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So this mess of a thing is my attempt to begin writing a story about Les Amis becuase there is a sad lack of them on the forum. However, I am not good at such things as ‘characterization,’ so I’m not sure if I should continue it. It doesn’t help that these characters are based on the parts of the brick that I’ve read, and the movie,
as well as
bunches of meta and fanfiction. Enjolras/Grantaire, unrequited, Grantaire with the fetish.


It began, as did so many other incidents in the lives of Les Amis, with Marius misjudging a situation. When he burst into the Musain carrying a puppy, full of excitement over his love for Cosette, he expected to be greeted with, at worst, disinterest. Marius could work with disinterest. And he was sure
at least
Courfeyrac would be interested enough to congratulate him. He had observed Cosette petting a stray dog on the street, and had gone right out and adopted one. He would leave it for Cosette, she would take it home, and there would be
something he had given her
in her house.

“Look what I’ve got” he cried to the room at large, brandishing the puppy for all to see, shaking it gently for good measure. This earned him a moment of stunned silence, and then the group sprang into action like clockwork. Bahorel, being the closest, physically lifted Marius and carried him out of the Musain, shutting the door behind him. Combeferre reached into his bag, and pulled out a bottle of antihistamines. Courfeyrac took a box of tissues out of his, while Jehan filled a glass of water. All of these things were handed to Enjolras at roughly the same time. He swallowed the pills with water, and reached for a tissue. So it began.



Grantaire had always been vaguely aware of the fact that Enjolras was severely allergic to a number of different things, but it wasn’t as if he’d thought about it very much. It was the kind of issue that tended to arise at protests, and he never went to those. He only saw Enjolras in the back room of the Musian, where the meetings took place. No one had been foolish enough to introduce an animal into that environment until Marius. Therefore, it shocked him slightly to see Enjolras, who had not once in all the years that he had known him missed a meeting for sickness, so affected by a small puppy that had been in the room for only a minute. He had always imagined that Enjolras’ sneezes would be soft, given that his appearance was so delicate, but this was not the case. Enjolras sneezed loudly, powerfully and unrestrainedly, more in line with his personality.

-iew.” A pause for breath, then “

Grantaire felt a shiver go down his spine, and focused his attention more fully on Enjolras. The man was a picture of allergic torment, his nose reddened and irritated, tears forming in the corners of his eyes, pitching slightly forward every few seconds as a new sneeze or pair of sneezes overtook him. There was something...attractive…in watching him completely lose control. Grantaire couldn’t look away.

-SHOO” Enjolras took advantage of a break in the sneezing to wipe away the allergic tears from his eyes and blow his nose violently into one of the last tissues. “How log udtil the antihisdtambines take affecdt?” he asked stuffily.

“Any minute now, these are the fastest-acting I could find.” Combeferre answered, laying a hand gently on his shoulder. (Courfeyrac was already rubbing circles on his back.) Enjolras nodded, and then the sneezing began again, although not as frequently.

-shho……… a’
-shew.” As the tissues ran out, Enjolras switched to his sleeve, although he couldn’t avoid a bit of spray. Grantaire, sitting nearby, ended up getting slightly hit. He felt as though he were on fire. This was more powerful even than Enjolras was in his stride, almost shouting in his passion. (there was a reason they were in the back room of the Musain, and it wasn’t necessarily because they wanted to be.) When Enjolras’s sneezes slowed, and eventually came to a halt, Grantaire was left with one thought:
I must see Enjolras sneeze again


So, I'm not sure if I should continue this-further plot would revolve around Grantaire finding ways to secretly trigger Enjolras' allergies but I don't have any real resolution in mind. Is anyone interested?
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Oh my goodness, I am DEFINITELY intrigued. Is it just animals or are there some more... creative... triggers?

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Uhhh YES I'm interested!! This is awesome! You're a great writer too :) We need some more Les Mis fics out here

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I AM INTERESTED! This was awesome!!!

I think you should definitely continue. You're inspiring to write some things of my own. :)

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