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Indulgences Star Trek TOS (M, Kirk/Spock)


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An old story I found and decided to post. It takes places after Star Trek 4 The Voyage Home.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of this franchise except a lot of Star Trek merchandise.


Spock stood in the shower in his quarters at Starfleet HQ. As the water went through its third warming cycle he thought about getting out, and then reminded himself that there was no urgent business to attend to; and thus no need to leave. They were not due to appear before the council for at least three days. Due to the need for repairs to several Starfleet buildings brought on by the probe. Not to mention getting the Bird of Prey out of San Francisco Bay where they had crashed landed it. Their hearing was naturally delayed in favour of more important matters. Spock was quite content with that as he did not wish to appear in front of anyone in his current condition.

At last he stepped out of the shower into the steam filled bathroom. He wrapped a towel around his waist and enjoyed the warmth on his skin for as long as it would last. Wiping a hand across the mirror he studied his face. His cheeks and nose were flushed green and the rest of his skin was much paler than was normal for him. It was not unusual truly. Being in a timeframe that had countless diseases he had never been exposed to, the increased stress of the situation; the lack of proper food, had weakened him slightly. Getting pushed into freezing cold water while wearing what amounted to little more than a towel and his underwear was obviously the last straw for his immune system. It was good fortune actually that he had not contracted something more severe than a miserable head cold. Coming out of the bathroom the temperature change seemed to reawaken the congestion from the cold, filling his nose…and making it tickle.


Having no where to go and desiring rest Spock put on his warmest sleepwear and went back to bed. Taking one of the two boxes of tissues had had gotten from the replicator earlier with him he placed it on the opposite pillow to keep it within easy reach. He pulled the covers up over his shoulders and tried to relax to allow his mind to explore his body and note any problems. He was running a low grade fever and had minor inflammation of his nose and throat, nothing dangerous. It shouldn’t last longer than a standard week and if he was thorough in his treatment he might be able to shorten it considerably.


It was proving most uncomfortable in the meantime though.

He relaxed his body further wishing to aid the healing process and he had just managed to get himself into a light doze when there was a knock at the door.

“Who is it?” he asked hoping his voice sounded relatively normal.

“It’s Jim.”


The doors opened and as Jim made his way inside Spock grabbed a book off the shelf behind him in an attempt to look marginally presentable. As he came into the bedroom Jim looked mildly amused to see his friend in bed.

“Well, Mr. Spock, you’re the last person I’d expect to find in bed at this hour.”

“After our recent adventures I felt it appropriate to take rest. Did you need me for something, Admiral?”

“No, no I just…wanted to talk to you,” he gestured to the bed, “may I?”

Spock nodded and sat up further, suppressing the need to shiver as the blankets fell away from him, and moved over so Jim could sit down.

“I didn’t see you at breakfast.”

“I was…disinclined to eat.”

“And you didn’t come to see me last night.”

“I was not aware that you wished me to do so.”

Jim sighed. “You know we’ve barely said two words to each other since we got back. If I didn’t know any better I’d think you were avoiding me.”

“I’m sorry if I gave you that impression, Admiral, it was not my intention.”

“But you, you do remember what, what we are don’t you?” he asked taking a hold of Spock’s hand.

“I do.”

“Then why didn’t you approach me?”

“You seemed to be getting along well with Gillian. You gave no indication that I could see that you wished to continue as we were and I did not wish to press you into something you did not want.”

Jim moved his hand so it was positioned in the proper Vulcan way against Spock’s.

“Well I’m giving it now. I thought if I made you jealous it might prompt your memories of us to return faster. Obviously that was a mistake. I need you, Spock, I already lost you once and I don’t want to be away from you anymore.”

Spock began rubbing his fingers along Jim’s. “As you wish, Jim.”

Responding eagerly Jim moved his hands underneath Spock’s shirt letting his fingers move along Spock’s back. Spock slowly let his own hands move to caress the back of Jim’s neck. As Jim leaned in and kissed him on the mouth before moving slowly along his jaw and around his ear. Spock was left vaguely wondering why it had ever occurred to him that Jim might desire someone else. Then Jim kissed the bridge of his nose and his body quickly reminded him why Jim, for the moment anyway, should certainly be around anyone, but him.

Jim couldn’t help but feel hurt as Spock suddenly pulled away. Then he felt confused as he watched him put two fingers under his twitching nostrils while his other hand grabbed for the tissues.

