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Vampire Diaries Cast Fic (Nina&Paul)


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So I am a huge fan of the vampire diaries and, like everyone else who follows nina dobrev on twitter/instagram/whosay I know she had a bad cold recently. I am also a Dobsley shipper so I thought I'd write a cute fic about them smile.png This is my first so please be kind!


Paul was talking to Julie Plec whilst waiting for his co-star and friend, Nina, to arrive on set. They only had one more scene today and Paul was eager to go home and rest, so he was frustrated that Nina wasn't on time. Finally Nina burst through the doors and onto the set.

"Sorry, I'm late!" She said breathlessly. She looked slightly disgruntled, her costume was out of place, her hair was a little messy, but Paul supposed that was just a result of Elena's new hairstyle. Her cheeks were pink and, even with the makeup, her face looked pale and there were bags under her eyes. Paul's irritation evaporated when he realised that she was run-down and exhausted and was probably late because she'd fallen asleep in her dressing room.

"That's okay," Julie told her, smiling, "It's only a short scene, it won't take long." Nina looked relieved and Paul suspected she wanted to go home as badly as he did. "Alright I want you to on the first mark, holding hands, and finish on the last make on the second last line of dialogue." Paul and Nina both nodded and Nina moved to join Paul, where he already stood in position. "Okay, just give us a minute while we set up the camera."

As Julie walked a few paces away, Paul turned to his co-star, "Hey, cutting it a little close there, Neens," he joked, smiling.

Nina gave him a weak smile back, which quickly faded, "I know I'm sorry,"

Paul frowned, "I was joking, Nina, like we always do... Are you okay?"

"Ye- Yeah," Nina responded, breathily. Paul opened his mouth to say something else when Nina suddenly turned away from him and cupped her hands to her mouth "heh Heh-shoo!!" Nina straightened up and gave a hearty sniff "Ugh," she groaned.

"You coming down with something?" Paul asked, concerned.

"I, heh, I think seh - heh-HaCHOO!" Nina sneezed, louder this time.

"I'll take that as a yes," Paul smirked wrapping and arm around her shoulders and pulling her closer to him so she could rest her head on his chest. "Are you going to be able to do the scene?" He asked, serious.

"Of course," Nina said confidently, ending her temporary moment of weakness by lifting her head off of Paul's chest, though she continued to lean on him and was grateful that his arm was still holding her up.

"Okay, you two we're ready!" Julie called from over by the camera. Paul and Nina began to pull away from each other to get in position until Julie stopped them, "No stay like that! It looks sweet!"

Paul was surprised at how easily Nina got through the scene. He had always know she was amazingly talented and professional, but everyone had their moments. He did notice that on the last couple of takes, she seemed to be leaning on him a fair bit more, but to the camera, she looked flawless.

"Cut!" Julie shouted, "That was beautiful guys, your free to go home now, I'll see you on Tuesday!"

As soon as she and the rest of the crew had turned their attention away from Nina and Paul, and had begun talking loudly amongst themselves, Nina turned away from Paul. "Heh-shoo, Huh-shew, uh HuhCHOO!" She sneezed and then began coughing into her fist.

"Jeez Nina!" Paul exclaimed, shocked. He quickly put an arm around her and led her of set. Once they were in the corridor he led her to the couch and picked up a water bottle from the table on the way.


This was going to be longer but I ran out of time, will update later if you want smile.png

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Not sure if anyone likes this but I figured I'd keep going, just in case


Paul sat down next to Nina and handed her the water bottle. "Here," he said, concerned.

Nina smiled weakly and began to drink, while Paul rubbed her back, soothingly. "Thanks," she said, her voice hoarse, once she had finished drinking.

"What happened, Nina?" Paul asked, worried, "You didn't seem too bad when you arrived."

"I wasn't," she replied, voice still hoarse. She cleared her throat and continued, "I think it's just because i kept holding everything back and trying to sound normal during the scene." She coughed weakly and Paul continued to rub her back.

"How do you feel?" He asked her.

"Worse than before but not too bad."

"That's good, you should go get changed and then go home to bed," Paul advised.

Nina nodded, "Thanks Paul," she smiled weakly and stood up.

"Do you want me to walk you to your dressing room?" Paul asked, still worried.

Nina smiled properly this time, "I'm fine, Paul. You don't have to worry about me." She then turned and walked away, stopping after a few steps.

"Nina?" Paul asked, confused.

"huh, Huh-Choo!" Nina replied.

"Bless you," Paul smiled.

"Thanks," Nina called as she continued to walk back to her dressing room.


Paul left the studio and was met with a cold gust of wind as he headed to his car. He stopped when he noticed a small figure standing on the footpath next to the car park.

