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Hey guys, I don't know if there's as many scifi fans as there are fantasy fans on this site but I just thought it'd be fun to write a Stargate fanfiction for the forum. I hope you all like it and please be kind smile.png I've never written a Stargate fiction before and I apologize in advance if my Mythology is a little off, there is only so much you can get from google.

SG-1 stood in the embarkation room as the Stargate engaged, they were scheduled to go to P3X-452 to check out a civilization that seemed to be a lot less advanced than Earth’s and to find out if their planet had any Naquadah they could use. SG-1 stepped through the event horizon to the other side, the planet was green, flowery and open, vast meadows and large bodies of water covered the majority of the planet and the clouds that sat in the sky were the thick fluffy kind that seemed solid.

“O’Neill, were we not to be greeted by two inhabitants of this world?” Teal’c observed as they stood by the Stargate alone.

Jack only shrugged, “I guess they forgot, what with all their farming and morning prayers they must be a busy people,” he said a little mockingly.

“That’s not really fair Jack, just because they’re less advanced than we are, doesn't mean that they’re culture isn't important, we could learn so much and we could help them in ex- HehCSHHiew!” Daniel’s sentence was cut short by a violent sneeze into the crook of his arm.

“Bless y’ Daniel and you’re right but just once I wish that we could get something useful out of the deal, y’ know something that could kick Apophis on his ass once and for all,” Jack replied.

“I know, then we could get Sha’re and Skaara back,” Daniel sniffled thickly as he spoke.

“Are you all right, Daniel?” Captain Samantha Carter asked the young archaeologist as they walked down the path from the Stargate to the village.

Daniel cleared his throat as he replied, “Yeah I think It’s just my allergies acting up again,” Sam raised her eyebrows at Daniel, he had always had bad allergies to travel and the pollen on P3X-452 would only exasperate them but his voice sounded more raspy than usual today and he’d been clearing his throat a lot more than he usually would have.

“You think his allergies are bad now you should have seen him on Abydos the first time,” Jack replied jokingly to Sam, handing Daniel a Kleenex.

“It’s true- Huh-Pfffsshh!” Daniel managed to catch the sneeze just in time.

“Bless,” Jack offered.

“Thanks,” Daniel said as he blew his nose. SG-1 finally reached the front gates of the village; they had never been to this planet before but from what they had seen from the probe’s feedback they people had seemed simple but nice. The village gates came into view, the two village women that were supposed to greet them at the Stargate were standing by the village gates with smiles on their faces, both wearing long flowing black dresses; one of the women had deep chocolate hair and emerald eyes and the other had hair like spun gold and eyes as blue as sapphires, the woman with the chocolate hair moved toward SG-1, Jack began to open his mouth to speak but her eyes were immediately drawn to the young archaeologist.

“Greetings, I am called Priestess Jorinda,” she told him.

“And I am called Priestess Iridelle, we are glad to have you in our land,” the other said, Jorinda was handed two flower necklaces, Iridelle put one over Teal’c and Sam while Jorinda put one over Jack and moved to put one over Daniel, but Daniel moved away from her as his breath hitched.

“Hhhhh…HuHisshhuuh! Oh, excuse me I've been sneezing all day,” Daniel said apologetically, but Jorinda didn't seem fazed, instead she moved closer to him and kissed him on the cheek. “Uh, anyway we’re from a planet called Earth, we’re peaceful explorers,” Daniel continued, blushing slightly, “I'm Daniel, this is Captain Carter…”

“Hello,” Sam smiled, the women bowed to her kindly.

“And this is Teal’c…” Teal’c nodded a silent greeting,

“And Colonel Jack O’Neill,” Daniel finished.

“Nice to meet ya, call me Jack,” Jack said with a smile, “So Priestess Jorinda, Priestess Iridelle, why don’t we get to know each other?” Jorinda and Iridelle gave identical dazzling smiles and led SG-1 through their village gates.

“What do you call this world?” Teal’c asked Iridelle.

“Our land is called Skotádi,” Jorinda told them. It was then, as they were walking through the streets of the village that Sam noticed that there were barely any men on the streets and the women were all beautiful, most of them wearing long black dresses of a different style but with identical silver trim.

“Excuse me but, where are all your men?” Sam asked the women.

“Men? We welcome visiting males but the men in our land are few and only the best and brightest are used for conceiving children, the others are traded as labourers through the Great Ring.”

“You trade guys like pieces of meat?” Jack said with obvious outrage, Daniel widened his eyes warningly at Jack.

“It’s a matriarchal society, trading men and using them for sex would isn’t unusual…” Daniel said softly to the Colonel as he gave way to a dry cough and turned back to Jorinda and Iridelle, “Priestesses do you get visitors often? What about a God? You must have if you’re Priestesses.”

“Goddess,” Iridelle corrected, “but the Goddess Nyx has been gone for at least a generation and as for visitors, we trade with many worlds through the Great Ring, mostly men in exchange for materials.”

“Nyx?” Jack whispered to Daniel.

“Uh, the personification of night in Greek mythology, which explains the name of the planet, it means Darkness, but my guess is she was really a lower level Goa’uld,” Daniel whispered back, “though I don’t remember anything about her hating men, perhaps that’s just an aspect that she added after suffering heartbreak by a male Goa’uld.”

“The Goa’uld have no hearts to break Daniel Jackson,” Teal’c added.

Jorinda and Iridelle led SG-1 to a large courtyard that appeared to be the entrance to a marketplace, still there were almost no men and Jack, Teal’c and Daniel began to feel a little out of place.

“Captain Carter-” Jorinda began.