“Jim, please excuse me I must-ehh…huhEEShh! Hah’ischh!

Spock lowered the tissues from his nose for a moment, his mouth still parted in anticipation, before squeezing his eyes shut and snapping forward.


“Spock, are you all right?”

“Although I am unwell it is not enough to incapacitate me should an emergency arise. It is merely a minor upper respiratory infection,” he said, pulling out more tissues and blowing thickly into them.

“That sounds terrible no wonder you were in bed.”

Jim grabbed the blankets and wrapped them around Spock’s shoulders.

“Thank you,” he said, giving his nose a final wipe. “Perhaps it is best if you did not remain here. I do not wish to infect you.”

“I’ll risk it.”

“There is no need to risk your health on my account, Jim.”

“Yes there is you’re my t’hy’la and I’m sorry I should have known.”

“Most outward symptoms are not immediately obvious. It is not uncommon that you should be unaware of my condition.”

“All this time I’ve been on you to feel for others and to remember why it was so important and now when you needed me I was too concerned with my own feelings to notice, is there anything I can do?”

“I do not require anything at this time however, your continued company would be most appreciated.”

Of course,” he said, brushing several strands of hair away from Spock’s face. “You know it has been so long, will you indulge me?”

“I do not understand, indulge what exactly?”

Jim flushed red in embarrassment.

“So, you don’t remember everything.”

Before Spock could ask Jim to specify an itch flared up once again, deep in his sinuses. He knuckled one hand under his nose as he did not wish to lose control again in front of his superior officer, t’hy’la or not. As he rubbed the itch away he noted that Jim’s blood pressure had risen from his actions and suddenly he understood.

“You achieve sexual pleasure from this involuntary action?”

Jim glared at him. “Well thank you for making it sound really dirty.”

“You should not be embarrassed. Various fetishes have been documented in human culture.”

“You don’t have to analyse it to death, Spock, you could have just said no.”

“I merely wished to understand the concept, Jim, I did not say I did not wish to indulge you.”


“Indeed. Quickly I might add as I feel I will sneeze again shortly.”


“This cold is most accommodating in that-hah regard.”

He made an attempt to get more tissues only to have Jim’s hands cover his own gently holding them down.

“Don’t cover I want to see you.”

“As you w-wish-ihhh…heh-hisSHH! ISCHU! Snf.


Spock nodded slightly his eyes half-closed again already and his breath hitching.

Heh…Ehh-ESHU! Hah-hahARHSu!

“Bless you,” Jim said and handed him the tissues.

“You are aware, Jim, that not covering increases the chances of you contracting the virus by 48.67%.”

“In that case I should remain here to avoid giving it to the rest of the crew,” Jim said, and moved so he was underneath the blankets and spooned up to Spock

“Very logical,” Spock answered, and curled his body closer to Jim’s.

“Have I told you how much I love you?”

“No, but you do not need to. Your actions speak for you t’hy’la.”

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GUH. :wub:

The Voyage Home is seriously my favorite one of the movies, and this was utterly precious. I really like how you keep your storyline connected (as in, Jim keeps the fetish). I did feel a twinge of sadness at the nod towards Spock losing his memory and such, but you made me feel loads better with the sweet terms of endearment, the cuddles, and the kisses (human and Vulcan alike!). Lovey, lovely. :heart:

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oh my goodness gracious me

when i saw this i made several squealing noises before I read it

and then once i'd read it i pretty much died

my word it was incredible

i just

dhjfdshijhijhlkadjh Spock...

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“Your associates are people of good character.”

“They are my friends.”

“Yes, of course. Do you have a message for your mother?”

“Yes, tell her, I feel fine. Live long and prosper, father.”

“Live long and prosper, my son.”

Sarek left and Spock walked over to where Jim was waiting for him. Their steps were in sync as they moved out of the hall.


“You know, Spock, that doesn’t sound like someone who is fi-fine-ehhh-hehESHhh!” Jim turned away from Spock barely managing to catch the sneeze in his fist.

“My illness had markedly improved therefore fine is a correct, if broad, term to use. Also you are not one to talk, Jim, you don’t sound well yourself.”

“I know, but don’t tell Bones or he’ll never agree to shore leave.”

“Surly shore leave can be had in a place where your health would not be such a concern.”

