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Human!Cas allergy fic (SPN)


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Ok so I thought it would be kind of cute that since Cas is human now, that he would have allergies to things but have no idea what is going on. I put it kind of an AU where it is winter when he first becomes human so he wouldn't be exposed to pollen and stuff right away... Anyway, I'm not that good at being in character so constructive criticism is very welcome!

Here we go!


Being human was proving to be quite the learning experience for Castiel, but he was gradually finding the solutions for his human problems. He found he had to eat to stop the hunger, get blankets or clothes for the cold, and sleep when he was tired. However, there was one thing that he couldn't explain or find a solution to – the itch in his nose. It was there most of the time, just lingering, but sometimes, it would get itchier and itchier until he couldn't take it anymore and his body made him forcefully expel air through his nose and mouth in an effort to get rid of the tickle. He later learned that this was called a sneeze, and the proper response was to say "bless you". Sometimes it would happen only once, but sometimes, when one of the guys at the men's home had a dog in his room, it would happen again and again until he was on the ground, panting for breath. This terrible phenomenon frightened Cas, and he was not sure what to do about it, but he could handle it. That is, until the spring came.

Cas woke up one morning feeling less cold than usual, and he layed on the park bench, enjoying the warm sensation. His peaceful calm was soon disturbed by the familiar tickle in the back of his nose, which was regular, but today it seemed different – much more urgent. His breath hitched, and he stifled a sneeze against the back of his wrist, hih.. Hxxngt! He sneezed like that because he was afraid that if he let them escape, his brain would come out of his nose and he would die. Not long after the first sneeze, the itch returned again, hXXNgT! He took in a shaky breath, hiihhh.... HaNGxT! “This is odd, Castiel thought, “this usually only happens a few times in the morning.” His thought was interrupted by yet another urgent sneeze, HaNgT! but this time, the tickle did not go away. Heh... HanGxXT! HXXNGt! Het-NGT! Cas pinched his nose between his fingers, alarmed. The itch was still there and stronger than ever. He hadn't felt this itchy since Josh had that dog in the room! He didn't know what to do, so he decided to call Dean. Cas got up and started to walk down the street, looking for a payphone. As soon as he let go of his nose, it went crazy, Cas was having a hard time keeping them in! Het-Gxxnt! Ha.. Hagxxt! HnnGT! Heh.. hih....HETCHIEWW! The last one was so strong that it sent him stumbling a little. He frantically rubbed it, trying to stop the tickle, but to no avail. At least the phone was nearby. He walked the rest of the way, stopping every few steps to sneeze, but at last he made it. He sneezed another triple into his elbow before reaching for the keypad and dialing Dean's number. It rang a few times, and finally, Dean picked up.

“He.. hello? Hanggxt! D-Hxxngt! Deand?”

“Cas! How you doing buddy?”

“N-Hanggxt! Dot good. Heh...hangxxT! hAnGXXT!”

Dean's voice took on a worried tone,

“Cas? What's wrong? Why are you sneezing?”

“HANGXT! HGnnNT! Huh... HanxxGT!” Cas pinched his nose again.

“I do- hih... dod't know wh-heh.. what's happedening to me.”

“Where are you? I'll come and find you.”

Cas looked around.

“I- heh... I'mb at the park.. Hanggt! on Wat- hih... Waterloo Lane in.. Hagnxxt! Heh... Kansas.”

“Be there in an hour Cas, hang in there buddy. Also, don't stifle your sneezes like that. It's not healthy.”

“Deand, bu- hih... but my braind. Hanggt!”

“Don't worry Cas, it's not going to come out your nose.”

Cas tried to answer, but Dean had hung up. He had nothing else to do, so he decided to go back to his park bench and wait.

Part 2 coming soon!

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holy frick.

you made my day ! :)

my day was going pretty bad, but now it's good :)

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That was really cute so far! Hehe I'm not very good at constructive criticism, but I'm curious to see where you go with this story! I don't really find alot of allergy-ridden Castiel fics around so this makes me really happy!! The sneezes are cute btw :)

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Awwwwwww! Another sneezy Castiel fic :D You made me very happy EmilyRose! Bring on the comforting Dean and hopefully a discussion about sneezing and allergies *grin*

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Thanks! Haha you guys make me so happy! :) I'm going to work on part 2 when I get home tonight so hopefully it'll be up in a few hours.