"Nina?" He exclaimed, shocked, "What are you doing? You shouldn't be out in the cold!"

Nina around surprised. "Oh, Paul! I was juh just huh Ah-choo, heshoo, ah Ah-CHOO!" she stopped and pulled a tissue out of her pocket and wiped her nose, sniffling.

"Bless you," Paul said, seriously, getting more worried by the second.

"Ugh, thangs," Nina said as she scrunched up her, now wet, tissue and put it in her jeans pocket. "Candice gave be a ride today and I was waiting for her, but she just *snif* texted be that she's going to be a while, cus the scene's taking l-longer than pl-planned, Hah-choo!" Nina sneezed wetly into her hands, then dug in her pockets for another tissue, sniffling the whole time.

"So you've been standing outside in the cold?" Paul exclaimed. Nina shrugged and then shivered. Paul immediately took off his jacket and wrapped it around Nina who was only wearing a sweater.

"Thangs," She said, before coughing into her elbow.

"Come with me," Paul said putting his arm around her and leading her to his car, "I'll take you home."


Please reply, it would mean so much to know you like this!

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part 3


Paul unlocked Nina's door with the keys she'd handed him earlier, opened it, and ushered Nina inside.

"You should probably just take something, have a drink and go to bed, you sounded like you were getting worse in the car," Paul said in a concerned voice, as he rubbed her back soothingly.

Nina shook her head, even though she knew she'd been sneezing and sniffling and coughing more and more in the car. "I can't I, heh, I have a lot of steh- stuff to heh to... Heh-Choo, Ah-CHOO, ESHOO to do *sniff sniff*" Nina pulled out her packet of tissue, still sniffling constantly, but it was empty. Holding her hand under her streaming nose, Nina looked around desperately for some tissues.

Paul grabbed a box of tissues from the table behind him and held them in front of her. "Thangs," Nina said, her voice thick with congestion, before taking several tissues and giving a lot wet blow. Then she sniffed and clear her throat. "Anyway like I said I have some *SNIFF* some stuff to do." She then proceeded to start coughing harshly.

Paul sighed, "Neens, your sick. So you can either go to bed or I can make you."

Nina laughed and then started coughing again before saying. "Paul I'm not going to bed and you can't make me."

"Okay then," Paul shrugged and then bent down and picked Nina up in his arms and carried her to her bedroom.

"Paul!" Nina squealed, "What are you doing?"

"Making you," Paul smirked, putting Nina down gently onto her bed and tucking a blanket over her.

"You don't have to heh to heh-ESHOO, ISHOO heh heh HERASHOO!! *sniff* ugh," Nina fell back against her pillow and sniffled miserably.

Paul stroked her hair, concern all over his face. "Tell me honestly," he said seriously, "how do you feel?"

Nina coughed twice and then groaned, "Terrible. Cad you get be sob dissues?"

"Sure," Paul smiled sympathetically before getting up and getting a brand new box of tissues from the bathroom. He came back and sat on the side of Nina's bed and handed her the tissues. Nina took several and gave her nose a long, gurgling blow. She threw the soaked tissue into the bin next to her bed bed and continued to empty her nose into a second and third bunch of tissues. She then fell back against her pillows exhausted and let out a soft miserable moan.

Paul rubbed her arm soothingly. "Do you want me to get you anything?"

Nina shrugged, "I don't think I have any medicine or anything, *sniff* it came on so quickly, *sniff* i didn't *SNIFF* get anything."

Paul sighed and continued to rub her arm. Suddenly, Nina's breath began to hitch, Paul quickly reached over and grabbed a tissue from the box on the bedside table and thrust it into her hands. "heh heh huh ah ah-ESSHHOOO, ISHOO, ah-TISHOO!" The force of the triple sneeze lurched Nina into a sitting position and left the solitary tissue a sodden mess. Paul scooted closer to Nina and rubbed soothing circles on her back while she leaned on him, sniffling miserably. "I *SNIFF* need a *SNIFF* ti-tih heh-ISHOO ugh!" Nina groaned, accepting the handful of tissues Paul handed her. She wiped her already raw and chapped nose, wincing as she did so, then gave a long wet blow.

"Any better?" Paul asked hopefully, after Nina threw the tissue on the ground. She shook her head weakly and went back to leaning on his chest, coughing ever now and then. Paul continued to rub her back trying to think of anything he could do to help.

Suddenly Nina sat up, "I'b sorry you probably need to get homb, right?" She finished with a hearty sniffle.

"I need to make sure your okay," he corrected her. "I'm not going to leave you alone like this, Neens"

Nina smiled, "*Sniff* Thangs Paul"

"Tell you what, I'll go home and get some extra clothes and stop at the drugstore on my way back."

