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Poor girl is always sick


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There is a girl in one of my classes, let's call her B, who alwayssss seems to catch something. She probably has a cold 50% of the time, and she's ALWAYS sneezing. ?

So B came into class today sniffling, and I knew what was coming:). She sat down and immediately sneezed a wet double filled with spray. "HHISSHHHUU!! HIHHIHHIH HHISHHHHUUUUU!!" She got up and grabbed a tissue, sneezing 2 more times into her cupped hands, "HIH-ISHHHH! *sniff* ISHHHUUU!!" She let out a tired sigh and went back to her seat. GOD her sneezes are the most wet, desperate sneezes I've ever heard..... She sneezed 6 times today and I heard her complaining about how she was getting sick again. YAY. (For me :P)

Otherwise she's been really really sniffly and it's sound like her nose is really runny. She keeps rubbing it and holding back her sneezes. (Booo!) but I'm literally fascinated by them. I'm not exaggerating when I say that they are the wettest most intensely itchy sounding sneezes I've ever heard it my entire life. UGG I can't wait to see how she is tomorrow hehe:)

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Poor B came to class so so SO sick today. I honestly felt really bad for her. She had her dark hair down, and was all bundled up, and I could see the streaks of mucus on her sleeve from sneezing and wiping her nose. GAHHH

B's nose was peeling and pink, and she looked like she hadn't slept at all.

I'm not usually super into coughing, but she had the super raspy, phlegmy, icky cough that sounded like crackling speakers or something.

She was sneezing all through class, but her sneezes were so wet that she had to anticipate them, so she could grab a tissue before it came. "HIHSHUUUUU!!!" They sounded sooooooo wet and soaked through a whole tissue in one go.

She had a stuffy voice and it was strained, so I could only imagine how bad her throat was feeling.

I felt really bad for her... but I can't say I didn't enjoy it....:)

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My guy best friend whom i am secretly madly in love with once had a terrible and very sneezy cold that was around same tiime last year. I also saw a streak of mucus on his black sleeve probably from rubbing his nose i honestly thought this is sexy despite tthe fact that i normally get disgusted easily and probably if this wasn't my lover i would have felt disgusted but since that was my lover i felt excited and thought that the mucus on his sleeve looked sexy. On a side note i think coughing is sexy too i love it when he coughs too ♡

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