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Not an ob as such.

Have you ever looked at someone and wondered what type of sneeze they have? And then a moment later.....you've found out!!

I was refuelling the car a few days ago when a lady just the right side of 21 walked over to the ice storage box on the forecourt. The thought ran through my head and as she reached for the steel handle to open it, she paused, turned her her head and released a just audible "ashoo!".

Later that week, I was driving along a main road to the city when I saw a lady sitting at a bus shelter, the inevitable phone in her hand. I had a good chance to study her and as we drew level, she lifted her hand to cover her mouth and jerked forward in the unmistakeble movement, the sound unfortunately lost to me. I noted carefully that she covered her mouth even though there was no one else present.

Things like this ever happen to anyone else?

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All the time! Just not as direct. I'll be sitting in class and a silent moment comes up, and I'll think "hey, this would be a great moment for someone to sneeze." And someone usually does.

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It happens to me a lot, but not if I will it to, if that makes sense. Like, occasionally, I'll have a subconscious thought (about anything, really...not just sneezing) and it'll happen. I've closed doors, turned on lights, whatever....just by thinking about it. But it has to be subconscious. Because if I actively think about my desire for a door to close or a light to turn on or someone to sneeze, nothing will happen.

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Every now and again I feel like I can "will" my boyfriend to sneeze but I'm not sure if that's because he's a sneezy enough guy to begin with or if I want him to so badly that I actually make it happen ;) Sometimes he'll be sitting at his computer and I'll think "Hm. Haven't seen you sneeze today" and maybe 5 minutes later it will happen.

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We just spent 55 minutes in the library learning about I have no idea what, it was so boring. Hoping so bad for someone to sneeze, and 5 minutes later, the girl in front of me does :)

Just yesterday I was thinking about this one guy sneezing and he does, 7 times, today :D I wrote an obs

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I know what you mean, but I wish it happened more often! A few times I've seen an attractive woman, and- for some crazy reason- decided to test whether I just might have magical powers, by thinking "sneeze now!"

It never worked... :lol:

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