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At school (2 different male sneezes)

Hiding in the corner

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I havent really done much observation before, but today I was at school and i was kinda teachers aid in a class that i have never been in before. Unfortunately i couldnt see who it was, but i got rather startled after suddenly hearing 'Heahchoow!' I could tell by the sniffling that it was someguy in the back row, but i was sitting too far in front so my back was turned at the sneezer.

After about 30min there was another sneeze but it was like "Hehsciiiew!" Again it was some guy, but this one must have been even further back because it sounded so distant, still it was pretty clearly heard.

Tomorrow will be new day at school and i must say this is actually pretty interesting and fun to be listening if there is any sneezes to be released. unfortunately i wont be with the same class tomorrow, but there are quite a lot of students.

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I dont know if anyone will find this so interesting, but i thought i should share what happened today at school.

It was same class as above text, but this time there was one peculiar sneeze that caught most of my attention at the class. It was one guy sitting not too far away from me, but the way he sneezed... It was rather quiet until suddenly I heard "Pikah-Choo!" I'm actually amazed about it and i have never heard anything like it.

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