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Fiance sneezing once (m)


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We just got the PS4 and are quite literally broke til Friday but so excited. He was playing Killzone: Shadow Fall and I was watching and marveling at the beautiful graphics (shit's eye candy). He was on the one couch and I'm on the smaller one (because I'm smaller) with my laptop open but abandoned on my lap as I watched him play. Shit was getting intense and I was almost hanging off the couch watching. At one point (as captivated as I was, I don't remember what was happening on the screen) he turned his head suddenly and sneezed openly towards the end of the couch (and his feet), sounded like "hhpffthschh!" then had this comically surprised look on his face for about two seconds before returning his attention to the TV. I was cracking up at his expression for about five minutes afterwards.

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