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This is the Maximum Ride Fandom

Author: Mento123

Disclaimer: I do not own the title or the characters

Also, I copied a little bit of the spelling of the sneezes from Percy Jackson Son of God, check it out, its my favorite.

THE FLOCK: Mutant Human/ Birds who were created in a lab. They escaped and now are being chased by Erasers, wolves/humans engineered to capture the flock, and are trying to blend in.

Maximum Ride: 14 year old girl, strong physically and emotionally. Dirty Blond hair, Blue Eyes, Brownish tan wings. Leader of the flock. Strong leadership qualities and has a Voice in her head

Fang: 14 year old boy. Leather jacket bad boy type. Black hair and wings, blue eyes. Doesn't like showing weakness and sets a good example for the kids. There's something cookin' between Max and Fang!

Nudge: Girly african american. 7 years old

Angel: 6 years old girl. Blond curly hair and blue eyes. She's an angel, almost literally

Gasman: Troubles with digestive system. 10 years old, boy.

Iggy: You will find out more about him later.

Sorry, some details about the characters might be wrong, I kinda invented a little part of them.

BAM! I roundhouse kicked an Eraser in the face just as Angel snapped its black, feathery wings back. CRACK! The wings popped out of their sockets. The Eraser fell into the clouds and out of sight. I gave Angel a thumbs up. “You smeared my lipstick!”, Nudge shouted, another crack and another Eraser was eliminated. An Eraser grabbed my hair with its jointed hairy paws suddenly to steady itself. I grabbed on to its hands which were surprisingly scaly and dug my pointed eagle nail hands into them.She yelped and tried to bite me in the arm. Fang lunged at it from behind and locked his arm around it, snapping its head in half. “Yeah!” he called, giving me a high-five with a wide smile. Feathers, skin and yelps filled the air. Gasman was throwing explosives into an oncoming mass of Erasers. You know when ants march out of their anthole to go to the food and its like the conga line of ants will never end? It was like that except with flying human/wolves with the strength of a trained killer, but as clumsy as a newborn horse. There battle cry was an ongoing throaty call, like a man yodeling in an extremely deep voice which gets annoying after a while. We flitted around them, killing as many as we could, but as soon as I killed off one, another one replaced it. The School(The lab where we were produced) were sending out more and more Erasers to capture us.

“Retreat, retreat!”, I shouted, raising my voice over the cracks of splintering bones and the grunts of the flock and the Erasers. None of them heard me over the chaos. I flew off to help Nudge, who was wrestling with a blackish brown Eraser

“No don’t touch this one. It scratched my nail polish.” she remarked, turning to the Eraser and punched it in the stomach. Oh Nudge, she was going to kill it painfully and slowly just for chipping her nail polish... Another one caught my leg and jerked me back, leaving me horizontal as I struggled to get a good kick at its ugly face as it flapped faster to stay in the air.

I heard Fang yelp. His jet black wing was bent in an unnatural angle and he was plummeting down, other wing frantically flapping uselessly.

I heard the splash of the icy cold water before I saw it. Finally kicking the Eraser in the chin, it let me go and I hurled down like a torpedo with the rest of the flock following suit. Angel plunged into the water, did I mention she can breath and withstand the freezing temperatures of liquid? Crazy kid. Angel emerged, holding the soaked Fang as she stepped out of the water. We were watching helplessly onshore, not having her special water abilities. There was a shadow covering the small winter sun. I looked up, twenty dots sped towards us. The Erasers were still chasing! I told Angel, Nudge, and Gasman to take cover with the now injured Fang.

“I am ok, geez. You’ll die without us. ” Fang remarked

“I want to stay and fight!”, Angel called.

“Just go, I have a plan”, I called back.

“No”, She pouted. I gave her my most serious I’am-the-boss glare and she relented with a heaving sigh, speeding off to catch up with the others. I took one of Gasman’s bombs and buried it in the sand.

“There’s the flock leader!’ one cackled.

“What its name?” Another one asked

“I think its Mag or Muhammad or something. I’ve always wanted to be the one to kill her”, he replied.

“No, I am going to kill her!” a third one joined in. They pushed and shoved in mid air.

