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How to get more natural sneezes?


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This is something I've kind of been wondering about for a while. Do you guys know of any ways to get more natural sneezes? Whether that be more than one at a time or just more throughout the day overall.

I usually sneeze pretty often throughout the day. But if I induce too much one day, for the next several I hardly sneeze naturally at all. And even though I sneeze several times throughout the day, more is always better lol. I just like the feeling of natural sneezes so much more than induced ones.

Other than the obvious like expose yourself to an allergen, do you guys have any systems for increasing natural sneezes?

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I wish I knew the answer to that. I love natural sneezes. The only thing that I know of that helps a little is inducing less frequently, but that's not really a good answer... :/

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Sorry, not really on topic, but is it true that inducing too much causes less natural sneezes?? upset.gif

Idk about long term, but when I induce I don't get many natural sneezes for like a week. So usually I try to resist inducing and stick to just inducing my left nostril, and I can totally tell it tickles less. Instead it'll burn but not enough to get a natural sneeze from.. But in general, I think I sneeze more than I used to in the past. But it might just be because I moved to a place where my allergies are worse. I wouldn't worry a ton about long term effects but for me it definitely affects the short term.

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