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Perks Of Being A Wallflower: Unscripted


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Perks of Being a Wallflower

Charlie Kelmeckis: Caucasian boy. Imagine Logan Lerman’s(GAH! SO HOT) appearance since he was cast as Charlie. Intelligent beyond his years, he is an unconventional thinker; yet, as the story begins, Charlie is also shy and unpopular. Has PTSD because of the death of his aunt.

Samantha aka Sam: Senior Pixie cut hair, played by Emma Watson so just imagine her.

Patrick: Gay, friendly senior. Used to date Brad, a popular football player.

Charlie listened to “Asleep” for the fifth time on his antique radio. The rising sun cast a glow over the horizon as he typed on his typewriter. It was too early to be awake, but he couldn’t fall back asleep. His throat was inexplicably itchy. He took a sip of his milk, but it didn’t help. He gave a restrained cough but then he couldn’t stop. His mom burst into his room.

“Charlie! Are you OK?” She asked, worried.

“Yeah”, he coughed again in his fist, “The milk down the wrong pipe.” He held up his milk carton, covering the lie.

“Ok,” she closed the door but then opened it again suddenly, “Why are you awake so early? Are you having visions?”

“No, I just couldn’t sleep.” Charlie replied. His mom left.

Sam drove by in her black beat up truck.

“Hey Charlie! Let’s roll!” Patrick called. Charlie didn’t feel so well, maybe his insomnia was taking his toll. He blew his nose before going out, it would be too embarrassing in public.

“Hey”, he said, swinging his backpack in the car.

“Party tonight at Mary’s remember, Charlie”, Sam said, giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

“Get a room!” Patrick exclaimed, even though it was a peck,

“Shut up Nothing.” said Sam.

“Heh-chumfh,” Charlie stifled a sudden sneeze, pulling his shirt over his mouth and nose. It was so quiet, Sam and Patrick didn’t hear.

“Dude, that joke it so old! Enough already!” Patrick teased.

“Oh, since did nicknames have an expiration date?” Sam replied, play punching him.

“Since today, Samantha.” Patrick said.

Charlie still felt the constant, unrelenting tickle. He rubbed at his nose with his knuckle. It was so itchy!

“Bastard, we are here,” she said pointing at Upper St. Clair High School, “Charlie?”

“Hm?”, Charlie replied, snapping back to reality.

“Can I see your English essay?” Sam asked sweetly.

“Y-hh, yes”, he replied, digging into his backpack.

“Het...ISHOO”, Charlie sneezed over his shoulder.

“God bless you Charlie!” Sam said. Charlie felt his cheeks redden. “Thank you.”

“Hey, Pat. Aren’t you going to bless him?” Sam asked Patrick.

“Uh… yeah...er...bless you.” Patrick said awkwardly.

“Thanks, Patrick.”

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Is there more? Please say there's more!

I just watched this movie a few weeks ago. Great movie. Made me cry.

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Awwwe cute. Awkward blessings ;o perf <3. Yeh I just want more of this fic ! :)

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“See ya after school, Charlie!” Sam waved goodbye after copying down parts of his English essay.

“Hey wait! Where are you going?” Charlie asked.

“Ditching, I have a big bio test today and I didn’t study. Bye!” Sam replied, knowing Charlie, on regular circumstances, would never ditch.

Charlie walked with his head down towards the school aka hell or prison.

“Heh...eh…huh.” His breath kept hitching and his nostrils flared as he tried to hold it in. No succes.

“Heh...hep...uh-HetmnxCHU” He tried stifiling but it came out with a spray in to his arm. A football player senior bumped into him. “Oops!” he said with a sneer. Charlie’s books tumbled out of his arms. The senior picked up one of his school books and ripped the cover apart with flourish. He backed away laughing with his buddies. This was going to a loooonng day.

“Ngxt...Ngxt heh-kISH”, Charlie sneezed into his sleeve covered arm as he sat down in an isolated corner.

