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Hi everyone, ive not posted in here for ages which i guess since i have joined well over 10 years ago now and with the ever expanding material available for us is probably to blame as i basically used this forum many years ago as a hub for new material well before even youtube came along and back in those days bondis wav page was my main exciting place to go, plus t.o.s and serotica.

Anyways my question is im curious to know what with clips4sale and other sites that are out there how much do you think you have spent on material over however long it may be on sneezing related material??

I have been buying clips for around 6 years now and estimate ive spent around $2000 maybe more but ive gotton over 30 gig of female sneezing and nose blowing clips over the years.

The reason for my curiosity is a disgussion with my current partner and she cant believe the amount that i have spent to which i simply explained porn is readily available on the net and the net has made it possible for us to have the fetish material we otherwise wouldnt of been able to have if it wasnt for the net. I mean i wouldnt spend 10 dollars on a porn clip but if there is a pretty girl sneezing in a clip for say 10 minutes then i would do definatly.

Anyone remember the very expensive vhs 2 hour tapes that got sold in like 2002ish?? I paid 250 dollars for my copy and its been binned for years as its no competition to whats out now, but back then it was the ultimate.

So i mentioned to my partner i bet there are people who have spent the same as me or if not more and im just curious to find out where i fit in with the amount i havr spent :)

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I've spent... a grand total of... $0. There is no way that I would feel that I could justify spending money on it. Then again, 1) there is *and always has been* a huge discrepancy in the amount of male material vs. female material and that's what I go for. also 2) I really enjoy stories a lot and those are totally free.

I totally remember the days of the for sale videos- they made it "interesting" for us mod-type people. ;) You got the infamous vid? You got it discounted even- I think that her starting price was $500- my eyes about popped out of my head when I read that.

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I've never spent any money on fetish material and I've never really seen any need to, but that's just me.

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I suspect I might be one of few females who actually buy clips occasionally, but yes: I have payed money for some fetish material. When it comes to sneezing videos, I am extremely picky and my preferences are pretty damn specific, so when by a chance I happened upon a clipstore that sells material that is right up my (narrow) alley, I was more than willing to spend a bit of money.

99 % of the fetish material I consume are free, but that 1 % that I payed for? God gawd, was it worth it. *fans self* I regret nothing. :twisted:

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Yea the price was $500 to begin with, i think i purchased a copy 3 months or so after it came out and got it for half of the original asking price.

Apart from that the most i have spent on a single clip i think is around $15 and i usually ask myself 1st, are they charging considerably more than a dollar a minute ie, 17.99 for less than 10 minutes, and like VoOs the alley has to be right or as near as right as it could be.

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I've never payed for anything. I don't have a problem with the idea of doing so, I've just never found anything that was interesting and unusual enough for me to feel it was worth paying for. There's so much these days that's available for free that for me to spend money on something it would have to be really special, and nothing I've come across so far has been exceptional enough for me to spend money on it. Part of that is undoubtedly the fact that there's so little in the way of male material for sale, I would be much more likely to spend money on material if there was more male stuff available.

Although, I also just have a hard time justifying spending money on just about anything beyond the essentials because I have so little of it to begin with. Maybe if I had more money at my disposal I'd be more inclined to start buying fetish material.

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