"Thangs" Nina said again, feeling slightly better at the thought of Paul taking care of her.

Paul stood up. "I'll be back soon, and I'll take the keys so I can let myself in." He leant down and kissed her forehead "Try and get some sleep Neens"

As he scooped the keys up from the living room table, Nina's sneezing echoed back to him, "Ishoo, Heshoo, Ha-CHOO!" "I better be quick," he thought.


Once again please, please review!! I'm not sure anyone likes this

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I like this!!!

I have been following since the first post :D and wow double part sesion *O*

I never seen vampire diaries but i like how is it going ^^

So keep it up

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Thank you so much recuchii and DeathNoteOwner your support means so much

Onto Part 4


Paul closed Nina's front door behind him and dropped his duffel bag, full of clothes, on the couch before heading into the kitchen with the shopping bag. He couldn't hear any noise from Nina's room so she must either be feeling better, or was asleep. Paul had his money on sleeping. Setting the bag on the kitchen bench, Paul began to unpack the endless boxes of tissues, cough drops and cold and flu medicine before putting heat-up chicken soup in the fridge. He then grabbed the first bag of cough drops, some cold medicine and an extra box of tissues before heading in to check on Nina.

Paul opened the bedroom door carefully and quietly to see Nina curled up in bed and asleep. She had a couple scrunched up tissues in her hand and more of them littered the floor and her bedside table. Her face seemed paler and her nose was red and raw. Paul sighed softly before putting down the medicine and tissues and starting to pick up all tissues and throw them in her bathroom bin. While he was washing his hands he heard Nina stir and before long she began to sneeze.

"Heh-choo, Heh-eshoo, Huh, ah ah AH-CHOO!! *sniff SNIFF* ughh" Paul walked in to find Nina coughing into a fistfull of tissue. He checked the tissue box: it was half-empty.

Paul sat down next to Nina and waited until she'd stopped coughing. "How're you doing?" He murmured softly.

Nina groaned, "Worse, buch worse *SNIFF*"

"Yeah, you sound worse," Paul sighed and reached over to tuck her hair behind her ears, which had fallen over her face after all the sneezing. Her skin seemed warmer than usual. Frowning, Paul felt Nina's forehead and inhaled sharply. "You're burning up," He whispered. Nina groaned and then sniffled. Paul stood up and went to grab the cold medicine and cough drops that he'd left on her dresser. He then sat back down next to Nina and measured out some medicine. "Here take this."

Nina sighed before swallowing the medicine, making a face as she did so. "Ugh, dat tastes gross," she said before coughing again. Paul wordlessly handed her a cough drop. "Thangs Paul *SNIFF*"

Paul leaned back on the bed and pulled Nina closer to him, rubbing her arm while she rested her burning head on his chest.

Nina sniffed wetly before talking, "You shouldn't stay here *SNIFF*, you'll catch *sniff* by code."

Paul laughed, "I figure I probably already will, so I might as well take care of you while I still can."

Nina smiled weakly, "Tha*SNIFF* thangs Paul *SNIFF*"

"Do you need a tissue?" Paul asked, smiling.

"Do," Nina pouted, "By dose *SNIFF* keh keeps tickleh teh heh- Heh-ASHOO, heh Eshoo!"

"Bless you," Paul whispered.

"I - heh - I'b dot -heh- duh huh he-ACHOO!!" Nina sneezed once more into Paul's chest. "Ugh I'b *SNIFF* sorry, Paul!"

Paul chuckled and then kissed Nina's warm forehead. "Don't worry about, just try and sleep, okay?


Thanks for the comments I might post more today!

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Part 5


Paul woke up to the sound of Nina coughing. Opening his eyes, he saw her small frame sitting up in bed, coughing into some tissues. The floor he'd tidied the night before was once again covered in used tissues. Paul rubbed his eyes and sat up, rubbing circles into Nina's back until she stopped coughing.

"Did *SNIFF* did I wake you?" Nina asked in a deeply congested, tired voice.

"Don't worry about it, I could've slept somewhere else, but I didn't want to move in case I woke you up."

"Thangs buh b-but heh," Nina held up a finger, to indicate she needed a second, before cupping her hands in front of her face and letting out several wet, desperate sneezes. "HuhKSHEW, heh HESHOO, heh heh HEH HEH-CHOOO!! uughhh!"

Paul handed Nina some tissues and rubbed her back while gave a wet, gurgling blow. Nina scrunched up the tissues and threw them on the floor, not even bothering to aim for the trash can. She sniffled wetly before continuing, "Ugh, I'b sorry *sniff SNIFF* Thangs but it probably wouldn't madder *sniff* I didn't get buch sleep adyway *SNIFF*"

"It's fine, Neens," Paul said sincerely, still rubbing her back, "How are you feeling?"

