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So, I'm teetering on the edges of allergies and sickness I believe; for the last couple of days most of my sneezing is stuck or just tickles and tickles...but doesn't happen. If it does...it isn't very relieving. Today, I was heading back to doing some work on my computer and I felt a sneeze coming or at least wanting too, so I opened my mouth to force myself to breathe in hoping that would coax it out. It did, but it was very odd as well as loud. It was as if before the first sneeze had even completely finished, the second sneeze was on its way out. Something like...ISSSHA...ISSHA. If it was two sneezes maybe it wasn't. Odd.

That happens to other people too, right? blushsmiley.gif

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Yeah, especially when my allergies are really bad. It's the most annoying thing ever! Like my nose feel like it's burning with the tickle, and all day long I feel like I have to sneeze. But...I can't! I don't think I've ever had that two sneezes thing happen to me before, but I'm sure it isn't abnormal.

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Yeah, I've certainly heard other people experience the same thing - kind of like a really swift double, where the sneezes seem to pile up on top of each other. never experienced it myself, but I love to observe sneezes like this, especially when delivered with a certain violence/volume... :D

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