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Sneezed on in crowded hallway


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So I didn't actually see this, but what I heard was too great. . .

I walked in to class to overhear a girl moan to a student nearby,

"Some girl just sneezed on me. Like, straight on me"

"eww, that's gross"

"yeah she didn't even try to cover her mouth, ugh"

She then went to tell her friends,

"Some girl sneezed on me in the hallway, like-"

*acts out a girl looking up and sneezing straight ahead of her

"And I was turning a corner and she did that right as she bumped into me"

And there went my focus for the next class.

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Little update: I was talking to the girl who got sneezed on a few days ago, and she was sniffling constantly as she wiped her nose with her hand. I know it can't be related, but the contagion side of me so wants it to be.

Anyway I asked her if she was feeling well and she mentioned she was soooo sick and complained about the lack of tissues in the classroom. She also gave one covered sneeze in her elbow earlier.

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Another update. I got a bad cold a few days ago and I think it may have been hers. We kept passing papers back and forth (peer editing) and she kept sniffling as she whispered to me and wiped her nose with her hands frequently. Time to sneeze on her in the hallway?...

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but i wouldn't like it if i were sneezed on

For me that would depend entirely on the sneezer... wink.png

oh yeah sure xD same here i love when my guy best friend who i am secretly in love with reases me by sneezing on me xD

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I enjoyed the observation but i wouldn't like it if i were sneezed on xD

Maybe not sneezed on, but being stifled into? blush.png

oh that's sexy xD but again i would enjoy it only if it was made by someone am in love with :D

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