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Hi guys! :) I've said this a lot, but it's great to be here. You're all really nice and welcoming, and the content on here is so very interesting, and pleasing ;)

So this is where I'm going to post the drabbles I've promised, and have listed suggestions for at this link: http://www.sneezefetishforum.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=54597

As requested by several, here's a drabble about #1 on my list. It's quite short; I apologize, but if popular demand...well, demands, I can write more on these two, or for others on my list.

Warning: If you don't like M/M, then I would suggest bypassing this.


Jasper snuffled wetly, blinking a tear away from his eye and glaring at his bond-mate over the top of the plaid bandanna handkerchief he held over his dripping nose. “Jacob DeWitt, you better be expecting payback for this…” he growled.

Jake cackled, holding a long, lovely blade of grass in one of his hands and stroking Jasper’s hair with the other. “Ohh, I don’t mind, love,” he said softly, sitting happily astride him atop their comfortable mattress. “Just as long as I get to keep doing this…” He seductively leaned in closer and touched his forehead to Jasper’s before tugging at the bandanna with his fingers, ever so slowly poking the blade of grass under the cloth and setting it aside Jasper’s twitching nose.

“HeISHHUuhh!” Jasper sneezed, fighting not to bonk foreheads with Jake. “ISHHhuh! ISHHUHHEIWW! HEISHEWW! Hehh, heh-heehhhh…” The sneeze backed off just slightly, and Jake giggled at the way Jasper’s eyelids fluttered.

“Heeyyy, little sneeeeze…” Jake cooed, still twirling the blade of grass about Jasper’s nostrils. “Where aaaare yoooouuu…?”

HehhHeh, HEHHEISHHIEEWW!” Jasper released a huge sneeze into the bandanna, bending in half with its force. He blinked dizzily, his eyes and nose running like faucets and his throat raw.

“Awwwhhh, you’re just so handsome, Jazzy~” Jake giggled, not caring in the slightest about the fact that Jasper’s nose was soaking as he nuzzled it lovingly and kissed his forehead. “I love you so, so, soooooo super much~”

Jasper managed a giggle, adoring the fact that his bond-mate was most certainly insane. “I love you too, you wacky DimWitt, you.”

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Whoopsies--I think I posted this in the wrong category. I posted it in the "Original Fiction" category instead of the "Drabbles and Roleplay" one. My apologies, admins~

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awwwwwwwwwwe oh my gosh I love this <3

Really, youre writting is amazing.

Cant wait to read more ! :)

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awwwwwwwwwwe oh my gosh I love this <3

Really, youre writting is amazing.

Cant wait to read more ! :)

Ohh, goodness, I'm blushing~ Thank you very much! I'm usually very busy during the school week, but I will try to update as often as I possibly can!

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awwwwwwwwwwe oh my gosh I love this <3

Really, youre writting is amazing.

Cant wait to read more ! smile.png

Ohh, goodness, I'm blushing~ Thank you very much! I'm usually very busy during the school week, but I will try to update as often as I possibly can!

Of course, update at your own pace :) . No problem :)

Can't wait to

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Whoopsies--I think I posted this in the wrong category. I posted it in the "Original Fiction" category instead of the "Drabbles and Roleplay" one. My apologies, admins~

All fixed! ^_^

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Whoopsies--I think I posted this in the wrong category. I posted it in the "Original Fiction" category instead of the "Drabbles and Roleplay" one. My apologies, admins~

All fixed! ^_^

Hooray! Thanks :)

And also, thank you everyone for your compliments *hugs*

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Hello everyone~ Unfortunately, I have an important history exam next Friday that requires quite a lot of studying, so it is unlikely that I will be able to write this weekend. I'm awfully sorry :( but I promise that when I do have time to update, the writing will be all the better for having more time to make it so.

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Don't worry please take all the time you need! Good luck on your history exam!!! :)

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Ahh, I had some extra time on Sunday to write and I thought I'd post after school today, just to give you guys something. I don't like adhering to lists, heheheh, so this is actually a story about when my vampire character (mentioned on the list; he's #3) was a human, and extremely prone to catching very bad colds.

P.S.--> Cookies to anyone who can tell me where I got the lullaby from. ;)



Ashford St. Michael sniffled miserably, one hand pressed to his forehead, his elbow on his knee, and the other hand holding a cream-colored handkerchief before his cherry-red nose. He gave the appendage a blow, wincing at how it made his head throb painfully. “Tianaaa…” he whimpered in a croak.

