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I'm Lucky to Have You (Benedict Cumberbatch for ickydog2006)


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Happy early birthday, dear ickdog2006! happybday.gif I'm posting the first part of your requested story and will try and have it done by your birthday. Please let me know what you think; I always write characters (not actors) so I'm not sure if this is plausible. There will be more caretaking and cuddling in the next part wink.png I'm just getting my feet wet with these new subjects.

Sarah noticed it first of course. It's tough to fool someone whose job it is to hide any imperfections under layers of stage makeup. He sat down in his chair and she got to work prepping him for a full day's shooting.

"Good morning," she said, laying her makeup brushes out on the table. He gave her a warm smile.

"Sarah, how are those lovely little girls of yours?" he asked.

"Oh, it's chaos as usual. But what can you expect with a two and four year old." He laughed. "And what about you?" she asked. "Burning the candle at both ends I see."

"What makes you say that?"

"These," she said, gently touching the black circles under his eyes. "You trying to make my job difficult?" He ducked his eyes.

"Good thing you're the best at what you do." His warm baritone was a shade quieter and Sarah decided to let it drop. A little teasing was part of their routine, but she knew Benedict was easily embarrassed at being seen at anything but his best. A consummate professional, he was one of the most humble and genuinely kind actors she'd ever worked with. He was polite, polished and a perfectionist. So Sarah smiled and got to work. She went heavy on the concealer under his eyes and soon had him looking artificially well-rested.

“Ah, the transformation is underway,” Martin said, walking over to them. He patted Benedict on the shoulders and pulled up a spare chair. “They’re nearly ready for us.”

“Perfect timing,” Sarah said. “Because I am nearly done with him.”

“Do you know what scene we’re starting with?” Benedict asked.

“Uh, no. They haven’t said yet,” Martin said.

“Doesn’t ma…” he suddenly stopped and turned his head away. Sarah paused, makeup brush in midair. They saw his shoulders rise and fall twice with barely audible breathes before Benedict pinched his nose, shuddering as a soft, but powerful sneeze escaped him. HehUhh…Huhh…HehhNTCHsh!

“Bless you,” both Martin and Sarah said. He pressed a finger to his nose and turned back around.

“Excuse me,” Benedict said, clearing his throat. He glanced down and saw he had makeup on his fingers. “Sarah, please forgive me, but I think I’ve ruined some of your work.” She handed him a makeup wipe and quickly fixed the area around his nose.

“Not to worry--an easy fix,” she said, smiling.

“Ready?” Martin asked. Benedict nodded, thanked Sarah, and the two men began walking across the lot towards their filming location.

"So where were you this time?" Martin asked.

"New York, then Los Angeles, then back to New York."

"Is your manager trying to kill you?

"There's so much to do," Benedict said, a touch of weariness creeping into his voice.

"Any chance there's a night in on the horizon? Been ages since we've just had a chance to do nothing together."

"As long as we do it at your place. I haven't been home in so long I'm not sure if I even have tea, much less food." Martin was about to respond when he realized his friend has fallen a few steps behind. His eyes were closed and his lips slightly parted, clearly needing to sneeze. He watched his friend, in full Sherlock regalia, take three deep, audible breaths before sneezing into the bend of his arm. HehhMNTsschh! The force caused him to jerk forward, his dark hair flopping across his face.

"Bless you," Martin said.

"Thank you. Excuse me," he said before coughing slightly as his voice caught.

"You feeling alright?"


“Sure?” Martin asked, giving his friend a concerned glance.

“Definitely. Shall we, Dr. Watson?”

“Lead the way Mr. Holmes.”

They filmed the outdoor scenes first since heavy rain was forecasted for later in the day. Despite what he said, Benedict was feeling more and more ill as the day progressed. He’d woken up with a headache and his throat was growing hot and scratchy the more he talked. His normal smooth, deep tone becoming strained. Several times during the day he’d felt a deep itch flare down the bridge of his nose but he’d avoided any additional sneezing. He knew Martin was watching him closely in between takes. They knew each other well enough to know when something was amiss. He hadn’t said anything though and Benedict was immeasurably grateful. However, the damp cold weather was starting to wear on him. He was thankful that his character donned an overcoat and scarf—even still, he was cold. As they were staging their next scene Benedict shivered.

