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I love my introverted, fetish-loving husband


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Hi! I am new to this board and I was hoping I could get a little bit of advice. My husband and I have been married for 2 and 1/2 years now. My husband is an introvert and has a few fetishes (feet, sneezing and tickling fetishes). He did not make them aware to me before we got married. I did suspect he liked feet, but he never came forward and talked to me about the extent of all his sexual preferences.

Many times I find it difficult to entice him into sex when I am in the mood. I am somewhat of an inhibited blushing.gif babe, which may not help me. But I (and I think many many people would) consider myself attractive--blue green eyes, cute nose, long and thick brown hair, thin curvy body. The best way I get him in the mood is by massaging his whole body, but this way is not always successful for me. The times that I have felt daring I've worn lingerie, shared my fantasies, asked him to tie me up, suggested new sexual positions/ times/ places. None of my suggestions seem to work with him whatsoever.

When we have sex, (and usually he is the one initiating) i think it is amazing! We are very passionate. love.gif I let him tickle my whole body and he stares, licks and sucks my toes and feet as foreplay. The sensations I have all over my body are indescribable.

The one thing I haven't done is sneeze while having sex. I cannot sneeze on command and I am a relatively healthy person who doesn't suffer from any allergies. The only time I attempted to sneeze during sex was last summer. While we were having sex, I asked him if he wanted me to sneeze for him. He was really interested. yes.gif So I tried by sniffing some white pepper. (I have experimented using different types of spices to help me sneeze and I found the white pepper to work the best since the grain is very fine and tickles my nose in the right places to help me get some good sneezes.) I sniffed it, and sniffed it again. I kept trying until my whole nose began to burn! I was not able to sneeze. upset.gif He asked me to stop, because I was in pain. I was so disappointed with myself. I wanted to please my husband and I failed. I even asked if I wanted to fake sneeze for him, and he didn't like that idea whatsoever. He said it's not a big deal to him and that I shouldn't worry about it.

Can anyone give me advice on what I should stop or start doing? My husband doesn't like talking to me about it and says nothing has to change with our sex life. I think it does. I am open to try anything out of my comfort zone. I need your expert advice in this area.


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Best thing I would say to do is, when it comes to sneezing, try to relax a little. When you put yourself under pressure to sneeze, it usually doesn't work. So I would say that, if you are ever in 'the mood' and want to entice your husband, try and get a couple of sneezes out, maybe with rolled-up tissue or a bobby-pin (I would say rolled-up tissue is the best method). Sneezing is mostly a foreplay thing for most of us, and we don't usually expect sneezing during sex, mostly before. One thing that you could do is, maybe, ask him to try and make you sneeze, that usually get's most of us going! lol :) Or, since you have been tied up before, maybe ask him if he wants to tie you up and make you sneeze?

I would say that using the sneezing-fetish could be your best way to entice him into sex when you are in 'the mood', maybe try and make it seem like they were natural? There are lots of posts on here about what scenario's or role-plays that people like with sneezes, as well as certain situations that they like too! You could try sneezing on him, maybe teasing him by saying your nose tickles, maybe announce your sneezes? The sneezing-fetish isn't the easiest fetish to have, as almost everyone can't sneeze on command, and it can take quite alot of effort to get some out, but if you stick with it, im sure you will be able to please your husband :)

He is very lucky to have someone like yourself, who is understanding of his fetishes and is very willing to indulge him :) I really hope things work out :)

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Hmm; since he likes tickling you, I wonder if he would like tickling your nose until the inevitable sneeze occurs. Or would like you to tickle your own nose. Or tickle his nose [perhaps too ambitious to start with].

First things first. At the top of the General Discussion page there is a pinned thread entitled How to induce. Very sound stuff. Best in my view is the slightly non-damaging solid object like the Q-tip or matchstick.

Practice beforehand [i don't know why in my experience ladies never do this] until you have located a really sneezy spot in your nostril which when tickled yields a sneezy feeling which becomes inevitable. You are now ready to approach your husband's bower, with inducing iron of choice at the ready. And take it from there. And unless he specifies some odd type of sneeze like a stifle or cover, remember to sneeze openly and probably all over him.