Tiana Davis, Ashford’s bond mate, chuckled with a smile as she came into the parlor and sat down on the couch beside him. “Gesundheit,” she told him softly, putting her gentle, chocolate-skinned arm around his muscular, blanket-covered back. “My poor dear… I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well, Ash…”

Ash sniffled again and let his temple fall to rest on her shoulder. His defined nose gave a sudden twitch and he convulsed against her, the hand holding the handkerchief to his face shaking with the force of his sneezes. “HIESHHOO!! HAIYYSHI’HOO!! Hahh… HaAHH-hah…” Ash’s eyelashes fluttered against the edge of the cloth, his upper lip curling and quivering beneath it. “HAHH-heiAHH…”

Tiana almost let herself laugh aloud, but she knew it would humiliate Ash even further, his dignity already severely taxed with this debilitating cold. She settled for a gentle, motherly smile, and she rubbed his back, feeling it shudder as his hitches intensified. “It’ll come, my Ashford, it’ll c—“

“HAHHASHOOO!!!” Ash was thrust forward into his hanky with the voluminous sneeze, his feet even lifting slightly from the floor as his nose nearly hit his knees. “HahhHAHHhuUHSHOO!!”

Tiana clicked her tongue sympathetically and gave his cheek a kiss. “Gesundheit, my love… How does some hot tea sound, hmm? I’ll go make you some.”

Ash whimpered and scooted closer to her, nudging her jawbone with his head before rasping, “No, stay with me, please…? Just for a few minutes…?”

“Of course I’ll stay, my darling…” Tiana smiled with a loving sigh and took his shoulders in her hands, moving his head, as he tucked his legs up beneath him, to rest on her lap. She took the hanky from his hand and gently wiped the discharge from his exhausted nose, and she set it on the coffee table before them as she began to stroke his hair and sing a soft lullaby. “Tender shepherd, tender shepherd, let me help you count your sheep. One in the meadow, two in the garden, three in the nursery, fast asleep…”

Ash’s eyes closed, and within minutes his breathing evened out, punctuated only by the occasional, congested snore. Tiana smiled and continued to stroke his hair, content with staying in that position for as long as her beloved Ash needed her.

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Ohhhh dear lord the detail in this!

It's precious! Ohhhh God just the details-- him nearly banging his nose on his knee, his feet going off the floor--OH God his upper lip curling and

You just barely joined and you are so remarkable at this! I'll certainly be keeping a close eye on your drabbed, Lady Salem!

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Ahaha, thank you both! I love all you guys, giving me feedback~ It's so nice, knowing people read and like my stuff.

This was a fun one to write; I've recently discovered that writing before I study helps me relax. So here's a nice little updation (that's not a word, is it...?) before I take my exam tomorrow :S (Oh, and this character is #2 on my list)


Irina West, nineteen-year-old Norwegian self-proclaimed magical genius (and also an expert at stretching the truth), chanted to herself under her breath: “Don’t sneeze. Don’t—hihhh…d-don’t sneeze... Don’t…sn-nee-he-heeeze…”

She tightly pinched her petite nose, and she exhaled shakily when the fierce tickle trickled backward into her sinuses. Irina had scaled a tree the moment the enemy robot had passed through the nearby portal, and only upon situating herself quite comfortably on a nice thick branch did she fully realize that the tree was a pine tree, the needles of which were a powerful trigger to her allergies.

“H-Heeihhhh…” A hitch broke through Irina’s hold and surprised her, and the enemy robot, passing right underneath her tree, paused.

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!! Irina’s mind raced.

The robot’s humanoid head swiveled slowly about, its murderous red eyes flaming with the desire to fulfill its main purpose. “Who’s there?” it droned.

Like I’ll answer you, you freaky box of junk, Irina thought wryly. No sooner had the words passed across her thoughts that her breath caught in her throat once again, the itch returning to her nose with a vengeance.

“Hih…hih, hih, heeihihhhh…” Irina tried to swallow back the hitches, but it only resulted in her making a strange choking sound, a sound that the robot heard. It turned fully to face the trunk of the tree, and it slowly moved forward.

Oh my God, I’m gonna die. Irina put one hand over her mouth to quiet her hitches, and with the other hand, she clenched her slender fingers around her quivering nostrils, desperate to send the sneeze back into its rightful place so the robot would go away.

Seconds ticked by, and after a few the robot decided it must have just been a bird or a frog or some other unimportant organism, and it took a step in the opposite direction when suddenly, it heard a noise.


The robot spun around and strode swiftly towards the tree, and it scaled the bark and branches in seconds, turning this way and that to see what had made that strange sound. Upon finding nothing hidden between the leaves, the robot returned to the ground and continued along the path towards the town.