“Okay?” Martin asked quietly. Benedict nodded.

“Quiet on set,” a tech called. “Scene two, take one…action.” The moment the cameras started rolling Benedict felt his nose begin to tickle. He tried to pay attention to Martin and not miss his cue, but he was more focused on not sneezing. He’d managed to fight it off all day, but this was different—it was fluttery and persistent. He really didn’t want to ask them to cut, nor did he want to sneeze on camera and in front of the entire cast and crew. He took a deep breath and did his best to get through his lines.

“Astute observation John…” Benedict’s voice tapered off and he couldn’t fight it anymore. Talking made it impossible to hold back the sneeze. His eyes closed and he turned his head, steepling his hands in front of his nose. Hehh…huhh HuhhNTSHHH!

“Keep rolling?” the director asked, thinking it was just a single random sneeze. Benedict nodded but held up a finger indicating that he needed a moment. Hehh Huhh HehhTSCHH! The tickle in his nose was only getting stronger, as if all the sneezes he’d fought off throughout the day were trying to escape at once. His face burned with embarrassment as he realized he was about to suffer a full blown sneezing fit. HehhNTSSSHHoo!


Hahh HuhhGNSCHHoo!

“Let’s break for lunch,” the director called. People immediately began to disperse, eager to get their break for the day. Benedict managed to take two steps before doubling over with another sneeze. HehhNTSSHHHoo! The sneezes were restrained, but seemed to physically exhaust the man. HuhhKTSSHHHoo!

“Bless you!” Martin said, resting a hand on his back.

HehMNKsschhh! HuhhKGTsschh!

“I’b sorry,” he sniffled. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a crisp handkerchief. He pressed it to his nose and opened his eyes. “I’m sorry, Martin. I didn’t mean to ruin the scene by…well, making a scene.”

“Stop apologizing. You’re sick.”

“I’m not—”

“Yes you are. Go back to your trailer and warm up. I’ll grab lunch and be over in a few minutes,” Martin said.

“You don’t need to bother.”

“Ben, shut up.” Both men smiled and Benedict coughed into his fist.

“I’m lucky to have you, Martin,” he said.


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Mind blown... you are so amazingly talented and wrote him so much like I pictured and yes yes I love everything about this. The sneeze spellings, how he's run down from traveling so much. The first single sneeze and blessings and a fit and Martin not saying anything at first and then the last line telling Ben to shut up, and now I'm going to read this a million more times. I've been checking everyday in hopes of something like this. So excited for you to continue.

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Oh dear, I'm blushing. :blushing: And melting. This was so incredibly sweet. I think you've captured his (public) personality just perfectly, with the humility/politeness and the professionalism and just... *squee* SO adorable. >///<

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AHHH!! I'm in love with this!! Even though it's Benedict and Martin, they still act like Sherlock and John! It's too perfect for words! :)

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You don't know the infinite ways you have made my day!!! I always wished to have an acting buddy and these two... Like OMG and them calling each other their characters???!!! FOR. REAL.

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Oh yay!! I'm so glad you guys like it! :) I'm getting more comfortable with it now. Here's another part:

“I’m lucky to have you, Martin,” he said.

Benedict stepped into his trailer and immediately turned the heat up as high as it would go. The space was set up like a small living room with an even smaller bathroom. He took off his coat and scarf and dropped them on a nearby chair. Thankfully there was a box of tissues in the bathroom and he was finally able to give his nose a proper blow now that he was alone. The action made him cough and he winced and rubbed his throat. This cold was really beginning to settle deep in his sinuses and he just couldn’t seem to shake the chill that had come over him. He looked around his room to find anything that could help warm him up. He frowned. What he really wanted was a shower, but he knew there wasn’t time for that during their lunch break. He could turn the hot water on and sit in the steam for a few minutes. The room was small and it only took almost no time at all for the shower to turn the space into a mini-sauna.