He propped his wrist under his nose, “ heh...hhh...ahh-HEH,” his breath hitched multiple times before, “MMMFH…TSCHOOO, tCHOO, heh-ISH.” Luckley, the loud ringing off the Math starting bell rang, masking his sneezes behind the noise. Unfortunatly, he still felt the tingling, persistent itch; he rubbed his running nose with his wrist. Professor Strider walked stiffly into the classroom. Charlie’s hand shot up, “Professor Stri-heh-der?” His breath hitched in the middle, but he played it off.

“Yes, Mr. Kelmeckis?”

“May”, he cleared his throat “, May I go to the bathroom?”

“You should have gone earlier, class just started. Charlie, you are in ninth grade, not in middle school anymore. I expect you should be able to hold it until lunch.” he retorted disapprovingly. If she were to be talking about sneezes, she was wrong.

“Ish, heh-NXGSH”, he stifled the last one which made his eardrums pop. However, the unrelenting feather dancing in his nose hadn’t been tired out yet. His bright green/blue eyes watered. He tried holding his breath and rubbing the length of his nose.

mmmf...heh MCHOO.” Finally! The itch was gone! But his nose started running profusely after the fit. He looked around for tissues but there were none. Most people didn’t get allergies or colds during Fall so Strider didn’t have any. He sniffed. It didn’t help through his stuffed up nose. He wiped his nose on his sleeve and returned to his geometry sheet.

It was getting really boring, geometry just didn’t have the same spark as English. He watched the dust motes swirl around in the air as the sun light caught it. He looked around; the other students had their heads down, working on the sheet. Only twenty more minutes to go until Lunch time. Professor Strider was deeply immersed into her computer, eyes glued on the screen, neck craned. Charlie tried to see what he was doing by looking into the reflective surface of his rectangular glasses. As he took a inhale to look, his nose started itching again. He rubbed at it with his knuckle. The itching subsided. He looked around as his classmates, bad move. The sun light hit him directly in the eyes.

E-SHOOO...Heh ktscht...Eh-Ketcho”, the sneezes snuck up on him and attacked fast and hard, “Huh-heh’AhKISHoo…” His body shuddered as the sneezes racked on and on into his sleeve covered hands. Finally with one quaking sigh, he stopped. Classmates were staring and he felt his cheeks turn beet red. “Bless you.”, was heard from every person. Professor Strider asked, “Do you want to go to the health room?”

“Uh… yes.” he mumbled, embarrased.

“Steve Nessman please accompany him”, Strider commanded, contradicting what he said about it ‘not being middle school’.

“Doh, doh, I cad go by myself”, Charlie said as he walked out of the room. Being the rule follower, he went to the health room.

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Sorry guys, this part is a little bit boring. It will pick up pretty soon!

Strict and always suspicious, Mrs. Dory allowed him into the room. Charlie blew his nose into a tissue and sat down on the waiting chair. Mrs. Dory gave him one look, and told him, “It’s just a cold, you may return to the classroom.”

Charlie walked down the hallways, pockets filled tissues but had no intentions of returning to the room full of awkward stares and echoing silence. After entering one of the bathroom stalls, Charlie pulled out his rarely used and brand new phone and dialed Sam’s number.

“Uh...hey, Sam?”

“Oh hey, Charlie! What’s up? Aren’t you supposed to be in Math?”

“Er...yeah…Listed, cad I ditch with you guys?” He should have blew his nose before calling, hopefully Sam couldn’t tell.

“Are you ok Charlie? You have never wanted to ditch before.” Sam sounded suspicious.

“I am just really, really bored.”

“Okay, Me and Patrick will be right there! You can come to the party early!”

“Ok, Thanks Sam, Bye!” Charlie said. Hopefully, the sneezing was just his allergies but, in his mind, he knew it was not. He didn’t want to go but he couldn’t disappoint Sam and Patrick. He blew his nose, cleared his throat, then waited.