“Call me Sam,” Sam interjected.

“Very well,” Jorinda continued, “Sam you are as beautiful as any Priestess here, we would like to treat you as all women are treated on Skotádi, will you come?”

“Oh, uh, I don’t know…” Sam started, embarrassed, but was interrupted by Jack.

“Carter, go, you need to have more fun,” he told the Captain.

“But Sir-” she protested.

“Carter, go,” Jack said loudly, then leaned in to her ear and whispered so quietly that if he hadn't been less than an inch away she would not have heard him, “It’s a good excuse to check out the interior of this place. I don’t know about you but I don’t entirely trust these chicks,” Sam nodded with understanding.

“Okay I need to take some soil samples anyway,” Sam said. “Can I keep my weapon?” Sam asked Iridelle and held up her P-90. Iridelle nodded as she took the Captain by the arm, leading her away from the rest of SG-1 and Sam gave a sideways glance to Jack who tried to hide a smile when he thought of her all dressed up like she had been on that Mongolian planet some months ago. Jack, Teal’c and Daniel were now left alone with Jorinda.

“Teal’c, why don’t you go keep her company?” Jack suggested, Teal’c raised an eyebrow but followed after Iridelle and Sam silently.

HhNGxxt-chieww!” Daniel tried to stifle his violent sneeze into his shoulder but the act of it only succeeded in jolting his glasses off of his face and onto the ground, “Ugh geez,” he blew his nose on a balled up Kleenex from his pocket.

“Bless,” Jack offered and Jorinda moved to pick his glasses up off of the floor and handed them back to him.

“I believe I have something for your malady Daniel,” Jorinda smiled, “would you and Jack O’Neill like to browse our apothecary’s selection, she has a wonderful talent for creating healing medicine from the abundance of herbs that grow here on Skotádi.”

“Wow, yes absolutely, we’d love to have a look, but don’t worry about me, it’s just allergies I’ll be fine,” Daniel replied in between sniffles, “we’d also like to hear all about your culture and how you came to be a matriarchal society.” In the corner of his eye Daniel could see Jack roll his eyes. Jack and Daniel followed Jorinda as she led them to a small, rounded white house with white smoke billowing from its chimney.

“This is the home of Mistellia, she is a gifted apothecary and one of our high council members,” Jorinda said as she knocked on the door. A woman with olive skin, leather black hair and eyes so brown they were almost like coal answered wearing a black dress like most of the women on Skotádi.

“Greetings Priestess, travellers,” Mistella said softly.

Daniel was about to speak when he ducked his head for another sneeze, “HuhTsssht! Damn it, sorry excuse me,”

“Mistella, I've come to show these men your collection in the hopes of a friendship between Skotádi and…” Jorinda stopped as she tried to remember where Daniel had said SG-1 had come from.

“Earth,” Daniel helped.

“Exactly,” she continued, “may we enter?” Mistella nodded and gestured for everyone to enter her home, Daniel turned away from the others before entering and coughed.

“Daniel,” Jack put his hand on Daniel’s shoulder, “you’re sick,” he accused the young archaeologist.

“What? No, it’s just my allergies flaring up,” Daniel said as cleared his throat.

“Like hell, you’re sick and I got a bad feeling about this place, we should get Sam and get outta here,” Jack continued to accuse.

“Jack, Sam needs to find out if this planet has Naquadah deposits anyway,” Daniel sighed.

“Daniel,” Jack was using the tone he used when he was insisting he was right.

“Jack, I'm fine, let’s just continue with what we’re doing here, at least we can give it another twenty minutes,” Daniel said with a hint of annoyance. Jack sighed and gave in.

“Are you two coming?” Mistella called, sounding somewhat cold. Jack and Daniel walked into the cottage like house and immediately noticed many viles, test-tube type things and then something caught Jack’s eye.

“Whoa, what the hell is this?” Jack picked up a small chrome coloured orb, a Goa’uld communication device. When neither Jorinda nor Mistella said anything Jack held up his P-90 but Mistella cupped something in her hand and quickly blew a jade coloured powder at Daniel and Jack. The Colonel and the young archaeologist began falling to the floor.

“Told… ya…” Jack managed before he and Daniel passed out.


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Yay I'm so glad you liked this I'll update ASAP... I was beginning to think I was the only Stargate fan on the forum haha. Oh and welcome to the site by the way. :)

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Love Stargate, and Daniel. Haven't seen it in ages. Maybe time to reacquaint? Thanks!

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I'm really much more into Stargate Atlantis than SG-1 but I'm just kind of thrilled to see anyone writing about the universe in general since it seems like there are so few fans on this forum.

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I'm really much more into Stargate Atlantis than SG-1 but I'm just kind of thrilled to see anyone writing about the universe in general since it seems like there are so few fans on this forum.

I'd have loved to have written an Atlantis fic but I'm just better acquainted with SG-1, perhaps I should look into writing an Atlantis fic with John having a cold or allergies or something.... but only if anyone is interested.

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I'm usually not into cold stuff at all, I'm pretty much only into allergy fics with very rare exceptions, so would love to see a John allergy fic. I had actually written several parts of one myself years ago but gave up on it because I couldn't figure out how to finish it(in a way that would make sense to anyone but me).

I also wrote a sick fic that was a missing scene for the episode The Shrine which I did on request. I'll find the links for those if you're interested.

Anyway don't feel pressured to write an Atlantis fic if you don't feel comfortable doing it. That's why I've never written an SG-1 fic, because even though I've seen all of the episodes multiple times, I just couldn't really get my head into the characters as well and had no inspiration.

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