“Well yes, but Yosemite is supposed to look marvellous in summer and I’ve never seen it. Besides fresh air is supposed to be good for you when you have a cold.”

“In that case I shall familiarize myself with the customs of ‘camping out’.”

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Shore leave had arrived at last; a time for peaceful relaxation. Unfortunately the quiet comfort of Yosemite National Park was currently being broken by two grumpy older men trying to convince their equally older friend to stop doing something stupid.

“Goddamn irresponsible!”

If he had heard the doctor’s outburst Spock would have agreed. Free soloing was dangerous enough in healthy individuals never mind a man who was still fighting a cold. That Spock knew he was responsible for Jim catching, fetish or no fetish, and so he had taken it upon himself to watch over Jim. No matter how pointless the task appeared to be becoming.

“I don’t believe you appreciate the gravity of your situation,” Spock said to Jim from his position beside El Capitan.

“On the contrary gravity is for most on my mind I…Ehh’hesSHU!

True to form Jim lost his grip and fell head first down the cliff. Spock took off after Jim and managed to grab him just before he became a smear across the pristine landscape.

“Perhaps ‘because it is there’ is not sufficient reason for climbing a mountain.”

“I’m hardly in a position to disagree,” he answered, and sniffled. “Hi, Bones, mind if we drop in for dinner?”

“Jim, you goddamn idiot! Why do you have to constantly tempt death even on your time off!?”

Spock, for his part, once again promised to keep an eye on Jim, and keep him out of further trouble, but of course Jim couldn’t leave well enough alone. After McCoy had finished ranting and stalked off mumbling about dinner Jim insisted on dragging Spock off to go hiking; his brush with death completely forgotten.

It was half an hour later that they came upon a large bush with several white blooms on it. Always one to stop and smell the flowers Jim did just that. Spock not seeing the necessity of such actions made to continue walking only to stop when Jim reached out and grabbed his arm.

“Wait, just a moment I’m going to heh…harESHHu! Ehhscihh! AhhiSHHu!

“Are you all right, Jim?”

Jim managed a watery glance over at Spock as an answer before his nose demanded attention again.

Heh’aushh! HehESHu! IiiSSHHu!

With the last sneeze Jim finally got one finger curled up and pressed hard against his nostrils that twitched and itched in defiance of the restraints before the tickle at last died down and Jim sighed in relief.

“Sorry I don’t know why that set me off. “Snf! Wow I’m a mess.”

Spock pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and offered it to Jim.

“Here, it is clean I assure you.”

Jim smiled. “Always prepared, Mr. Spock, you would make a fine boy scout.”

“Someone has to be,” Spock answered, as Jim cleared his nose.

“I’ve never had that happen before,” Jim said, as he looked at the bush. “Then again it does have a rather strong scent.”

“Indeed,” Spock answered, as his nose wrinkled.

Jim didn’t have a chance to ask him if he was all right before his breath suddenly caught hard.


“Bless you!”

“Thank you. My cold appears to be making me more sensitive to flora aromas faahhh-fascinating. Huh’ARShh! hihISHhu! I pro-heh-hetchh! propose that we should remove ourselves from the vicinity to avoid further reactions from either of us.”

“Oh, come on, Spock, how can you cheat me out of my fun?”

“I believe you have had enough ‘fun’ for one day, Jim,” Spock answered, and pulled Jim away from the bush and back towards the campsite.

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i get really really really excited every time you update

and with good cause

kjlfahdhfj i literally have to stop everything i'm doing to read it

what have you done to me


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Jim snapped awake abruptly and lay still under the stars wondering what had woken him up in the middle of the night. There was nothing now except the sounds of the crickets and an owl. Shrugging it off he sat up and was surprised to find the he actually felt well. His throat wasn’t sore and he could breathe fully through one nostril now, that had to be a good sign. Jim spotted Spock’s ‘marsh-melon’ replicator by the burnt out fire. Picking up the device he turned it on and began munching on several the little white delicacies, before noticing that Spock’s sleeping bag was empty.

Concerned Jim jumped up and quickly looked around. To his relief he spotted Spock a few feet away from the campsite just standing there. Jim quickly went up to him.

His eyes were closed and Jim watched as his nose twitched and he sniffled every few moments. His hand was pressed underneath it trying to hold back the onslaught.


And failing.