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Thanks! Haha you guys make me so happy! smile.png I'm going to work on part 2 when I get home tonight so hopefully it'll be up in a few hours.

Do it ! :)

Awesome! :)

excited for it ! :)

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Wow! I've been looking for something like this for ages! <3

Cas~~ QwQ.. he's TOO CUTE~ Illegally cute <3

Thank you so much for writing this, and I am SO excited for part 2!

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Ok! Thanks for all your comments! smile.png

Anyway, here's part 2, and it's just a little fluffier than I intended, but who doesn't want Dean and Cas being all cute together, am I right?


*one hour later*

Dean wanders around the park, looking for Cas. It is then that he hears the faint sound of a man sneezing, he darts his eyes around looking for the source. Then he sees a dark-haired haired head on one of the benches, bobbing up and down in what looks suspiciously like a sneezing fit. He jogs over and sits by his friend, putting a hand on his back and rubbing in gentle circles.

“Hey, hey hey. Cas. It's alright. I'm here now.”

Cas gets his fit under control, and sits up to look at Dean with swollen, watery eyes.

“Deand, I-hih... I don't uderstand. Hat-chiEWw!”

Cas paws at his itchy eyes. Dean grabs his hands to stop him.

“Don't do that, it's just going to make it worse.”

Cas looks at him in alarm.

You meand this ca-hah... can gedt worse?!”

But before Dean can answer, Cas is looking up at the sky, breath hitching wildly. He pitches forward in yet another desparate fit. Dean looks on in bewilderment, he's not sure how Cas hasn't passed out yet to be honest.

“Hiihh.... hihh... hitchieww! HaT-Cheww! Hatchew! Hit-ChIEWW! Hanxxgt! Ngt! Ngt! NGT!NGT!NGT!”

Cas feels a firm grip pulling him up off of the bench.

“Ok buddy, let's get you out of here. Also, what did I say about stifling?”

“Yo..hiih... you sa- hitchieww! HiT-ChiewW! HashIEW! Said no-hehh... not t-Hatchieww! Hashh! Ash!ash!ash!ash!”

“Yeah ok, take it easy Cas. Don't strain yourself.”

The two men make their way slowly to the impala, with Dean supporting a stumbling, convulsing Castiel. But they do get there eventually, and Dean drives away. Cas's condition improves in the air conditioned car, and before long, he is capable of conversation, save a few minor interruptions.

“That was not a very pleasandt ex- hashiewww! experiendce Deand.”

Dean hands him a tissue.

“Blow your nose. And yeah I know Cas. Pollen's crazy high today, beginning of spring and all that. Sammy's been sneezing all day – not quite as bad as you, but he is indoors and medicated, which improves things a little.”

Cas looks confused at the tissue, as though he doesn't know what to do with it.

“What? Never used a tissue before?”

“Ndo, ndever. Whad do I do?”

“Oh you gotta be kidding me.”

Dean pulls over on the side of the road, and takes the tissue from Cas. He places it over the other man's nose.

“Now you blow into it.”

Cas does as he's told.


“Much better. Thank you Dean.”

“Good. Now let's get you back to the bunker.”

“But what hiih.. hASHieww! What happened to me?”

“More like what is still happening to you, and will happen again when we go back outside, but I'll let Sam explain it to you, he knows more than I do.”

Part 3 coming soon!

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I'm legit freaking out over how good this is ! :) . Man can't wait to hear Sammy explain allergies ;) . Awe Cas is such a dork c3 how cute. "How do I use a tissue?" In a sense is what he basically said. Awwwie I melted ;o. I Cannot wait for part 3 ! :) hopefully sneezy Castiel & Sammy . Perhaps some sneezes from Dean too ;) . I'm really into reading this fic <3

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Really really looking forward to this! Ahh. Cas is so cute. I love when he doesn't understand things. And I love Dean being so knowledgeable about allergies... mmmm.

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Here's part 3! Let me know what you think. smile.png


When they pull up in front of the bunker, Dean looks over at Cas.