Benedict slumped down on the floor and leaned his head back against the wall. He couldn’t stretch his legs all the way out, but it didn’t matter. It was the first time he hadn’t felt cold all day. The only thing he hadn’t planned on was how the steam was beginning to make his nose run. He sniffled wetly a few times and pinched the bridge of his nose between his long, slender fingers. Hehh…HEHH…his nose twitched as the steam worked its way into his nasal passages. A tickle began deep inside his sinuses and was beginning to gather strength. With each breath Benedict could feel the irritation growing. Since he was alone, he simply closed his eyes and waited for the sneeze to build up. Occasionally he would take a deep, vocal breath, his chest expanding, hands coming up to cover his nose and mouth. After freezing in that position for a few seconds, the tickle would dissipate, leaving him sniffling wetly. He would blow his nose and then repeat the process. After several cycles, it seemed the tickle in his nose was finally approaching critical mass. Benedict was stuck with an agonizing pre-sneeze look on his face, his breath continued to come in deep gasps. Hehh EHH…Huhhh…HEHH. Finally his body lurched forward in wrenching sneeze. Hehh Huhh…HehhSNGssschh!! He straightened up just in time to begin building up for another sneeze. Ehh…Hehh…His nostrils flared and he grabbed a handful of tissues just in time. HehhMNTSHCCHH!! HehhGNMSSCHHoo!! Benedict groaned and blew his nose before resting his head back against the wall again.

Martin opened the door to his friend’s trailer and was immediately hit in the face by a wave of hot air. He dropped their lunch on the table next to the sofa and paused outside the bathroom door. Odd that Benedict would be showering in the middle of the day. He raised his hand to knock on the door when he heard his friend sneeze HuhhEHHNGTSSCHHHooo! and then dissolve into a fit of coughing. Martin frowned. Clearly Ben had been downplaying how bad he was feeling. HUHH Hehh HehhEHHMNGTsschh!! Martin pulled out his phone and sent a couple text messages to the show’s producers. He continued to listen to Benedict cough and sneeze and sniffle. He knocked on the door,

“Ben, you in there?” he called. Much to his surprise, a dry and fully dressed Benedict opened the door. “What? What are you doing?”

“My apologies. I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Why was the shower running?” Martin asked, sticking his head inside the steamy bathroom.

“Thought the steam might help me warm up.”

“You’re cold?” Martin asked frowning. “It’s got to be eighty degrees in here.”

“I’m fine,” Benedict said. Martin raised an eyebrow. “I’m better now. You can turn the heat down now. I’m sure it’s too warm for you.”

“No, it’s okay,” Martin said, shedding his coat. “The weather’s starting to get bad out there. A little heat is nice. I brought lunch.”

“Thank you for doing that.”

“It’s no trouble.” Martin took his sandwich and then handed the bag to Benedict. Inside he found another sandwich and a box of cold medicine.

“Oh, you are far too good to me,” he said, popping two pills out of the pack. Benedict’s eyes reflected a mix of appreciation and embarrassment. The two men ate and made small talk for a few minutes before Benedict began to feel his nose start to bother him again. It started with a sniffle, then another, then the inevitable Hehh Huhh HuhhNTSSHH!

“Bless you.” Martin noted the difference between how he sneezed now and when thought he was alone.

“Thank you.”

“You know, you could take a couple days off.”

“I’m not completely shutting down filming,” Benedict said.

“You don’t look well.”

Hehh HuhhNGTSHH!

“Excuse me. Just a slight cold.”

“I’m not sure how slight it is,” Martin said. “You’ve been working nonstop—filming, promoting, auditioning. Ben, you’re exhausted and need to get some rest. The world won’t end if we take a break from shooting for a couple days.” He thought he saw a glimmer of desire at the word “rest” but Benedict would not give up so easily. Admitting he was sick to Martin was one thing; admitting it to the Sherlock production crew and shutting down the set was quite another.

“We only have three more days of filming and then I’ll have a couple days off.” His argument was quickly negated when a tickle in his throat made him cough harshly. When he finished, he couldn’t help wincing when he swallowed. He took a sip of water and couldn’t stop another shiver from rippling through his long frame.

“Are you still cold?” Martin asked. He didn’t wait for an answer as he stood over his friend and pressed a hand to his forehead. “You’re running a fever.”

“I’m sure it’s just from sitting in the bathroom with the shower running. It was quite waahh Hahh…warm.” HahhSNGCHHH!