I heard them land behind me. Erasers fought better on land. The bomb beeped and I shot off into the sky like a cannon ball. I heard the explosion behind me along with some not-so-pleasant splatters and I knew the bombs found their target.

I sped off the tree where we were staying. Fang was standing up, soaking wet, one wing section bent awkwardly behind him. His face showed no pain but his black eyes were steely and his lips were pressed subtily together. I sent Angel, Nudge and Gasman into the gigantic tree. It was just dislocated, I needed to set it right before it could heal at superhuman speed.

“Ok, this is going to hurt for a split second. Prepare to bite the bullet.”

“Oh my god, I am going to die.” he taunted, and then gave a smirk. I hit a section of wing, one hand on top, one hand on the bottom feathers, jerking the bone into place. He gave a restrained yelp and cursed.

“Kay, you’re done. Go dry off, dirty mouth”, I said.

“No need to be harsh, he teased, ruffling his feathers. He climbed up the tree and went inside the trapdoor which was approx. 30 ft up in the air, hidden by leaves. At first it was just a regular elm tree off of a hiking trail and then Nudge turned it into a treehouse over the course of a few days. (‘I refuse to sleep like a bird!’). I stood lookout for another twenty minutes then when I confirmed all was clear, I flew up the tree.

Fang ruffled his feathers again and shook his head like a dog. His hair was still wet and apparently, that was dry enough for him. Angel and Nudge played a card game while Gasman was eating a burrito. I will regret not stopping him later.

“Oh for gods sake bird brain, go in the sun and dry off!” I cried. Fang said nothing. I grabbed his wrist and dragged him toward the window and told him to perch on the sill. He did wordlessly.

“Why, you are angry that I helped you set your wing?”

He cleared his throat. “No.”

“Why aren’t you talking to me?”

“I have nothing to talk about” He turned from me. His head snap forward slightly. He turned away again.

“I am still hungry”, Gasman called.

“Me too”, said Angel. Nudge was too busy re-applying her nail polish. Where did she get that nail polish when we had no money?

“Where did you get that?” I asked Nudge.

“Oh, this? It was from a drugstore that we blew up”, she replied. It was a valid response so I nodded. “Do you want to go get some food?”

“Yeah!”, they all shouted except Fang. I nudged him. “ C'mon, Fang, we haven’t eaten all day!” I nudged him a little harder this time when he didn’t answer. He fell out of the window.

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Thankfully, his wings snapped up and he flew into the window again. He perched on the window sill again, gripping a little tighter this time.

“Ok! Ok! L-”, he stopped and turned away, his head snapped forward into his arm.

“Yeah, lets go.” I finished. I had no idea what was up with Fang.

We flew over to a hot dog stand where the attendant was kicking away some stray, thin dogs. We each snatched five hot dogs up soundlessly.

“Heh...hnxgnt..” Fang made that weird noise again. The hot dog guy came over just as we closed the lid of the cart.

“Hey! Hey! Git over here you nasty little birdies!” He shook his fist at us in the sky. Then, confusion washed over his face as he peered into his cart. I could tell what he was thinking, ‘How could birds take so much?’. We sped off chirping with laughter. I noticed my second in command, Fang, was lagging a little behind. We dove into the open window, plopped on the floor and dug into our hot dogs. Fang was eating very slowly while the rest of us wolfed them down.

“Why aren’t you eating?”Nudge asked.

“I am eating” Fang picked up the pace, shoveling down two hotdogs when we were on our fourth.

“I am going to uh-, check for any Erasers”, Fang said hurriedly, standing up abruptly, half ran out to the trapdoor and climbed down. We all scurried over and looked out. He was on all fours, throwing up into the river, it was sad seeing the tough Fang become so pathetic. Gasman cried “Ew”! The rest just looked at me since they had no idea what to do. Actually, I had no idea what to do, I didn’t even know birds could blow chunks!

“Dude, are you ok?” I called down, still clueless.

“Yes, just go. Finish your meal”, Fang called, almost pleadingly.

“Nuh uh, after seeing you blow chunks, I assume the hot dogs are poisonous!” Gasman called.

Below, Fang heaved some more, but nothing came out. He spat angry.

I called the flock to finish the meal but I flew down after shutting the window. I landed softly behind him.

“What do you want?” he rasped.

