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Just wondering if anyone has the links to some of the voice recordings of people reading some sneezefics here? I remember one good one... about a magical school, I think? If anyone has the links, would you mind posting them please? thanks. I'd love to hear them

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This is a recording I did of a story written by Blah:


I think the other story you are referring to is called Mage Academy, also written by Blah. That can be found in the original stories section.

Edit: here's the link to Mage Acadamy: http://www.sneezefetishforum.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=51868&hl

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There are also 4 that Heathcliff read (of mine). But those are (m) for three and the remaining one has mostly (m) with (f) spliced in. This link was put up in reference to the last recording that he did, but the link in that thread is to all the readings.


I think that Puddin', the anon. reader of "Mage Academy" and Heath all did excellent jobs. We have a talented bunch. :D

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