“You're probably going to want to plug your nose, there's a lot of ragweed out front, and I'm pretty sure you don't need any more allergens buggering up your system.”

Cas opens the door, steps out, takes a deep breath, and plugs his nose. Immediately the itch is back and Castiel's breath catches before he's off again.

“hiiih... HashH! HashIEw! IsSHiEw! Ish!ish!ish! Hat-ChiEWW!” Dean sighs,

“Wrong order buddy. I meant to take a breath BEFORE you went outside.”

He puts an arm around the sneezing man's waist and leads him inside. Once inside, Dean sets the sniffling, sneezing mess of a once-angel on the couch, tosses a box of tissues on his lap, and calls for Sam.


His grouchy, sniffling brother lumbers down the stairs.

“Whadt do you wandt De-” Sam freezes when he sees Cas.

“Dude, What did you do to himb?”

Cas tries to answer for himself,

“D- hiih...deand- heh... didnd't d-HashIEWw! HaSh!Ash!AsH! Hit-chiEWW!”

Dean sits down next to Cas, takes the ruined tissue he was still sneezing into, and presses a new one to his nose, which he gratefully sneezes into.

“Shh...It's going to be ok Cas. Just let it out."

He turns to his brother.

“Nothing. I came to help him.”

“I didnd't kdow Cas had allergies...”

“Neither did he. Actually, still doesn't. I was hoping you could explain it to him, what with your experience and all.”

Sam sighs and runs a hand through his hair.

“Well there's no talking to himb in-hiiih... HuCHuuh! this state. Let's get himb cleaned up and combfortable”

After about 10 minutes of Cas sneezing, and Dean passing him tissue after tissue, the sneezing died down, and the two brothers carry Castiel into the bedroom Dean saved for him when he thought he would be staying. They layed him on the bed, but not 5 seconds after his head touched the pillow, he was sneezing again. But these were different, faster and harsher than before.

“Hi..-HisShH! Ishh! AsH! Ashieww! Isheww! Ha-AsHH! Ash!ash!ash!ish!ISHH!”

Dean was stunned. He scooped Cas up into his arms, and got him out of the room as fast as he could.


he shouted. Sam cam bolted around the corner, took in the situation, and helped Dean get Cas back onto the couch.

“I don't understand, Sam. He was just on the bed.”

“Maybe he's allergic to something in there too. I'm going to go check.”

Dean called after him,

“Hey, can you bring him some meds too?”

Sam nodded over his shoulder and went back to the bedroom. Dean looked at Castiel, his body spasming with each desperate sneeze. It hurt too much to see Cas like this. He had to do something. Dean got a washcloth and ran it under cold water. He grabbed the bridge of Cas's nose to at least give him a chance to breathe a little, and pressed the cool cloth over Cas' swollen eyes. Cas moaned a little.

“There you go. Just relax, Cas. Does that feel nice?”

“Feels go-HAtchiEW! Good Deand.”

Dean reaches over and gets another tissue to wipe off his hand.


“Don't be. It's not like you can help it. I'm just here to help.”

Not long after, Sam entered the room, a box of Benadryl and a glass of water in hand.

“Yup. That was a feather pillow. Who would have thought that ad ex-angel would be allergic to feathers?”

Suddenly, Sam's breath caught, and a look of panic entered his eyes.

“D-hiiih... Dean!”

Dean got the memo, and rushed to Sam's aid. He took the supplies out of his brother's arms just in time.

“Ha... Hatchuh!chuh!chuh! Hat-TISHH!”

Dean gave his brother a concerned look, but set them on the side table and helped Cas into a sitting position and handed him two pink pills.

“Take these. You'll feel better.”

“Hiih... ok. Will it hurdt?”

“No, but it might make you a little sleepy.”

“Sl-heh... HatChieWw! Sleep sounds ndice”

Cas took the pills from Dean and swallowed them. Within 10 minutes, Cas was sound asleep. The two brothers tip-toed out of the room, and, when they were far enough away so as not to wake Cas, Dean turned to Sam.

“Pollen's awful, how are you feeling?”

Sam gives a liquid sniff.

“Preddy crappy to be hondest.”

“Aw, Man. I'm sorry Sammy, I've been so worried about Cas that I haven't even bothered to check in on you.”