“Bless you.” Martin sat down next to his friend. “You remember the last time you had ‘a slight cold’ and ignored it? It turned into a slight case of bronchitis and then a slight case of pneumonia. You were so sick that it took weeks for you to recover.” He put an arm around Benedict’s shoulders. “I am worried about you. I don’t ever want to see you that ill again.” Benedict leaned forward and rested his head in his hands.

“I really am tired,” he mumbled. Martin squeezed the back of his neck, heat radiating from the skin.

“You’re pushing yourself too hard, Ben.”


“Definitely.” He felt Benedict’s shoulders shake as he laughed.

“Oh fine. You win. Tell the producer’s I’m sick.”

“Already did,” Martin said brightly.


“Texted them almost a half hour ago. No one was surprised. Said to take all the time you need.”

“Then why?”

“You cooperate better when you think it was your idea,” Martin said. This time both of them laughed with Benedict finishing with a wet sniffle and an equally wet sneeze. HehhNTSSCHHH! “Bless you.”

“Martin, would you be so kind Hehh AHH as to…HuhhEHHSTSSCHH! get the tissues Hehh Huhh frob the Huhh HehhKTSSCHHoo! bathroob?”

He was there and back in a matter of seconds and handed the tissues to the desperately sniffling man still sitting on the sofa. HehhMNSTsshhoo!

“Thag you,” he said, finally getting the tissues to his nose.

“Bless you. Come on. Let’s get you out of here.”

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I am going to start watching BBC Sherlock. Right now. This is so well written. Are you planning to write more? It sounds like a good ending, and I'm guessing not :(

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I think I may have one more section I want to write. We'll see if it comes together.

You definitely should watch Sherlock. It's amazing!

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Yes, definitely at least one more section... hint hint nudge nudge... although this is brilliant as is, there is much needed cuddles I sense in the near future. Maybe head resting on lap, or shoulder, or both, Benedict feeling dreadful of course.

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I have to say, much as I don't usually read RPF, that I really, really hope you write more of this fic. Because it is amazing in ways I can't explain. I especially liked the comparison of how he sneezes "in public" vs. "in private", and the entire scene with the shower. But this was my absolute favorite part (even though it didn't have any sneezing):

“You remember the last time you had ‘a slight cold’ and ignored it? It turned into a slight case of bronchitis and then a slight case of pneumonia.

Because it gives us that bit of realism, going back to S1, but it's also such a great, wiseass line, with the whole "slight case" repitition. Brava!

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Ohohohhhhh, this is so amazing! I love the way you portray Benedict!! He's so preciously in denial~ Please, do continue!

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blushsmiley.gif Thank you all for your enthusiasm. I've never done a story with real people and I'm so, so glad you guys liked it. Here's the final piece. Happy Birthday, Ickydog! hug.gif

“Bless you. Come on. Let’s get you out of here.”


Martin glanced down at his friend. It looked like Benedict had finally managed to drift off curled up against Martin’s side. After a bit of arguing, it was agreed that they would both go to Martin's house for a day or two. It took a reminder that Benedict had neither food nor tea before he relented. While he would have preferred Ben go straight to bed, the other man suggested they watch a movie together instead. Martin fixed them both some tea and brought Benedict a stack of clean handkerchiefs. He’d been sneezing and sniffling regularly since they left the filming site. He never complained; in fact, he was so contrite that Martin finally had to stop him.

“You have to stop apologizing. If the situation was reversed, you’d do the same for me in an instant.” He was met with a sheepish smile and a reluctant nod. Once they settled on the sofa to watch their movie, Martin noticed Benedict was still shivering despite having been inside the warm house for quite some time. He found a thermometer and handed it to him. “Your fever must be pretty high,” Martin explained. “You’re still shaking.”

“Not to worry. That’s just one of my uniquely annoying traits when I’m ill. Can never quite seem to get warm.” However, to placate his friend, he slipped the thermometer under his tongue for a few moments. He glanced at it as soon as it beeped before handing it to Martin. “See? Just over 99. I just get chilled easily when I’m sick.”

Satisfied that Ben didn’t have a dangerous fever, Martin went and grabbed the thick comforter off his bed. He spread it over Benedict and then settled down to watch their movie. It didn’t take long for the ill man to cocoon himself in the blanket, an occasional shiver still rippling through his body. Martin bit back a laugh when he saw a long arm reach out from underneath the mound of blankets and grab a handkerchief. A few seconds later HehGNTSHHHH! Ehh HehhMNTSSHHH!