“What do you mean, what do I want? What’s wrong with you?”

“Maybe Gassy was right, the hot dogs are poisonous”, he said. He flew to the other side of the lake and started rinsing his mouth. A weird expression came over his face, he pinched the bridge of his nose and then put his hands down and splashed some water on his face. I flew over.

“Yo, I know something is not right.”, I probed, worried.

“Get the fuck away!” he shouted, desperation was in his eyes. He turned away. “...heh-nxgnh.”

“Dude, chill, I’ll leave.” I said, flying off.

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Stubbornness ;o .Fang keep being stubborn not wanting to look weak. Yes I'm in love with this story <3

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oh my god thumbsupsmileyanim.gif I haven't seen many Maximum Ride fics before I love it! You must continue! And btw I'm not sure how far your into the series but in my opinion it really goes downhill as the series progresses. The ending will make you scream in frustration like urgghh to this day it still makes me go off in a huge rant *ANYWAY* love the story :D

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Part 3

I knocked on the window. Relief shone in Angels eyes as she opened the locked hatch for me. After grabbing the hotdogs, I flew back to the park and fed them to the starving dogs. They ate like they haven’t eaten in days. All seven hot dogs that were left disappeared down their throats in a flash. They stared at me hungrily.Just because I am half bird doesn’t mean I taste like one! I thought as I flew away with canines nipping at my heels.

I laid on my bed. God, it smelled like the fish, eggs and manure all decided to have a baby and then leave it to rot. I vowed never to let Gasman near a burrito ever again. Fang had never been so angry at me, although I wasn’t scared of him, I wondered why he would do that. This was so not Fang. I drifted off to a restless sleep.

“Heh-nxgh...ummf...huh- nxgh” An exhale followed suit. I snapped open my eyes, the midnight moon was shining bright. It was Fang, only his black sleek wings bounced light off like that. I still had no idea why he was making noises, had his air sacks popped? Suddenly, the Voice interrupted my thoughts, You know, avians get sick too. That’s it! I have seen humans get sick. But, never my flock, ‘how am I supposed to heal him?’ I asked the Voice. ‘We have to rescue Iggy who was captured by the Institute!’ Of course, the Voice didn’t answer. Fang blew his nose in a napkin extremely quietly and moved his bed away from ours. He laid down and didn’t move anymore, only his never-heard-before snores told me he was alive.

I woke up at six, the time when most birds woke up. Angel and Nudge appeared right beside me while Gasman took a poke to wake up. Fang was out cold. His nose was slightly pink. Angel shouted, “Hey, Fang! Wakey, wakey!” Fang just rolled over and curled up tighter. Gasman prodded him. Nudge said, “What evs, lets go eat breakfast. Hey Fang, we are eating all your food!” Fang did not stir. So, we took off into the rising sun.

We came in from the trapdoor from underneath holding a cheesecake, hamburgers, and a few cokes that we raided. Fang was leaning out over the window. Vomiting. He stuck his head back in and collapsed on the ground. I ran over to him, his pupils were too large. He was dehydrated and being a bird, starved of carbohydrates. “Oh, my, god, NUDGE GET ME A COKE!” I shouted.

“Hey, beautiful. How are you today?” he slurred, lying down on the ground.

“Here. Drink this”, I handed him the coke.

“Nah, not thirsty. You should never forget how sexy you are. How about you come a little closer?” he gave a girly giggle.

“DRINK”, I ordered. I hoped he couldn’t see me blushing.

“Party pooper.” He sat up, obediently chugged down the coke and then sneezed into the elbow of his black leather jacket. I looked over at Nudge, Angel and Gasman. They all didn’t know how to react or how to help. Killing wolves/humans? No problemo! Taking care of a sick person? No way Jose! I looked back at Fang. He buried his face into his sleeve. “Hehtshew!” It seemed to take all the energy out of him and he fell down to the ground, his head hitting the floor. It sounded like a nut splitting open.

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In this chapter, Fang becomes delusional since he was deydrated and all that.

Feel free to post requests or criteque my writing.

@melody; I completely agree that the series takes a nosedive. This takes place during the book Max, I think or Final Warning, it doesn't matter.

@DeathNoteOwner; Thank you. Your signature is quite distracting, haha!

Thank you!

