :) Thank you for all your wonderful comments too! :D

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Hedgehog, as in hedgehog hedgehog right? Oh I see what you did there. :wink: :yes:

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