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Dylan O'Brien possible sneeze


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I was watching this interview:

and at exactly 2:00 it looks like Dylan has just stifled a sneeze. Especially because he lets that little sigh out afterwards. And also Crystal and the interviewer are smiling at him.

At 1:58 he also rubs his nose a bit although he seems to do that quite a lot smile.png

I could be totally imagining this though--thoughts?

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HOLY CRAP DYLAN O'BRIEN. <333 although it just may be wishful thinking, you might be right. especially because of the nose rub and the edit right before hand. we can hope :wub: I've totally been on the look out for him since like forever. thank ya!

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<3 omfg he's like so hot ;o .liek his nose ish just so adorable and he stifled a sneeze ;o . And liek he's so perfect akanaiwhsush <3 ;) . And also like the tweet is adorable.

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