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Part 4

I carried him onto his far set mat. We crowded around him like creepers but frankly, we were just curious and not quite sure what to do. His eyes were glazed over, a sign that he was knocked unconscious.

Gasman suddenly broke the silence. “How are we supposed to rescue Iggy if Fang is knocked out?” They stared at me expectantly.

“We will go tomorrow and Fang needs to rest.” I replied.

“Tomorrow!? We can’t go tomorrow! Iggy might be duck soup by then!” Angel piped in her little girl voice.

“How can we go today?” I questioned, “Fang is half dead for heavens sake.”

“No, he’s resting. Angel is right, we need to go today.” Nudge butted in.

“Yeah! We can’t forget about Iggy!” Gasman said.

It was hard leaving Fang in this condition, but we had approx. a three day deadline to save Iggy. What if I went the wrong way? (Yeah, with my built in compass? Like that’s possible) What if there was a traffic jam(I can’t drive, hello?) What if Erasers decided to ambush us? A sensible question. I couldn’t afford to postpone the trip with the looming threat of wolves/humans. Of course, I was attached to Fang in a special way, but it was a life and death situation for Iggy.

“Fine. We will restore our strength, then go.” I relented.

Hamburger wrappers and empty soda cans lay in a mound on the floor.

“Hey guys? Can you go throw those away in the trail center trash can? Stay in a tree in the center and I will be there in a minute.” I asked.

“Mkay!” replied Nudge. They shot like bullets out the window. I searched through my pile of junk, searching for something to assist the rescue. Where the hell were my lock cutters? I swear I stole a pair last week. Crap, where did they go?

The floorboards creaked. Paying no heed to the sound, I flew out the window after double locking the windows and doors and took the keys. That way, Fang couldn’t follow us.

We zoomed over the clouds in the classic V formation, saving energy. What if Fang was actually dying? I should have checked if there was an expiration date on the back of his neck. Darn, how could I be so stupid? If Fang died, I don’t know what I would do. He was my best friend, my second in command, my confidant...my crush.


“Did you hear that?” I asked my current flock of three.

“Yup, definitely.” Gasman said. It sounded like it was below the clouds. It sounded like a sneeze. It sounded like Fang. I had locked him up! I dipped down. Nevertheless, it was Fang. Looking at him, I suddenly remembered what he said when he was all delusional. I am was not going to mention that.

“FANG! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?” I thundered. Inside, I was crying happy tears of joy, but I needed to keep my emotions inside. I put the angry wooper out, I hoped I sounded enraged.

“I followed you guys.” he sounded like a beaten puppy. His nose was red and eyes watery and his black hair was even more tousled than usual. He sniffed then continued, “I could’t leave Iggy in a doggy crate while I slept!”

Noticing his inability to form ‘n’s, I shrieked, “You’re freaking ill for heavens sake! Couldn’t you listen to me this one time?”

“No can do, I am not sick! Mutants don’t get get sick”

He sniffed, “Heh-UMMF...” I glared at him pointedly.

He gave a shaking exhale. “I deed to go on this missiod! He’s my best friedn!” Following that, a stifled sneeze.

“Don’t spread your germs to the kids.” I said.

“Sure thidg mma’am. Cad I come, Please?” Since when did the big ‘ol tough Fang turn into this little begging toddler? His blue eyes were sparkling with moisture, which made him even more cute. It was impossible to argue with.

“So you admit that you are sick?”, I pressed. I’ve always had this tendency to rub it in when I was right.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah”, he rushed out, head hanging down. He hated admitting he was wrong.

“Fine, you can come.”

“Tha-hetchum-nks!” he snapped forward which caused him to do a flip in mid air. He righted himself, flying vertically again.

“How did you get here?” I asked.

“I fl-heh-flew.”, he said

“No dip, Sherlock!”, I said, “How did you get out of the treehouse?”

His face was half buried in his sleeve. “Huh-tch!” his eyes snapped shut as he held up the missing lock cutters.

Do you guys mind the cliff hangers?

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Part 5

We headed towards Beijing, China. It was probably the worst place a mutant would stay but the kids were hungry and I could see the exhaustion in Fang’s face. At least in the high atmosphere, he stopped sneezing. Or at least I stopped hearing him sneeze.

