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Hellooo there my fellow anime fans! So I recently finished AOT and loved it especially Levi. smile.png So I just couldn't help my self and wrote a coldfic centring on mostly Levi but some Eren in the beginning. This story won't be that long but more parts will be coming! So to get the feels for this story I recommend listening to Hero by Skillet or watch this amazing AMV! http://www.youtube.c... I will stop my rambling. As always feedback is appreciated. *As much as I would love to own AOT I sadly do not all characters, setting, and plot go to it's respectful owners!*

It was not in the least bit, an exaggeration to give Corporal Levi the title “Super Solider.” Captain Levi had a strong sense of justice, selflessness, and willingness to be a martyr. He exhibited incredible talent and was always at the top of his class, in academics as well as combat. Most could easily say he was a blessing to mankind meant to lead humanity to it’s longed victory against the Titans. Eren Jaeager could honestly say he respect and feared his superior, and being put on his squad was ample opportunity to observe the Captain and better his skills. Of course the Captain was also to keep a strict watch on him just in case he lost control of his Titan-form but that was far besides the point.

Eren in fact quite liked Levi’s squad. There was something about them, the way they were all so different yet all managed to get along like family. It warmed something in Erens heart, an aspect of a family life that had been lost to Eren for some time since his mother was eaten by that monstrous Titan.

Of course that all changed when all but Levi, Eren and Hanji, were killed by Annie. The loss had left a significant hole in Erens heart and after he mourned them, their deaths only made him grow determined, to avenge his comrades he cared for so very much. He needed o remember the reason he fights. Why he always fights.

Eren would be lying to himself, if he didn’t wonder about Captain Levi’s history, why he always seems to damn emotionless. Hell the Captain didn’t even express any remorse about losing his whole squad and for that, Eren constantly wondered if Levi lost his humanity some time ago, or just chose to hide it, buried in those cold gray eyes.

After the death of Levi’s squad, and the capture of Annie, Levi, Hanji, Armin, and Mikasa had been ordered spend time lying low in the castles where Levi were to train Armin, Eren, and even Mikasa to take over the spots of his squad that had been so viscously ripped from him. There in the fields, Eren were to spend time harnessing his Titans powers, and Hanji was to run as many tests and experiments on him as she wished.

Eren spent the majority of his days with Levi and Hanji in the deep well busying himself with things to do, to make up for the pain of losing so many. To put it in short; everyone was run down. Mother nature was certainly not cooperating, the wind howled, and frozen rain and sleet pounded down onto the castle.

Eren would never ever even think of mentioning discomfort to the Captain but in reality he was only human as much as everyone dared to disagree. He felt pretty damn terrible, physically and mentally and the brutal training and the conditions right down to where he slept-in the goddamn dungeon- was enough to send his weak human body over the edge. It was most likely a common cold, easily curable but Eren certainly didn’t want to rest. If anyone needed him he would need to be ready and alert. So he retired to his damp room/dungeon wearily soaking wet from training outside. He fought off a vicious cough tearing it’s way through his throat and a deep persistent itch settling in his sinus’s. He was absolutely freezing and he ripped off his wet clothes and threw on his green cape. Eren discreetly sniffled and scrubbed at his nose. He coughed too, but muffled it, scared to draw the attention or even be a hindrance to the captain who sat emotionless soaking wet himself.

Since the extermination of his squad there was no one to keep a watch on Eren so Levi himself took over. He was with Eren every waking moment of every day and Eren doubted the guy even slept. Eren gently lay down in his hard cot muffling a cough.

“Sir you don’t really need to be here every night,” Eren croaked out despite the tremendous pain in his throat. Levi looked at him through grey narrowed eyes.

“If you change into Titan form I’m the only one who can kill you. I wouldn’t let any of the others risk there lives.”

“But I w-won’t c-change-ha- The annoying tickle that dwelled in the back of Eren’s nasal passages flourished and Eren desperately held back the impending sneeze. Levi looked at him bemused, but looked slightly amused.

“Do you need to sneeze brat?”

“N-no,” Eren denied desperately trying to get control over his sinus’s and carry on the conversation. “Imb-Ha-,” knowing this would a battle Eren would eventually lose he turned to the side and let out an uncovered soft but seemingly wet-

“HATIISH! Uh-HATISH!” The tickle was unsatisfied his eyelashes fluttering shut. “Eh-HATCHO! KI-ISH HASHI ETCHU! KIISH! ASCH!”

Eren sneezed violently his blue eyes watering. He looked up at Levi ashamed. Levi however wasn’t stupid. He had know for about 2 days the brat was sick- it didn’t take a genius to figure it out. By the feverish glassy spaced out look Eren had on his face, his discreet sniffing and coughing that wasn’t so discreet- and his sluggish movements it was clear the brat needed to take an easy.

Levi wasn’t heartless it was clear if this escalated any further Erens illness might interfere with his ability to shift into a Titan. Thus it only made sense if he rested. But only this once.

“Oi, brat come here.” Eren of course was obedient and stood stiffly in front of his superior. In one quick motion Levi pressed his fingers to the back of his subordinates neck. As he suspected he was hot, too hot to be considered healthy. Erens soft features clouded over and his breath hitched.

