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Double trouble!


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Wow. The last 24 hours have been quite eventful.

Quick background: I am a sneezy person.at least, I consider myself to sneeze more than the average person. I have summer/fall/spring allergies that can get really bad, but winter is usually cold/flu time for me. At least, until yesterday.....

SO. I woke up early for class Wednesday, and on my way to school, I started feeling this burning sensation in my nose. I went about five minutes without paying much attention to it when I was caught off guard by a ridiculous 4 syllable sneeze. Like "hehITCHUHUUUU!!" I was really caught off guard, so I completely released, but my nose was still burning and my throat began to itch.

Fast forward to class: by the time I got in class, my nose had started running, like A LOT. I nervously sat down and class started. So blah blah blah goes the teacher when out of the corner of my eye I see this guy next to me start wiping his nose and rubbing his eyes. He's like 6'0, with medium length black hair and green eyes. SUPER cute...

So At that moment, my nose started to tickle like hell. So now we are both rubbing our noses, and I feel the sneezes coming. Butttt, he beats me to it. He let's out a loud "HURESHOO!! HEH EHSOO!"

I was about to bless him, but my nose thought otherwise. "hehITCHUU!! HehITCHUHUUUU!!! ITCHUHUUUUU!!!" My nose was on fire, and I had no idea why! Apparently my neighbor had the same problem."HURRESSHOO!! Eshoo! HEhESHOO!"

"Bless you!..(internal heart palpatations) ...heh HEHITCHUUU!! hehITCHUHUUU!"

"Haha bless you too! God my allergies are going crazy today!!"

He was so cute I was dying.

"Uh....ya er, mine too I guess. Sorry, I'm not usually like t-this!"

Of course my nose went absolutely insane at this moment and I launched myself into a rapid fire fit that lasted a whole minute. "Heh- hehITCHUU! ITShh! ITShh! ITShh! ITShh! ITShh! ITShh! ITShh! Heh- heh- ITCHU! UhITCH! ish!ish! ISHHHUUU!"

"Wow bless you. I have some allergy meds if you want some? He smiled. "

*dead* I wiped my nose like an ugly troll, "really? Uh ya that would be great.:)"

He sneezes another 5 or 6 times from then until the end of class. Then he was all stuffy and it was so cute.

However, I was a mess SOO..... :/

Yep I still have no idea what is making my allergies go bisurk...

At least someone else was suffering too :);):)

(Lol so evil ^^)

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Swordrush13: thanks :) It was so weird, I'd never sneezed like that in my life!

Flowerpower67: Oh my gosh thank you so much! I've never written anything (like a story) but maybe i will think about it now :)

forbiddenlove1: Right?! I about died........

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Wow, that's kind of cool. Seems like a really good idea for a story smile.png

It really was! And feel free to use it as inspiration ahaha!
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