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Sally should know better (Animation, Gigantic Sneeze)


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I am still trying to teach myself Blender and have come up with another video. (Thanks to MakeHuman and the people who put their models online under the CC0). I still don’t have sound, if you are a woman who is willing to try some voice acting for this video, let me know.

Sally should have known better than to smell a flower in her apartment. She knows her lungs are just too strong for her own good. Even her simple sniff to smell the flowers pulled them off the table. Luckily for her the first two sneezes were small, unlucky for her that the thud one was not.

Link: http://sdrv.ms/1j7QhCN. Please note that the web player has a "hiccup" where it seems to repeat a few frames at one point. Pressing the "download" button at the top of the screen should give let you get the full HD version with no "hiccups".

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