“I’m all right, Jim, my body merely seeks to rid itself of the last of this virus resulting in a rather long fi-fit-heh-ISHHu!

“And it was logical to stand out in the brisk night air for this instead of starting up the campfire and sitting there how?”

“I was attempting not to wake you and Doctor McCoy, obviously I was unsuccessful.”

“It’s all right I was having weird dreams anyway. My ship broken, some man claiming to be your brother brainwashing the crew, you neck pinching a horse. Remind me never to drink right before I go to bed ever again.”

Spock nodded and his nose twitched.


Jim smiled and grabbed his arm; as much as he enjoyed watching Spock in such a state it wasn’t worth him getting really sick. “Letting yourself get chilled will only make it worse, come on.”

Jim guided him back to his own sleeping area and let Spock crawl into his sleeping bag before he joined him. Spock’s face was pressed close to Jim’s shoulder, and Jim shivered as he felt Spock’s body tense up in his arms.

Heh…heh…huh-huhischh! Isschh!

Despite trying to aim lower Spock knew he had sprayed Jim’s neck.

“My-huh- my apologies Jim…huh-huhARSHUu!

“Don’t apologise. I like it, you know that, are you all right?”

“That last release does appear to have cleared my nose of irritation,” he said, sniffling slightly.

Jim smiled and they quickly fell asleep curled close together; and remained that way until the morning, when they were awakened by more yelling from Bones.

“Dammit, Jim! It’s like going camping with a bunch of teenagers when you two act like this, and I’m a doctor not a chaperone!”

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All right I've done the Voyage Home and The Final Frontier so next up is Star Trek 6 The Undiscovered Country.


“Come on, Bones, just let it out-you’ll feel better.”

From his position on the bed McCoy didn’t listen to Jim and instead kept alternating between keeping his hand pressed under his nose and pinching the bridge of it, his breath hitching constantly.


McCoy sighed in momentary relief and Jim sat back in his chair in disappointment. He liked watching Bones hold it back, but after several minutes of no release it was becoming a bit much even for him. A coughing spell interrupted his brooding and shaking hands reached for his water glass to stop it. Rura Penthe had certainly done a number on them; no doubt of that. Getting confined to his quarters to wait out the virus because they couldn’t risk giving it to the crew or making some etiquette screw-up as the peace conference continued wasn’t his idea of fun, but it would be better if Bones would at least give him something enjoyable to watch.

Jim suddenly perked up as Bones finally looked like he wasn’t going to be able to get his hand underneath again fast enough.

“Why m-me-hah…hahh…hah’ARSH! haauiSCHH! Ahh…ahh-aheISCHUu!

“Now don’t you feel better?” Jim asked smiling, that fit had certainly been worth the wait.

“Absolutely not!” McCoy announced, rearranging the covers around himself; and then rolled over to face the wall and sulk himself better.

A few minutes later Spock came in carrying a tray of soup and an ensign followed with another. As the girl set the bowl down near him Jim felt his own nose betray him. He knuckled a hand under his nose trying to stop the tickle. He was the captain he wasn’t supposed to-

Hegxnsst! Ehgxnsst!

“Bless you, sir.”

“Thank you, Ensign,” he responded quietly, staring at the floor, as she left.

Spock placed the other bowl of soup on the bedside table and waited.

“You of all people should know the importance of taking in proper nutrients, Doctor; especially during times of illness.”

In response McCoy grabbed a pillow and put it over his head; refusing to move.

“I’ll get him to eat later, Spock, I think were both just tired of this food processed water masquerading as soup.”

Spock didn’t bother to mention that this batch was not from the food processors. This had been made in the kitchens and he had helped prepare it. It was his fault that they were like that; he would take the brunt of their bad moods.

“How are the negotiations going?” Jim asked.

“They are progressing. We have drawn up a preliminary treaty and if all goes well tomorrow we should be in final stages and can leave the rest to other diplomats.”

“Thank goodness for that! I can’t wait to get home sleep through the rest of this in my own bed.”

With one last glance over to note that McCoy was still firmly ignoring him Spock went over to Jim. Adjusting the blanket around his legs and fluffing the pillows trying to make Jim more comfortable.

“Spock, please don’t hover like this. We’re quarantined not invalids.”

