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Has anyone ever stolen a handkerchief?

Has your fetish ever "taken over" and you just couldn't help yourself and take a handkerchief that wasn't yours?

When I was a teenager, I snuck into a friend's parent's room and had a look for their handkerchief drawer and took a large plain white one.

I knew it was wrong to do so, but I also knew he wouldn't miss it.

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Handkerchiefs are a thing in the UK more in the US? Cuz i don't think I've ever seen anyone use one in real life.

To answer the question, no i haven't :P

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Yes I have to admit that I have on several occassions when I thought I could get away with it!(f hankies only btw)

Think first time was at school, a girl I had a 'crush on' and took it from her bag.

Several other occasions when at g/f's homes - freind's and once was a g / f 's mum whom I used to observe on occasions using a handkerchief!!

Always girls or womens hankies though, never mens!

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Hiya, an ex girlfriend of mine stole about two hundred hankerchiefs of mine from me, i was gutted, if she had asked i might have willingly given them to her.

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Did you not like seeing her using your handkerchiefs, or did she use them for something else?

Did she also have her own handkerchiefs?

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Hiya, of course i liked seeing her using my hankerchiefs as it was a huge turn on and yes she did use them for naughty things, i was very lucky in that she had a thing about hankerchiefs too, i had given her a lot anyway but it did upset me when she stole so many as i'm quite attached to them really and being vintage cotton and silk ones and many still brand new in their original boxes i couldnt just pop out to the shops and buy some more as the modern ones just dont have the same quality.

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Where did you meet your ex-GF? Was it on a fetish website? Did you know about each other's fetish beforehand, if not, how did you disclose? Did she have her own handkerchiefs before you got together?

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Hi, we got chatting through the picture sharing site flickr, we left comments on eachothers photo's and it went on from there really, she had her own hankerchiefs which were different from my favourite ones so i sent her a large parcel with her favourite designs in which she loved.

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