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The Infernal Devices + The Mortal Instruments


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Aye, so uhm I was wondering if anyone would either do these scenerios...

1. William Herondale (The Infernal Devices) would have an allergy to cats ;) hum maybe Jem could help his parabatai.

2. William/Magnus fic. Will has pollen allergies and takes a stroll in the park talking to Magnus about finding the demon to rid him of a curse (SPOILERS SPOILERS). Perhaps I ship Magnus and William ;)

3. Alec/Magnus (The Mortal Instruments) I SHIP THEM SO HARDCORE. OTP <3 . I just cant even they CANNOT break up... anyways .. since Alec has allergies, Magnus provides him tissues and cuddles. Fluff fluff fluff.

4. Jem(The Infernal Devices) has an allergy to dust and Will helps out his parabatai.

5. Jace ( The Mortal Instruments) is set off by small cute kittens (king of sarcasm has to let his guard down ;) ) also he could be allergic to dust. while Alec , his parabatai, laughs and trys to help him out.

So uh anyone WILLing to torture any of them ? ;) <<see what I did there? . Yeh someone write one of these fics please, i'd be so happy ! :)

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Um yes challenge accepted maybe either 5 or 3

. Thank YOU THANK YOU ill love you forever xD
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Me too :)

I think I'll do 5

Jace <3_<3 He's like... perfection... *faints*

. Yeeees do it do it . Ill love you forever ;o you're the bestest friend I could ask for. Please do torture Jace :)
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would you still like an infernal device??? I'm reading them now, and I LOVE THEM!

I could do 4.....?

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