Spock nodded and left quickly. He went to his own room and leaned against the door; fatigued. He reminded himself that he had no need to feel lonely or isolated in this situation and that this was all logical. Jim was just one wall away from him after all. Their cabins were next to each other; as they had always been. They had taken separate rooms initially because Jim had been mad at him and that was the equivalent of making him sleep on the couch. They agreed to keep separate quarters now to prevent him from catching the illness too.

Hershh! H’kkrshh!

Spock stifled the small fit against his shoulder and sighed. He had not had the heart to tell Jim that those precautions had been unsuccessful.

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Oh my childhood memories have been perverted *grin* and I love it! I love Sneeze Kink Kirk (teehee) and indulging Spock :) And sick but stubborn McCoy was... *melt* So much in character I can even hear their voice in my head. Keep it up, please... I need more :D

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Spock leaned against the back of the turbolift as he rode away from the transporter room. It was nearly finished at last. Just one more day he could make it. He wished to join Jim and doctor McCoy, but he knew that he could not, not yet. They could be forgiven for not being a further part of the peace process; he could not. His years of training made it easy to make the symptoms unnoticeable to observers, but it certainly didn’t make him feel better.

In all honesty he felt awful. So, when the down to his quarters was firmly shut he cupped his hands over his face and gave into the urge.

Huh’EEShh! Heh..hehkkSHH! Huh…hehh…”

Final relief was denied to him and Spock nearly groaned in frustration; and then went into the bathroom looking for something to relieve his headache.

He had barely swallowed the aspirin when the shrill of a comm. call filled his quarters. Sniffling and rubbing a finger under his nose trying to dispel the lingering tickle he sat down in front of screen as it flickered on to reveal his captain.

“Jim, is there something you require?”

“No, I‘d just thought I‘d check in, see how everything is going.”

“We have been successful. The closing ceremonies are set for tomorrow and then we may go home.”

“That’s great.” Jim said, and looked down and fidgeted with his hands for a moment, before looking back up at Spock. “Look about last night…I’m sorry I know Bones and I have been really…cranky lately and you’ve only been trying to help and… thanks, Spock.”

“Thanks are unnecessary, Jim, you are my bondmate and Doctor McCoy is our friend. Of course I shall give any aid that is needed; even if appreciation is not immediately forthcoming.”

Jim nodded Spock wasn’t one to hold a grudge, but looking at him now something still seemed just a little…off.

“Are you okay?”

“It has been a long day,” Spock responded. “If you will excuse me, Jim, I have a report to finish.” He barely waited for Jim’s nod of acknowledgement before turning the comm. off.

Hah…HahurSHHh! Isschh! Heh-heh’ESSHU!

Reaching for one of the tissue boxes that were now scattered around the room Spock wondered if any illness he made him this sneezy before. Not being able to remember immediately that no nothing had was only a further indication of the toll this cold was taking on him. Perhaps it had not been the best idea to deceive Jim about it, but it had not been a lie, merely a general statement. He didn’t want to worry Jim, and besides this whole thing had been his idea anyway and so he was responsible for making sure it worked. Also he did have a report to finish, but as he picked up the PADD he found himself looking longingly at his infrequently used bed. He knew if he slept he wouldn’t keep full control of time and likely oversleep. Thinking on it he found he didn’t care and that meant he would not put in a good report anyway so it was only logical he go to bed.

Not even bothering to remove his uniform he crawled onto the soft mattress. Shivering he pulled the covers around himself trying to get warm.


Spock pulled himself out of layers of sleep and lay in bed with his eyes still closed. It was warm he noted, not all of it, but a part behind him definitely was. Chilled by the fever he cuddled closer to it; and knew what the source was.


“I was feeling better. I missed you today and you seemed like you could use some company. Also as much as I love Bones I never want to share a room with him ever again.” He wrapped one arm around Spock and squeezed him gently. “Sorry I woke you.”

“I do not mind.”

Truly he didn’t mind, in fact he was quite grateful for the company. Unfortunately a much more distressing thing that was now keeping him from sleep, a tingle that ran down to the very tip of his nose and warned him of a coming sneeze; more than one if previous fits were any indication. He was drowsy and weak, he knew he could not regain control fast enough to hold it back. Still he did his best to control it, burying his face into his pillow, trying to muffle the sound




“Oh, no not you too.”

“I’m sorry to cause you such inconvenience, Jim.”

“That wasn’t what I meant.”

Spock rolled over to look at Jim and Jim pulled him closer.