“Let’s go eat some dogs!” said Angel.

“They don’t eat dogs.” I replied.

“What about cats?” asked Angel.

“No, they don’t eat cats either” I replied.

“Aww man” said the kids sadly, they were disappointed. Fang kept his mouth closed, sniffing periodically and rubbing at his nose.

“We are going to get some dumplings!” I cheered.

Gasman tugged at Fangs sleeve, “What’s dumplings?”

“I h- don’t kdow”, Fang, trying keep a sneeze at bay. He did know, but he didn’t want to talk. He pinched his straight nose tightly and squeezed his eyes shut. I don’t know how but it worked. He exhaled shakily and flapped his wings to catch up.

“Angel, Gasman, and Nudge, find a place to stay. Me and Fang will go find some food”, I commanded

“It’s Fang and I.” corrected Angel as we parted.

Fang was falling a few paces behind me, clamping both sleeve covered hands over his mouth and nose.

“Just let it out, already!” I pleaded. It was making me sad watching him. It was the hard truth that Fang, someone who could kill a full grown robotic trained to kill wolf in a twist of the arm, was losing against a sneeze. But then again, I had never sneezed before so I shan’t judge.

His now turquoise eyes started watering like mad and his breath hitched.

“Heh...eh-hetschew...heh-tshu...heshuh”. It was strange to hear such a soft, breathy sneeze coming out of a leather clad teenager. I guess the air sacks did make a difference.

He noticed me looking at him, “It’s just the pollutiodn.”

“Yeah sure, shizo,” I replied sarcastically.

Ignoring my comment, he swooped down like a giant eagle into a nearby open window and disappeared inside the house.

He was blowing his nose in a tissue when I came in.

“Anyone here?” I asked, purposefully ignoring his sad state.

“Doh” he replied, still blowing. I am pretty sure he was saying no.

We left the house with a hundred dollars(found from a Louis Vuitton purse) and what Fang left there was a used tissue with a note-Please DNA test. They could sell it for thousands since no human has Avian DNA combined in their genes. I could see the headlines now; Used tissue sold for thousands! Fang was still sneezing every twenty seconds, pulling his shirt over his mouth and nose. We perched on top of a skyscraper, looking for the bird kids. Or at least I was looking, Fang couldn’t keep his watery eyes open.

“Hey, Max? I am goidg to go fly aroudn some.” Fang finally was able to stop sneezing for thirty seconds.

“I will come with you.” I replied.

“Kay,” said Fang, nose twitching, “nxgh...nxgh...”

“Dude, you’re dying here. You should go back home.”

“I am dot dying...nxgh...I just ndeed to get some alti-h-tude...hetshew” he huffed. He sniffed.

I flew up high in the air, up above the clouds. Fang followed, immediately, he sounded better, but he was sniffing every five seconds which was getting on my nerves.

“Do you still have those tissues?”

He cleared his throat, “Yeah”

“Use them”, I said, speeding up in front of him. I could hear him blowing his nose behind me.

“Better?” I asked after he was done. He didn’t answer, but he gave a lopsided smile. His nose was tinted pink and his blue eyes were still bleary. I nearly melted into a puddle right then and there, but then I remembered; I had to find Angel, Nudge, and Gasman!

I dipped below the clouds, peering over skyscrapers. I sniffed the air, no scent of the bird kids. Fang was still above the clouds.

“Hey! Come down here! We need to find the munchkins (bird kids)!” I called. Fang appeared.

“I don’t see anything.” he said.

“Can you smell them?”

“Ugh... Odce I come dowd here, my dose gets stuffed up agaid. I cad’t smell adythidg!”, he cried, “Uh”, he pinched his nose shut and squeezed his eyes together, “UMMFHhhh”

“Why don’t you let them out?” I asked.

“Lets stop talkidg and go fidn the kids”, he replied, completely ignoring my first question.

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Yeh, I DO mind cliffhangers A LOT ! . Other than that this is amazing and interesting <3. Uhm I request Fang accidentally dosnt have time to stifle and let's his sneeze out, but they are hiding from.. Erasers?. Yeh?. If you get.

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Thank you guys but I think I am going to stop this project for a while since I am working on my other story. I apologize for bumping it up.

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