“It'ds ok Deand. In all honesdty I'mb worried about himb more than mbyself too.”


“Pollends high today, sure. But it'ds dot ndearly as high as it'ds goindg to get. I'd say like a six out of tend. I've ndever seen andyone have that bad of a reactiond with so little pollend. Not to mendtiond this mbost recendt episode.”

“What are you getting at Sammy?”

“All I'mb saying is that mbaybe we should get himb tested. His head was on that pillow for whad, two seconds? Who knows whad else the poor guy is allergic to. We're lucky his throat isn't closindg ond us.”

Now it was Dean's turn to sigh.

“I just feel so bad for him. He doesn't even know what's happening to him, and we're going to stick him full of needles?”

“It'ds for his own good, Deand.”

“Yeah, yeah, fine. I'll make an appointment tomorrow. In the meantime, can we teach him to hunt and take him with us?”

“AFTER he gets pumped full of prescription antihistamines.”

Dean's face lit up.


To be continued....

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Awwwwwwe Castiel my baby D: no poor sniffly Castiel. It breaks my heart to see him like this. Castiel is just too innocent to be tortured;o . I have a soft spot for Castiel. Can't wait for the next part ! :) awie sneezy Sammy too :) . Awe but still poor allergic Castiel.

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Sorry! There's a little bit of a mess up with Sam helping get Cas on the bed and then somehow not being there but I can't edit it for some reason, so overlook that please! tonguesmiley.gif

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Thank you for continuing this story... I've got a full on grin right now :D This is soooo so good! And Cas being worse than Sam is yummy. Poor ex-angel!

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I'm loving writing this so much! :) thanks for the feedback guys. I'm going to work on it again tonight I think and I should have part 4 up tonight or tomorrow morning.

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I'm loving writing this so much! smile.png thanks for the feedback guys. I'm going to work on it again tonight I think and I should have part 4 up tonight or tomorrow morning.

Yay :D May stay awake tonight just to read it :) Happy writing!

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Thanks again for the comments! Here is part 4. smile.png


“Yup... yup.... Mmmhmm.... Ok. So tomorrow at 3?”

Dean hangs up the phone. Sam looks at him expectantly.

“Ok Sammy, by tomorrow night Cas should be allergy free!” He grins.

“Or well... at least somewhat allergy-symptom free.”

*the next day*

Cas does not wake up the next morning at 8... or at 11... or even at 1. Dean peeks into the living room and sees a still snoring Cas fast asleep on the couch.

“Sam.” he whispers, beckoning for his brother to come look.

“Wow. I guess his allergy attack yesterday really wore him out.”

“I almost don't want to wake him.”

“You have to Dean. His appointment is in 2 hours, and the clinic is an hour and a half away.”

“Ugh. Fine.”

He tip-toes into the living room, and kneels by Cas. Not wanting to scare him, Dean gently brushes Cas' hair off of his forhead. Cas stirs, but does not open his eyes.

“Hey Cas. Time to get up buddy” Dean murmurs.

Cas rolls over to face Dean and slowly opens his eyes.

“How long was I asleep?” He asks groggily.

“Approximately 20 hours. Give or take a few.”

Cas bolts up.

“Why did you not wake me sooner?!”

“You needed the rest. Yesterday took a lot out of you.”

“Ah, yes. It did, didn't it? I still don't know what it was exactly.”

“Come on. Sammy will explain on the road.”

“The road to where, Dean?”

“Your appointment with the allergist.”

“I... I don't know what that is.”

“Just come on.”


Dean drives, with Sam in the passenger side, and Cas in the back.


“Yeah Cas?”

“Dean says you will tell me what is going on.”

“Yeah. Ok. Well, we are 99% sure that you have allergies Cas. And pretty bad ones at that.”


“Yeah. Put simply, it is your body's reaction to foreign materials and substances it considers irritants.”

“But Sam, God made everything here. Why would some of it make people allergic?”

“Because everyone is different and reacts different to certain things. Some people, like Dean, are allergic to very few things-”

Dean scowls at the mention of his allergy. He's always hated it.