“How long?”

Spock glanced at the chronometer “2.98 days.”

“Oh, Spock, why didn’t you say something?”

“You and Doctor McCoy experienced long exposure to harsh conditions and were therefore in far greater need of assistance to prevent your conditions from deteriorating. I was needed at the conference and as a Vulcan I-”

“Can hide the symptoms better, but it doesn’t make you any less sick than we are.”

Spock didn’t answer, but not out of spite. Jim had been with him long enough to know what his suddenly tense body and flaring nostrils meant. He quickly reached over and grabbed several tissues, and held them to Spock’s nose.

“Jim, this is h-highly unsanitary.”

“You can’t give me what I already have now go on.”

Heh’kkngshh! Heh…ehh…Hah’ERSHhh!

“You shouldn’t go tomorrow if you’re still like this,” Jim said, removing the tissues.

“As you said I can hide the symptoms and someone needs to be there.”

“I know, but I don’t want to see you make this worse.”

“The odds of such an event are less than 26%.”

“True, when you deal with the symptoms promptly and avoid stress, which you haven’t. Care to recalculate your odds?” he asked with a soft smile.

“No,” Spock answered, sniffling miserably and moving away from Jim slightly to blow his nose.

Jim frowned and hugged Spock against him again. “You really are sick you’re letting me win this argument far too easily.”

Spock’s response was to release a shuddering “HarURSHhh!” against his chest.

Jim started running his hands along Spock’s back aware of how tense those muscles were. Still he found he was grateful they even though they both were sick at least they could be together now. They had been getting so little of it lately. Jim continued running his hands across his back and was happy when Spock’s breathing began to even out; he needed the rest.


The sneeze quickly reminded that he still needed rest too. So, Jim let his body relax against the mattress, gave Spock most of the blankets, and went to sleep himself.

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Spock slowly opened his eyes and pushed himself up to a sitting position on the bed; as his mind attempted to piece together why Doctor McCoy and Jim were currently dressing in his quarters.

“Rise and shine sleeping brainy,” McCoy said, adjusting the collar of his shirt in front of the mirror.

“May I ask what you two are doing?”

“Well we can’t be seen at the conference in our pyjamas, now can we?” Jim said, pulling on his boot.

“Surly you are not thinking of going?”

“A-absolutely ehh-ehheschu! Ihhishu!

Spock handed Jim the tissues.

“You aren’t fit for such duty.”

“Well if we aren’t fit after doing nothing but sitting on our asses all this time than you certainly aren’t,” McCoy responded tersely.

Spock opened his mouth to reply only to double over in abrupt coughing fit.

“Save it, Spock, we’re rescuing you from your own stupidity.”

“Why thank you, Captain McCoy.”

“Don’t knock it I’ve got word from a friend they might give me that rank as a retirement gift. snf ahheschu!



McCoy chuckled and helped the other two men off the bed. “What a bunch of fools we make.”

Pockets filled with tissues they went off…and spent the ceremonies sitting at a table in the back of the room taking any hot drink that came by.


Spock spared another glance at McCoy as the entertainment continued. His eyes were closed now, his nostrils flaring constantly, and he may have set a new human record for how long he was holding his breath. He had good reason to though. Judging by the reactions of the Klingons left in the audience a loud interruption like a sneeze would be unwelcome at this moment. The music increased and in response Spock ‘accidentally’ knocked his fork to the floor and ducked both of them under the table to retrieve it; and where McCoy buried his face in his sleeve.

“Thanks, S-Spock, huh’ahusichh! Ahh-ahheushh!

“Was that satisfactory?”

McCoy shook his head. “O-one more and-heh…and it’s stuck!”

Spock quickly let one finger move up and down the bridge of his nose.


Now finished McCoy got back into his chair, while Jim knelt down next to Spock.

“Spock, please tell me you have more tissues I’m out.”

Spock pulled out a fresh one and held over Jim’s nose as his breath grew shallow. “heh’kgsccht! haheschht!” He blew into the tissue until it was thoroughly soaked. Then he grimaced and sat back up properly in his seat.

“I don’t know how you can stand to around us, Spock, we’re disgusting.”

“Despite all appearances that was more pleasing than the opera.”


When it was all over the three of them went back to Spock’s quarters. Spock managed to take off his jacket this time before he collapsed on the bed, his dignity long since forgotten. He waited for Jim and was surprised when McCoy didn’t wander back to his own quarters, but instead came to lie down beside him and pressed his chest firmly against his back.


