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A cuddle buddy is like a walking pillow, all you do id this person or use them as aseat/bed/pillow, but you don't have a crush on this person. So my cuddle buddy, Jay is sick, cold, and he is sneezy like you wouldn't believe. First Jay is brunnet, green eyes, and 5 foot 2 inches. But like I said he has a cold, and he is next to me right now, sleeping like a rock. We hung out all day and he was sniffly and sneezy and just all blegh, but a cute pitiful blegh. Let me tell you what happened.....

we were sitting in my room soing what cuddle buddies do best which is cuddle and talk. And then he started to sniffle wetly, and I had a feeling that he was gonna sneeze, but I didn't say anything. He kept sniffling until he covered his mouth with his shirt, pushed me off himself (I fell off my bed and onto the floor. ;-;), and sneezed like 5 times like "Ee'Shuh! Heh'ESHiew! Heh'Chiiew!!" and then he stifled the last two. "Hnngtts!! Txxgtxs!!" I got back onto the bed and looked at him while trying my best not to blush. I mumled him a 'bless you'. And then he smirked at me, knowing I enjoyed them because he knows about my fetish. But I kept my distance from the collar of his shirt, because I hate germs.

The next time he sneezed was just before he fell asleep at 11. They were tired, soft, and just absolutely pitiful. They are kinda hard to type out, I'm sorry. But right now he is sleeping next to me, and he looks all cute with his red irritated nostrils and the slight bags under his eyes. I'll see if I'll get anymore obs in the morning--or later this morning I mean...

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Awe souh cute. Cuddle buddies<3 can we see updates of him? Oh and thank you for sharing ! :)

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dawwwwww he pushed u off the bed and sneezed into his shirt that is ADORABLE

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