“Hey Charlie!” Sam and Patrick said simultaneously in the car.

“Hi”, Charlie responded, as he scooted in the middle of the truck.

“Whoot, let PARTAYY! Mary is already there!” shouted Patrick excitedly. Oh lord, it was Mary. It had been weeks since they have broken up, but it was still awkward.

“Brad’s hosting, let’s hit the road!” said Sam as they zoomed off of school premises.

Oh god, the heat in the car was making Charlie’s nose stream. He wiped his nose of the back of his hand. It would be too embarrasing blowing his nose in front of Sam. He sniffed for the billionth time. He could see Sam’s face becoming steely, lips pressed together, and jaw tight. She handed Charlie a tissue. “Blow.” Charlie didn’t disobey and he felt better afterwards however the subtile itching was still lingering. It was extremely annoying he thought as he scrubbed at his eyes.

The pick up truck came to a screeching stop.

“Hellooooo?” Sam hollared at the front door after ringing.

The door swung open, Brad exclaimed, “Hey Patrick! Hello Sam, Charlie. Come on in!” The party was full to the brim with drunks and stoners, they had all ditch school. Patrick sneaked away with Brad, Charlie wasn’t sure when. He had caught them todether once, something that he didn’t want to experience again.

Mary approached him from behind, “Hey Charlie.” she said suductivly.

“Uh...hey...Mary”, he said, nervously scratching the back of his neck.

“Brownie?” Mary asked.

“No thanks, I am good.” Charlie replied.

He plopped down on the couch next to Sam.

“Heh- Atkish’hh,” a sneeze exploded out of him suddenly.

Next to him, Sam jumped. “Oh my gosh Charlie! You scared me!”

Charlie couldn’t respond, “Heh-UMMF...nxgsh...nxgsh...Heh-MMFCH-MMF”

Mary watched intently from an adjasent couch. Maybe she liked seeing him suffer...After the way he broke up with her, she thought he certainly deserved it.

“Bless you, Charlie!” Sam exclaimed. Charlie held up a finger as he continued to sneeze into his shirt.

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CUTE! Poor Charlie, so helpless! Someone needs to take him home and take care of him, preferably Sam

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CUTE! Poor Charlie, so helpless! Someone needs to take him home and take care of him, preferably Sam

Agreed!^^^ 100% Loving this!!

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Awwwwe oh my gosh <3 this is so adorable. I can even ! . :) . The way you cliffhanged it with Charlie sneezing uncontrollably , thumbs up mate :)

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“Are you OK?” Sam asked after he was done. Mary was smirking.

He cleared his throat, “Yeah, I godda go to the bathroom.” He stumbled away dizzily towards the bathroom.

In the bright bathroom light, he studied himself. His normally startling tourquise eyes were watery. His nose was bright pink, constrasting with his fair skin. His cheeks were flushed. In the dim lit living room, no one could notice. He blew his nose softly and walked out.

He sat back down to Sam down on the couch. She laid her hand tentaivly on his cheek.

“Charlie, your burning up!” she exclaimed, “You idiot! Why didn’t you tell me you were ill? You need to go home!”

Charlie hung his head wordlessly.

Mary intervened, “Charlie, you need a jacket before you go out. Come on, lets find you one.” She dragged him away while Sam waited.

She led him into a bedroom.

“It has medicine in it, Charlie, eat it.” She held up a brownie.

“Yeah, um… I don’t think so. No thanks.”

“Charlie, don’t disobey. Take it.”

“Sorry, I don’t really want it. Why do you want me to eat it?”

“EAT IT!” Mary glared at him, “You owe me, DO IT.”

Charlie did owe her. He took a bite as Mary glared at him. After he finished, he stared coughing like crazy. It sounded like it really hurt. Mary thumped on his back.

“There, there, there,” Mary said as she thumped his back. Charlie was coughing too much to notice. After two minutes of non-stop coughing, he finally stopped. He was dizzy and delusional.