As 999 says, it is so nice to come across someone so sensitive to a man's fetishes.

And welcome to the forum.

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Thank you Sneeze999 and Count de tisza for giving me some great advice! Sneeze999, I know I may be putting to much pressure on myself. I actually tried sneezing with the tip of a tissue. I tickled the inside of my nose until I couldn't control myself anymore and let out a one great sneeze! And it didn't feel too bad either ;) And Count de tisza, I read the pinned "How to induce" and I am going to try the different suggestions until I get enough practice alone before trying it with my husband. Once I am ready, I plan on using something to tie around my ankles and wrists and compiling a few of the items listed so he can use to tickle my nose. Then, I'll ask him if he wants to try it. I am actually really looking forward to this. blushsmiley.gif Wish me luck!

P.S. What is a stifle or cover?

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Hi! Stifling is basically forcing ur sneezes to be held back so they dont sound loud or whatever. Think of filling a ballon with air then pinching the mouth piece so that the air slowly comes out or u hear squeaking. Like when u sneeze and u pinch ur nose and sneeze, it sounds different.then ur normal sneezes...this stifling them. Sometimes when i do this...my ears pop...which overtime isnt...good.

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That depends entirely on your husband's preferences. Some people like non-stifles and some people like stifles. You're better off asking your husband directly. :)

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There are as many types of sneeze as there are sneezers; in fact more because most people have several different types of sneeze.

I entirely agree that your husband's preferences should be consulted, ultimately, [although some would say your own most pleasurable way of sneezing would be good. I was trying to simplify matters but starting out with a straightforward natural sneeze.

At the moment the details of sneeze lore are too confusing to go into [though of course more reading around on this forum gives some idea]. But for example I can remember being a bit disappointed when I had had all the pleasure of tickling a lady's nose and watching every movement as I tentatively explored the different sneezy spots only to have her turn her entire body away from me as soon as inevitability was achieved. No hands, no hankies, say I.

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Yea, i guess you both are right and I should ask him directly. I just have to approach him very nicely...he's so sensitive with this subject.

So Count de Tisza, I'm not sure if I understood you. So you were disappointed bc you teased the girl and when she finally sneezed she had turned your back on you?

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Exactly right. You know I begin to wonder that your husband may be overwhelmed by all this attention. Perhaps you should tickle your own nose once first and have a good sneeze to get his attention . which would perhaps put him in the mood to talk about what he likes. Anyway, do let us know what occurs [bearing in mind that this section is strictly non-adult].

As it happened, my lady friend redeemed herself, despite rearing up and turning away from me alarmingly as soon as she reached inevitability. She had such a nice long buildup that, as she twisted around, seeking whither to sneeze, I had two profile views of her in total presneeze ecstasy , and she finally sneezed all over my legs.

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Interesting story and I'll keep the idea in mind to sneeze towards and not away from him. I have to learn all these sneeze terminologies like presneeze ecstasy, etc. Is there a dictionary for someone like me? I hate to bother with so many questions. Lol

I am so happy that I've joined this forum. I really think all the advice I've been given has helped me out tremendously. I actually have been sending my husband text messages asking if he wants me to sneeze for him and telling him how I sneezed. He's being very receptive to it... Calling me right when he gets the text and has a cute, shy voice asking me more info about the text. :) Thank you all for being so helpful!

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I'm feeling so sad....I tried practicing. And sometimes I would take too long and get frustrated. I didn't have the confidence to do it... Afraid I would fail. I tried enticing him with texts and such. He seemed somewhat interested. I was so shy? so instead of sneezing I shared a fantasy involving sneezing. I said something in my fantasy that upset him and he got very upset and emotionally pushed me away. He says he doesn't want to talk about it. I feel so rejected and hurt. I think he's too scared to share any intimate desires with me. I have no one who can understand me ?. I'm really trying to do my best.

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