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Orchestra with my crush


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I had one of the craziest rehearsals ever because of Mitchell.

Mitchell is unbelievably hot, blond hair, blue eyes, muscular but not beefy body and aa wicked sense of humor. To sum it up, he looks like a freaking Hollister model that has a god sent personality.

So I was in Orchestra like any other day, when Mitchell(name changed to protect the innocent) started sneezing.

We were playing a piece when Mitchell stopped playing and lifted his arm over his face. I was watching him out of my perifiral(spelled wrong sorry) vision. His head snapped down into his arm as he went "heh-tchoo! Heh-tchhew! He sniffed dryly and went back to playing. Then he stopped suddenly again in the piece and pulled his shirt over his mouth and nose and pinching his nose through the shirt, "heh-nxgh' h'nZZxg...heh..eh'MMF. By that time, we had already finished the piece. Not aware that I would be watching, he picked up his black hoodie from the ground and wiped his nose in it. (Yes, I know, it's not very attractive but he didn't have any tissues). His brother, who was the worst of us double bass players, was standing right next to him. He cried teasingly,"ew, Mitch, Gross!" Mitch just laughed it off adorably and a bit congestidly and sniffed the rest of the rehearsal. Um... I couldn't even describe how I felt.

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