“C’mere”, she launched here self at him, tumbling on the bed. Her lips crushed his as she made out forcefully with him. The itching in Charlie's nose increased as their noses brushed together. Charlie was too tired and weak from the coughing to physically resist.

“S-sorry, Mary, I don’t want to do this.”

“Go with the flow, you owe me this,” she panted. She placed her hand on Charlie’s knee.

"I know bu-heh... Sorry, I h'have to heh snneeze...HATCHoo."Charlie managed to twist his face into his arm and the spray landed in the sleeve or at least most of it.

There was a few spit sprays on Mary's face, glistening from the dim glow of the lamp.

"Oh lord, I am so sor'heh', sorry. Heh-ISH...eh..." Charlie possessed the pre sneeze expression. His long dark eyelashes fluttered and his lips parted slightly. Mary kissed his jawline and ran a finger down the length of his nose. "Plee-heh, please dodnt d-do that...hihhhhh." He wiggled his nose and shut his eyes. His breath hitched as he was tortured by the sneeze. Mary kissed the tip of his pink nose. Finally, "Hhhh'HAh'ISCHOO...At'tchoo......Heh'ngxh...ngsh..Heh CHO...heh-MmfXCHO..." He wrenched his head to the right as his body clenched over and over again.

Suddenly the door ripped open. It was Sam. Her eyes grew wide with shock as her hand flew to her mouth in surprise. Under Mary, Charlie sneezed over his shoulder.


I apologize for another cliff, I couldn't think of another way to end it.

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GAH! Why do you keep cliffing us like that!!!

I do not like Mary. Shame on her. She better not try anything, because then we're getting into things young eyes should not read.

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"What. The. Fuck." Sam stammered out as Charlie stifled another sneeze. Coming to her senses, she ripped Mary off of Charlie. "What the hell were you doing to him?" Sam raged.

"He wanted it!" Mary screamed back.

"You fucking bitch, he would never do that!"

The weed had kicked into Charlie's mind and he stepped up between them.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa girls. It's ok. Just stop and sit dowd and we cad talk it out," he slurred out, plopping on the floor himself. He blew his nose into one of the tissues from the nightstand. He threw a three pointer into the trash can then continued. "Have you felt this carpet? It feels so darn good" he said, brushing his hand along the plush carpet.

Sam twisted her head back to Mary. "You got him stoned?!" She screeched,"He's ill, you ignorant bastard!"

"I didn't get him high! I was getting him a jacket!" Mary retorted.

Charlie interrupted between their quarrel, Mary and Sam turned to listened to what he had to say. "Come to think of it, Mary, do you have another one of those brownies? I just realized I hadn't eaten anything other than that the whole day."

Sam sucker punched Mary's face right after. Blood streamed out of Mary's nose as she screamed. Her nose was crushed flat. Charlie watched in horror as Sam damaged Mary even further. She thrust her fist into Mary's stomach that was showing from under a high cut slutty shirt. Mary doubled over, retching. Party goers watched from the doorway shouting. "Fight, fight, fight!", in their drunken and stoned state. Sam kicked Mary over and further punched her. Charlie grabbed her arm, dragging her away to the other side of the bed. She continued to claw the air at Mary in her enraged state. Charlie turned his head away. "Heh...heh-MMFch... ISH" Taking advantage of his weak moment, Sam tore away to attack Mary who was puking on the ground. Suddenly, Patrick burst out of the crowds with Brad, both of their eyes growing wide with shock as they surveyed the situation. Both of the guys pulled Sam through the crowds and in the living room. Charlie snuck a look at Mary before he tailed Brad, Patrick and Sam out of the room. The blood from her nose was smeared all over her face and dripping on the ground. She was lying in pungent alcohol smelling vomit and clutching at her stomach. People soon crowded around her and blocked his view. This was all his fault, he thought. Just like the death of Aunt May, this was all his fault...

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