“Bless you.”

Heh Hehh EhhMGNTSSCHHooo! The blanket fell back from his head revealing a bleary eyed, sniffling, desperately sneezy Benedict, handkerchief held firmly over his nose. HehhNGSCHHMF!

“Bless you, Ben.”

“Excuse be.” He turned his head and blew his nose, followed by a bit of coughing. The heavy sigh that followed was the closest he’d come to complaining all day.

“You’re really feeling bad, aren’t you?”

“I’ve certainly felt better,” Benedict said just before covering his mouth politely and yawning. A violent shiver wracked his body. “These god-awful chills,” he mumbled, drawing the comforter up around him again. Martin reached over and pulled the mix of man and blanket towards him, rubbing Benedict’s arms to try and help warm him up. Then he leaned back into the sofa feeling Ben relax against him. After a few minutes Martin felt his friend tense and he thought he was trying to pull away, but he felt him take two deep, shuttering breaths before sneezing. Hehhhuhhh…EHH HuhhMNTSSCHHooo! HehhMFTSCHHHoo!

“Bless you.”

“Thank you. My apologies.” Martin rolled his eyes and shifted so Ben could rest his head against his shoulder.

That was over an hour ago. It hadn’t taken long for Benedict to give in to an uneasy sleep. The movie had been over for nearly fifteen minutes and Martin was questioning how to extricate himself from underneath the taller man. He wrapped both arms around Benedict, tilted him forward, and then eased him back down onto the sofa once he was out from underneath. Despite his best efforts, he heard a break in the congested snoring.


“It’s okay. I was just helping you to lay down.” He sat on the edge of the sofa and frowned. If possible, Benedict looked even paler than he had earlier. His nose was red around the edges and his eyes were heavy with fatigue. Martin brushed the hair back from Benedict’s face and pressed his hand against his forehead. His fever was steady, but not worrisome. “Can I get you anything?” he asked.

“I’m alright.” He yawned. “Thank you for staying with me.” Martin smiled and squeezed his friend’s shoulder.

“Happy to.” As Benedict’s eyes fluttered shut Martin thought he was falling asleep, but when he saw his nose flare and his lips part slightly, he realized it was entirely different need altogether. Martin grabbed a fresh handkerchief and put it in Benedict’s hand. The sneeze took an agonizingly long time to come to fruition. His deep voice would shudder in a series of pre-sneeze buildups before the tickle would dissipate. Finally, after several false starts, his body shook with a violent sneeze. Huhh Hehh…HuhhUHHnGTSHSHHHH!

“Bless you.”

Benedict shook his head. “Hehh Huhh…more…” HehhNTGSHHH! HuhMNTSSCHHHHoo! Hehh Huhh…



“Guess not.”

HehhUHHHSSCHHMFF! He coughed into the handkerchief before collapsing back against the sofa cushions.

“Bless you! You sound terrible,” Martin said.

“I feel terrible,” he admitted. Martin rubbed his arm through the blanket.

“I know. Try and get a bit of rest. I’ll be here when you wake up.”

“Luck to have you,” Benedict whispered as he drifted off to sleep.


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GDGHHJBVCDFGCCSHHVVB... *followed by more incoherent speech. Best birthday gift ever. It's probably good I havent mastered replying with quotes cause I'd probably just quote it all. I've been stalking for updates on all things Sherlock tonight and thought I should check one more time before going to sleep and THIS was here. Little happy dance. Now I shall read once again, sleep can surely wait, when there is this to reread. Oh, and I totally love Martin rolling his eyes when Ben sneeezes and apologizes... I could totally picture that, as well as everything else of course.

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Ahhhhhh good god BEN :drool:

This is brilliant! Your writing style is wonderfully pleasing ;) thank you for such a great work!

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Oh my goodness, that was just perfect.

But am I the only one who is waiting for a sequel where Martin catches this horrible, sneezy cold? uhhuh.gif

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uhhuh.gif me when I found this

twitchsmile.gif me after reading first part

stretcher.gif me now.


Must go dance around my room for the happy!!

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