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Hiya :)


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Hi there everybody! :D it's nice to be here and thank you for having me. For some reason I've been denying my fetish for years, but earlier this week I finally decided "Screw it; I can have more fun than not with this." So here I am~


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We're glad you've taken the plunge! :D

Welcome to the forum Lady Salem! It's always good to have new members and I am sure you will enjoy being part of our community!

To enhance your time here, if you could find a few minutes to look at read before posting - it contains lots of information and frequently asked questions that will help you understand how things work on the forum. You will also be able to see which areas you can currently access and which will become available to you when you are "fully validated" a bit further down the line. In that regard, the validation system is explained in how do I get validated?

Of course, if you have any questions that are not covered in the links, feel free to ask the staff using the "contact us" feature.

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you around and enjoy the forum!


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Hi! Wonderful having new members! Hope you have a wonderful time here! :)

PS, love the username!

Ahaha, thank you! I like yours too. And your userpic as well~

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