“Sorry Dean. And some people are allergic to many things. Even the symptoms change from person to person. Some

people, like you, sneeze a lot and get itchy eyes, and some people, like me get hives, and lots of other symptoms too. But the allergist – like a doctor, but mostly for allergies – will be able to tell you more if you want.”

Castiel frowns, and contemplates this new information before answering.

“I don't like allergies Sam. I don't want them anymore.”

“Sorry Cas, it doesn't work that way.”


When they arrive at the clinic, they are still 30 minutes early, so they find a seat beside a friendly looking woman along the wall to wait. After about 5 minutes, Castiel start to sniffle again, and Sam hands him a tissue.

“Deand. Somethindg is wrondg againd.”

“Cas. There can't be anything wrong here. This is an allergy clinic. It's full of allergic people. I'm pretty sure they are required by law to not make the allergic people have allergy attacks in here.”

Cas answers with increasing urgency.

“Ndo Deand. My ndose itches againd. I dond't want to sndeeze ind frondt of all these people... Itd's embarrassindg.”

“Don't be embarrassed Cas. I already told you it can't be helped.”

But he knew that it should be able to be helped. For goodness sake. If there's one place in this world Cas should be able to find respiratory peace, it's an allergy clinic, but yet here he is, breath hitching, nose twitching, with this pathetic, desparate, gonna-have-a-sneezing-fit face on. It was enough to make his blood boil. Cas leans onto Dean's chest, and buries his nose into his shirt as the itch conquers once more.

“hiih... Hat-shiew! HushoOO! HashIEw! Hash! Ash!ash!”

Dean looks at Sam inquisitively.

“Yeah De-hiih... Deand. There's definit- ha... hat-CHUH! Definitely somethindg...Heh... like, HanGGt! Like perfume or so-haah... something.”

That's when Dean lost it. He gently moves Cas back into his own chair, and stands up.

Sam knows what he's about to do, and tries to stop it.

“Dean, don't ma-hiih... Ha-CHuUh! make a scene... please.”

But Dean is having none of it.

“DAMMIT!” he shouts.

The entire room looks up from their various smartphones and magazines, alarmed.

“I have an allergic brother and an EVEN MORE allergic friend, so whoever is wearing perfume kindly GET the HELL OUT, because quite frankly I don't think either one of them can take much more of this right now.”

The woman sitting beside them meekly stands up and walks to the bathroom.

“I'll wash it off” she says quietly.

“THANK YOU. And read the damn sign on the door next time, lady.”

Sam is just a little mortified, but when he looks at Cas, who is downright miserable, he mouths 'thank you' to his brother.

Part 5 to come! I think 5 might be the last one... but we'll see. wink.png

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Go Dean, you tell em' ! :) , lovely part <3 I really like where this is going. Can't wait for more :)

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Your comments make me do a little happy dance every time. smile.png

Here's part 5... I don't know a whole lot about allergy tests, so I made some bits up haha.


An assistant walks into the waiting room.


Cas' head snaps up and he looks panicked.

“You can follow me. Dr. Marshall will see you now.”

Cas swallows hard and starts to follow, then quickly turns around.



Cas pauses,

“.... come with me please?”

Dean sighs and puts his magazine away. Cas grabs his hand and squeezes as they enter the doctor's office. They take a seat in front of the desk and wait for the allergist to finish typing. Cas is just noticing how many wrinkles the man has on his forehead, when the doctor turns to him.

“So, what seems to be the problem?”

Cas fidgets with his hands.

“I.... I- um..”

He looks at Dean. Dean rolls his eyes.

“He's been having a lot of allergy problems lately. We'd like to get him tested so that we can avoid further attacks.”

The allergist nods and types something into his computer.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad would you say his symptoms would be?”

“Uhh... well, he sneezes a LOT. Umm... there's not any other respiratory problems other than not getting enough air while he sneezes, but his eyes get pretty irritated too, so I'd say about an 8.5.”

“Mhmm...” Dr. Marshall types again. “And what would you like to test him for?”

“Mostly household and environmental allergies, as far as I know he has no food allergies. But he seems to be really allergic to pollen, and we're almost positive that he reacts pretty severely to feathers and perfumes as well.”

“Alright Dean, does a regular skin prick test sound ok?”


Dr. Marshall stands up,

“Ok, well you can follow me into our test room.”