“You’re warm, Spock. And after being in that freezing room for six hours I don’t care how awkward this looks.”

“Hey, he’s my husband I get first consideration,” Jim said, getting in the bed himself and cuddling closer to Spock’s chest.

“You got to be with him last night when you left me in that ice-cube you call a bed.”

“So, I have to share him now, Bones, is that it?”

“You want to help an ailing old country doctor then yes you do.”

“Gentlemen, considering I am the focal point of your disagreement, do I get an opinion?”

“No!” they answered.

Now officially considered the hot water bottle of the group Spock knew that they were acutely aware of him when his sniffling increased and his breathing became slow and hesitant.

“Let it out, Spock, all that Vulcan repression isn’t good for you.”

Spock managed a small nod. He knew such actions could elevate his symptoms and now it seemed they were too big to even release. Noticing his continued distress Jim moved his head slightly, letting his hair move teasingly against those chapped and green flushed nostrils.

“Jihh-hehh…hehESSHh! Hah’ISSCHh! Huh…huh’ERSHHu! Huh’ARSHUu!

“Bless you,” McCoy said, taking a tissue and gently wiping under Spock’s nose.

Jim looked at them, amusement glittering in his eyes. “Spock, Bones, I didn’t realise you two were so close; and we’ve never even discussed an open marriage.”

McCoy glared at him over the Vulcan’s shoulder.

“Shut up and go to sleep.”

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We’re now taking a detour into the Mirrorverse.


They were taking the turbolift together to the bridge and that was Spock’s first indication that things were not as they should be. The captain was always on the bridge before him. He seemed to enjoy being with the ship when it seemed almost empty; a spiritual fulfillment perhaps. Spock carefully looked the man over trying to figure out his motive for this change. His uniform was crisp. No extra folds or bulges that indicated any hidden weapons. As they entered the bridge he made no movement to the communications officer, making it unlikely that he had any plans with outside agents.

He made his usual round around the bridge as everyone took up their stations. As he leaned over to glance at Spock’s scanner, a new clue became apparent. Spock heard the unmistakable sound of a sniffle.

All at once Spock was faced with a new reason for his captain’s behaviour. He watched him carefully and noticed that he took one of the offered drinks from the yeoman first rather than last as was the normal routine. There were dark rings under the man’s eyes and a slightly pink tinge to his nose. His breathing was clear though, making deep respiratory distress unlikely. A cold it seemed. Certainly not life threatening, on it’s own that is. Other crew-members would see this as an opportunity to advance though; and to Spock that was unacceptable. His time with Captain Kirk had proven to be both profitable and productive. He could not allow such an arrangement to end over something so minor.


30.78 seconds he had held it off. That was far too short.

No one was stupid enough to respond to the sneeze verbally, but Chekov began pushing the buttons on his console harder; and Sulu was practically dancing in his chair. Even the security team was shifting slightly by the lift doors.

As he brought over a PADD for his signature Spock noticed Kirk’s eyes growing distant and his nose twitching slightly. Spock started counting again as he moved back to his own chair.


58.76 seconds still not enough.

There were heavy and wet, despite the captain’s attempts to stifle them. Physically pleasing to Spock he wouldn’t deny it, but the bridge was not the place for them.


When their shift had ended at last he followed the captain into his quarters. They were considered save zones and always had been. A ship could not hope to accomplish anything if its personal were chronically sleep deprived after all.

“You have a report, Mr. Spock? Because if not it would be in your best interests to leave immediately.”

“You are unwell.”

Kirk glared at him. “Thank you for that astute observation science officer glad to see you’ve earned your pay for the week.”

“It is my duty as your first officer to see you manage this ship efficiently.”

“Well isn’t that sweet,” he said, his voice drowning in sarcasm. “What are you going to do? Ship me off to McCoy?”

“Negative. To take outward treatment for something so minor would only be a further indication of weakness.”


“Captain Pike did not last eleven years on this ship by being soft and neither shall you.”

Kirk sniffled and tried to keep his composure.

“What are you-ahh-ahheISHH!

“You are going to have to train yourself harder than that, Captain.”

“You going to play coy, Mr. Spock, or get to the-the…snf point?” Why would it not stop itching? Especially in front of that insufferable Vulcan!