As soon as the robot was out of earshot, Irina broke her hastily cast invisibility spell, dropped to the ground, snatched a handkerchief from her pocket, and gave her nose a squeaky little blow, violently and quietly cursing her allergies and her weakness. “Damn—heeITchUU!! Sdnff…damn nose…damn a-allergies… HeeihSHUU!! HeeITCHUU!! …Grrrrr…”

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Hey everybody! :D ughhhh the exam was so f**king hard, omg. I was in tears at one point studying for it ;(

Anyway, I should be back home in about an hour or two; I'm out and about at the moment, and then I'll get writing! Sorry I've abandoned you all for so long~



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Aha, Awko, I'm glad I've pleased you~

Sooo yeah, guys, I wasn't planning on getting as sick as I did, but since I go to a school with a bunch of rich kids who like to ski, I've got this whole next week off, and I've got some lovely drabble ideas in mind! So I'll be back real soon. I promise!



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AHHHHH APOLOGIES TO THE ENTIRE WORLD AND GALAXY AND OMG. My life has been INSANE this past month and I have had literally no time at all to reply to my thread! I hope this won't make any of you hate meeeeee Dx Anyway, here's a cute little thing I wrote for my friend (I'm one of the lucky people who have a friend with the fetish~) and I proooooomise I'll try my absolute hardest to reply more often now! I can also promise you guys that this friend and I have come up with a loverly little pairing (it's M/M for those of you who like that kinda stuff; for those who don't, I still have all my others) and I'll post some of that here soon!

Anywho, I shall shut up now, so without further ado, here is one of my pixie OCs Robin, his big sister Annabelle, and some good old-fashioned caretaking and some squeaky little sneezies~ Until next time, ~LS



Robin sniffled, swaddled up in a thick quilt on a tiny green couch. “Meh…” he grumbled childishly, his light blue wings drooping glumly as he scrubbed at his little button nose.

A female fairy giggled a blessing, her bangs curling forward atop the forehead of her heart-shaped face as she flitted out from the kitchen of the fairy house. “Bless you, Robin!”

“Thadk you, Addie,” Robin said happily, happiness borne of his beloved big sister’s presence breaking through his stuffy nose and fever-glazed gaze. “A-Are you—hihh-HIPSHhuu!!”

“Bless you,” Annie—or Annabelle, as she was commonly known—exclaimed softly, fluttering over to kneel at her baby brother’s side. “You’re very sneezy,” she remarked, grinning playfully.

“Well, I’be god a cold,” Robin mumbled, shyly tucking his face into the corner of the blanket. “Ob course I’b sdeezy… HIPPSHuuu!!”

“Ew, don’t—don’t sneeze into the blanket. That’s yucky.” Annabelle looked around for a tissue, and upon not finding any, she was about to go into the bathroom for some toilet paper before grinning. “I know just the solution~” she said. She flew back over to Robin and sat beside him, smiling affectionately when he nuzzled close to her, laying his hot little head on her lap. She brought her hands together and materialized a light blue cloth, the same color as Robin’s wings. On the side of the cloth, in maroon stitching, was the word “Robin.”

“Addie… Is that for be…?” Robin’s deep green eyes widened in surprise.

“Of course it is, silly,” Annabelle laughed. “How many other pixies do you know that are named Robin~?”


“Exactly!” Annabelle giggled. Suddenly, Robin hitched, and she gasped before quickly placing the new hanky over Robin’s nose, catching two sneezes in the warm, pleasantly smooth cloth. “HipSHUU!! HiHIPPSHuu!!”

“Bless you…” Annabelle gently wiped her brother’s nose and leaned down to kiss his forehead. “You get to keep that hanky forever, don’t’cha~?”

“Yeeahhh… Yeah, I do~”

“That’s right, baby brother. You can keep it forever…”

Annabelle sat with her brother as he slowly fell asleep, his head still in her lap and her tender fingers slowly stroking his hair. “I love you so much, Robin. Don’t you ever forget it.”

“I probise, Addie… I’ll dever forgedt. Ever.”

“That’s my favorite brother.”

“I’b your odly brother.”

“I know. That’s why you’re my favorite.”


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Not sure how I missed these before. Very nice! (And, the lullaby is from Peter Pan. I don't think anyone answered that yet. ;))

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How cute, how cuuuute~ Robin's a huge cutie and Annabelle's a sweetheart! Wonderful to see you back with these awesome drabbles, my dear~

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