The test room has a few chairs and an examination table inside.

“Castiel, we're going to need you to remove your shirt and lay on your stomach for the tests.”

Cas does as he's instructed.

“I'm going to go and retrieve the allergen samples. Wait here please.”

Cas looks at Dean.

“I'm afraid, Dean.”

“It's gonna be ok. This man's going to help make sure that your allergies won't bug you anymore.”


“Well... He's going to stick some needles into your back, and then we'll find out what it is exactly you're allergic to, and then

he'll give us some medicine.”

The doctor comes back with a tray full of various allergen samples.

Cas' eyes fill with terror when he sees the needles.

“Umm... I don't think you'll need those needles. I- um, I'm not allergic to anything.”

Dean shakes his head at Dr. Marshall.

“The tests are simple Castiel, and in the long-term, you'll feel a lot better.”

“Yeah Cas, it'll be over soon, and I'll be right here the whole time.”

The allergist addresses Dean.

“I'm going to test him for several different types of pollen, dust, cat dander, dog dander, feathers, various scented things, dust mites, the works.”

Dean nods his approval, and Cas grabs his hand as the allergist begins to draw the grid on his back. Cas fliches and starts to hyperventilate when the first prick of the needle happens.

“Shh... shh... Calm down Cas. It'll be over soon.”

Then the 10th needle goes in.. and the 15th... and the 25th... and finally the 30th. Cas sighs as the allergist packs up the syringes and leaves.

“I'll be back in a few minutes. Just lie as still as you can.”

He closes the door behind him. Dean puts a hand on Cas' forehead.

“You're a trooper Cas. I'm proud of you.”

Cas grunts in response and his back muscles spasm a little.

“What's wrong?”

“My back... it's itchy.”

Dean looks at the grid of angry red spots that has become his friend's back.

“Shitshitshit. I forgot about this part. It's been so long since Sammy got tested.”

Cas awkwardly tries to reach his arm around and scratch. Dean quickly grabs it to stop him.

“No no. You can't scratch. It'll screw with your results.”

Cas just whimpers.

“I'm not enjoying this, Dean.”

“I know buddy. Hang in there.”

Dr. Marshall comes back with a clipboard. He sets it down and examines Cas' back. He records a few things on the clipboard. Dean looks at him expectantly.

“Well Castiel,” he chuckles “aren't you just the living embodiment of allergic?”

Dean raises an eyebrow.

“I've never seen someone react to violently to every single allergen we test for.”

Cas speaks up,

“Can I scratch my back now?”

The allergist replies,

“You can, but it'll just make it worse. He hands Dean a bottle of ointment. You can put this on him if you'd like.”

Dean obliges, earning a moan of relief from Castiel.

“This is one of those rare cases where you can make extremely generalized statements without personal experimentation. I recommend that you keep him away from ALL scented products, ALL pollens, and ALL furry or feathered pets. Also clean your home regularly and get rid of any allergens that could affect him. I'm going to prescribe a milder, daily antihistamine to lessen the every day allergies, and also a stronger one for the allergy season – which is now.”

He chuckles again and hands Dean the prescription paper.

“Don't worry, I'll give him a dose now, so that you can make it to the pharmacy without incident.”

He smiles as he hands Cas a paper cup with a pill inside it and a small glass of water. Cas takes the pills gratefully and puts his shirt back on. Dean thanks Dr. Marshall and the two men head back out to the waiting room. Sam stands up to meet them when they get closer.

“How did it go?”

“It was awful.” Cas replies, “But I feel better now.”

Sam looks at Dean.

“The results?”

Dean puts a hand behind his neck and sighs.

“Yeah... He's basically a walking ball of allergic.”


“Not one of the 30 pricks on his back came back negative.”


“We're going to have to clean up the bunker a bit.”


Alright! That's the end of my train of story-thought! So unless any one of you lovely people (so sorry DeathNoteOwner) has any prompts, (Which I would gladly fill) this story is finished! smile.png

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Well i'm not a lady.

:P but i'll give you a prompt.

Uh what if Dean and Sam got a kitty and Castiel run out of allergy meds.

or they go to a park forgetting to drug Castiel. pollen pollen pollen.


Something that will make Castiel sneeze.

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