“S-Sir-,” Levi was quick to draw his hand back but the expulsion was quick and sudden and Eren desperately threw his sleeve across his face as he released a round of five wet sneezes all barely covered by the material of his sleeve.

Levi merely rolled his eyes as the younger boy finished with a small cough.

“Get to bed brat thats an order. Tomorrow there will be no training got it?”

“Yes sir,”

“And Eren?”


“Learn to cover your mouth it’s messy.”

“Of course sir!” Eren exclaimed a flush heating his pale cheeks. Levi said no more and resumed his original stance across from Eren. He readied himself for another sleepless night as he watched the Titan boy toss and turn in his feverish slumber. He supposed he should tell Hanji about all this. Out of everyone she would most likely be the most ecstatic that the Titan boy has apparently caught one hell of a cold.

Levi snorted to himself. Suck weakness. Levi himself was very careful-and was too good at it- to conceal any types of emotion or weakness. It was just fit as a Captain. Levi didn’t need anyone’s help. He was the Captain, he was responsible for his subordinates making sure they were alright. He looked down the floor angrily. He sure has hell didn’t do that responsibility justice. He lost his whole damn squad! For a moment his expressionless face broke into one of anger pain and sadness. He clenched a fist. He would eradicate every single one of the fucking Titans even if it killed him. He would avenge his squad’s death.

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Levi and Hanji’s quiet conversing the next morning was interrupted by Eren who was passed out in a cold sweat in his bed. He awoke coughing viscously cupping his hands around his mouth pitifully. Levi raised an eyebrow and Hanji squealed grabbing the bars peering at Eren with a crazed look in her eyes.

“Oi Eren seems like you got yourself a cold there!” Hanji leaned in closer grinning manically. “I wonder if this will interfere with your ability to shift to a Titan!” Hanji exclaimed way to excited about the possibilities. Eren moaned responding with a sneeze or two.

“Ugh-,” Eren muttered under his breath stifling another round of coughs.

“KAISH!” he sneezed softly into his sleeve wiping his runny nose. “Umb Hanji baybe you should back ub a little,” Eren muttered in a congested voice blue eyes tearing. Hanji gave him a Chesire cat grin.

“Oh don’t be silly Eren this is very important observation about your abilities!” Hanji nearly squealed.

“Isn’t it great Corporeal?”

“Tch-“ Levi responded with an unamused shrug being there far to long for his liking. “Do whatever you want Hanji but don’t come crying to me when you get sick.”

He moved towards the doorway swiftly eager to go busy himself with something useful like cleaning the filthy castle.

“I’ll tell Armin and Mikasasa where you two are.” Levi said before shutting the door. He allowed himself a smirk before resuming his expressionless stance. Hell it was funny. Eren someone who could shift into a Titan and obliterate 20 Titans with a single punch-was at the mercy of a cold. And with that fact, his ego efficiently stroked, he set off to go put himself to use.


“You idiot what did I tell you.” Levi muttered absent mildly the next morning, yet still just as amused. He eyed Hanji with an exasperated sigh as he took in her feverish but gleaming eyes. Hanji laughed easily but that soon turned into harsh coughing. “Ah but Corporeal it was all in the name of science!”

“And what have you discovered?” Levi asked taking a sip of his tea as he eyed Hanji from across the table warily.

“That Titan shifters are susceptible to the common cold!” Hanji said enthusiastically before stifling three silent sneezes. Levi just shook his head and watched as Eren coughed into his sleeve. Mikasa handed Eren a mug of tea and he took the drink swallowing it wincing. Armin brow was furrowed thinking about who knows what. The distant sound of rain could be heard on the rooftops.

“In two weeks time marks the date of our mission to retake wall Maria.” Levi said quietly but seriously.

“Eren have you made any progress?”

“Y-yes s-sir,” Eren said breath hitching. “I can demonstrate ah-ISH ASCH! KAISH! HASHII ha-SHEW!” Erens head bobbed forward barely containing the messiness of the sneeze in his sleeve. Levi subconsciously frowned at the filth. This was clearly getting nowhere.

At this rate all four of them- himself excluded of course-would fall ill. Those idiots. Levi took another sip of his tea and enjoyed the rare silence among his party. Of course the silence was quickly broken by Armin’s stifling a small cough followed later by one of Mikasa’s sneezes. Levi rolled his eyes, they were pitiful.

“You idiots, all of you are sick.” Levi exclaimed. “Don’t expect me to take care of you.”

“You can’t possibly stay healthy all four of us are sick,” Hanji piped up with an amused laugh.

“It’s inevitable, and it’ll be so funny to see humanities strongest brought to his knees!” Hanji laughed hearty earning a smirk from Eren. Well damn him. He started it all.

“Tch Corporals don’t get sick,” Levi snapped before getting up swiftly letting himself out of the room.

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Ooooh, I can't wait! This story is so cute, even though the sad parts make me sad. Levi, Levi, Levi, don't you know how jinxing works?

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