“Breathe through your mouth if you must, but don’t sniffle it will only make it worse.”

That statement shocked Kirk enough that the coming sneeze backed off momentarily. Was he really trying to help in such a stupid manner? It was an involuntary action and everyone knew it.

“And keep you’re hands at your sides it makes you appear less frail.”

Anger boiled inside Kirk, that arrogant man really did think himself above ‘human’ actions.

“You really think the crew thinks so little of me, do you?” The question coming out in a slightly breathy gasp as the itch returned.

“You would not hesitate to take advantage of myself in such a state if the positions were reversed.”

“Not you, Sulu maybe he’s-heh-always looking to advance and takes far too much pleasure in his-heh-HEH…job.”

Spock, insufferable man that he was, was good at his job. He was almost irreplaceable now, and he knew it too. Otherwise he wouldn’t be taking such chances with his captain’s temper.

The tickle continued its advance, leaving his nose twitching constantly, and Kirk bit down hard on his lower lip as a distraction. It worked for a few moments and Kirk couldn’t help noticing the effect all this was having on the Vulcan in front of him. He smiled as best as his condition would allow.

“You’ve been holding out on me, Spock. You seem to respond well to-to torture-ehh…ehhh…

His lip was starting to bleed and Spock decided now was the time to give support. He reached up his hand, putting one finger firmly under the other man’s nose. Feeling it twitch against his sensitive skin, watching his dark lashes cling with tears of irritation, as his broad chest, barely contained in that gold shirt, heaved with the need to release. Still he held it off until the urge died away completely, or so he thought. Jim’s progress was most impressive.

As Spock lowered his hand Kirk turned away and sneezed freely into the air. “EhhGSHH! HehESHH! Ihh-ISSIHH!

Sniffling thickly he looked back over at Spock with an intriguing glint in his eyes.

“You’re enjoying this.”

“You have no qualms about mixing business and pleasure, Captain, why should I?”

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I am in love with all of these stories!! And Kirk is my favorite captain of them all!

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The cabin was almost pitch black as Spock was stretched out on the bed with Kirk straddling his hips.

“This position would seem to put me at a distinctive disadvantage,” Spock said.

“Hands are at your sides aren’t they? Just like you told me.”

“On that same occasion I believe you said you would not take advantage of me in such a state.”

“It’s not the same. That was involuntary from a virus. This is deliberate,” Kirk said, inserting the Q-tip into one nostril.

“Tit for tat I believe is the proper phrase.”

He smirked. “You’re arrogant enough to lecture me on such things. Show me you can do better.”

He twisted the Q-tip and was rewarded as Spock’s nose began to twitch.

“I assure you that was not my-snf!-my motivation. I do not desire the captaincy and to insure you remain in your position it was necessary to…heh…to provide what aid I could to mask such a weak-hah-weakness.”

“So, then it’s only proper that I return the favour.”

“If you wish to think that you may.”

“I was under the impression you enjoyed this.”

“To watch is snf! different than to experience. It will illicit a different res-huh-response …heh…hah…” he was unable to finish as his breathing continued to hitch, but he still managed to keep them back for a while longer.

“You are good at this,” Kirk remarked as he moved to the other nostril.

Spock closed his eyes as they continued to water.

“Ah, none of that if you find too hard just admit it.”

Spock’s eyes snapped open in deviance and Kirk made his final move.


The sudden illumination of the room proved too much.

Hah-hahRSHU! HuhurSHHh! Ehh…EhhesSHHu!

Kirk smiled and sat back in satisfaction. He noticed some small green spots on Spock’s beard, letting him know that he had pressed a little too hard with his knife. Good the man needed to be kept in his place. He opened a drawer and pulled out a fresh box of tissues.


As Spock cleared his nose Kirk lay down beside him.

“You know you make an enjoyable companion for this we should do it again before Marlena gets back.”

“If I may be so bold, you appear to get no satisfaction from her presence, Captain, why does she remain with you?”

“Politics. If I’m occupied others won’t try that to get a promotion or some other benefit; or they’ll at least be subtle about it. That gives me space to focus on more important matters, like our upcoming assignment to obtain more dilithium.”

“Have you read the reports on the Halkans?”

Kirk snorted. “Yes, they’re a bunch of flower picking pacifists. It’s going to be the easiest mission we’ve had for a long time.”

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