"SNIFF ughh, biserable *sniff*"

Paul sighed and reached up to feel her forehead, "You feel warmer, do you have a thermometer anywhere?"

Nina nodded, "Ba *Sniff* Bathroom Cah-Cabinet, ESHOO, ISHOO, huhASHOO!! *SNIFF* ugh,"

"Okay, I'll be right back," Paul kissed Nina's hot forehead and disappeared into the bathroom, coming back a few seconds later, shaking the thermometer. "Okay here you go," he said as he stuck it under her tongue, "Do you want something to eat? I bought chicken noodle soup yesterday." Nina smiled and nodded, unable to say anything with the thermometer in her mouth. "Okay I'll be right back."

Paul walked into the kitchen, stretching as he did so and took the soup out of the fridge and put it in the microwave. While he waited, Paul assessed his own condition. He knew there was probably no avoiding catching Nina's cold, but he cared about her too much to care. He didn't feel any different, in fact he felt fine, but he was pretty sure he wouldn't stay that way. The microwave beeped and Paul transferred the soup into two bowls, grabbed some spoons and headed back to Nina. He put the bowls down on the dresser and went to retrieve the thermometer.

"100.1," Paul frowned, his frown deepening when Nina began to cough now that her mouth was empty, "Well, its not too bad, but it's still a fever." Nina nodded, still coughing. Paul worriedly stroked her hair before going to get the soup


Not happy with the ending but I ran out of time and inspiration

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So sorry I haven't posted, I know how annoying that is, I went away on holiday and just started back at school. Plus I have writers block, lol! Hope to update soon xx

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Sorry its been so long!!!

Part 6


Nina sat up in bed sniffling as Paul handed her a bowl of steaming soup, before sitting down opposite her with his own bowl.

"*sniff* Ugh, thags Baul *SNIFF*" Nina whispered, her voice thick with congestion, her throat too sore to talk normally.

"Your welcome," Paul smiled watching as she blew on her soup. Her hair was messed up and her nose was vivid shade of red, but somehow he still thought she looked cute. Paul had admitted to himself that he had feelings for her a few weeks ago and so he was pleased that Nina had let him stay and take care of her.

Meanwhile Nina had finished blowing on her soup and took her first sip and sighed. "Thangs this is just wad I deeded."

Paul smiled, "Feeling better?"

She nodded, "A liddle."

Nina sniffed softly before taking a deep breath to try and inhale the comforting smell of chicken soup. Unfortunately her nose was so clogged up that she couldn't smell a thing, but the steam from the soup made her nose run at a ridiculous rate. Nina held onto her soup bowl with one hand and held her other hand in front of her streaming nose, which was beginning to tickle, sniffling desperately.

Paul noticed her strange behaviour, "You alright, Neens?"

"Umb, *SNIFF* yeah, I *SNIFF* really need a *SNIFF* ah hah heh eh eh..." Paul, who had realised what was about to happen, quickly grabbed her soup bowl in order to free up her other hand. He wanted to hand her some tissues, since it was pretty obvious that was what she needed, but his hands were full with their soup bowls.

Nina cupped her now free hands just in time to catch her desperate, and very wet, sneezes. "HehptCHEW, HehKSHEW, Eh HEH ESHOOO!!! *SNIFF SNIFF* ugh *SNIFF* I beed a di dih hehISHOO *SNIFF* ugh dissue"

In the time it had taken Nina to get out her sentence and sneezes, Paul had put the soup bowls down and grabbed the tissue box and held it in front of her.

"*SNIFF* Ugh, thags," Nina grabbed about a million tissues and gave three very long, gurgling blows, and then grabbed several more to wipe off her hands, sniffling the entire time.

"Do you want some more soup?" Paul asked, sympathetically.

Nina shook his head miserably, "I'b dot dat hungry and the steam bakes by dose run." Paul nodded and she laid back sniffling. He sighed. She looked so miserable and he didn't know how to help.

"Do you want me to leave so you can try and sleep?" He asked, not wanting to leave but not knowing what to do.

Nina shook her head, "Can you stay please? *Sniff* I just feel bistable and don't to be alode *SNIFF*"

Paul smiled, glad she found comfort in him. "Sure, move over," He smiled gently.

Nina weakly shuffled over and Paul climbed under the covers and wrapped his arms around her so she could rest her head on her chest. He then stroked her hair as she tried to get some rest. It took a while but after half an hour of sniffling, sneezing and coughing she finally nodded of to sleep, her head nuzzled in his chest.


Once again I'm sorry for not updating in a while, hope you enjoy :)

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