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On Monday, a co-worker in my department stopped by my office shortly before we were supposed to go to a seminar in a nearby building. She asked if it was starting to get cold outside because she was thinking of changing shoes before we left. I said I was just outside before and I didn't think it was bad at all, and I was wearing loafers.

She looked at my shoes and remarked that I wasn't wearing any socks. I said that I was, they're just skin-colored and very thin, and I slipped off one shoe to show her. She asked if she could feel them, so I said ok and she felt my ankle, and then she asked if they were silk socks and if they were expensive. I said they were just nylon and actually kind of cheap. I told her, briefly, about the time I had been shopping for shoes and the saleswoman kept sneezing over and over from being allergic to nylon (mentioned in a few earlier posts). She laughed a little and said her nose was starting to itch a little so I should put my shoe back on before it made her sneeze. She said she was going back to her office to grab her bag and she'd come back so we could head to the seminar.

She came back a few minutes later and as we were walking out of the building she said that she must have the same allergy because she sneezed back at her office. I don't know if she was just kidding either about sneezing or it being from the smell of the nylon socks. I didn't bring it up at all after that.

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My mind would be going crazy with all kinds of schemes about how to "accidentally" expose this girl to nylon smile.png

I don't know for sure if my co-worker is allergic or if she was just joking. However we occasionally attend seminars in an auditorium where the seats are on different levels. I could sit in the level directly behind her and discreetly slip a shoe off to see if she sneezes.

The saleswoman in the shoe store certainly is allergic. The friend I mentioned in my earlier obs bought a pack of cheap drug store nylons and went there to try on some shoes. He said she sneezed quite a bit, but I wasn't there to see it, so I didn't post it as an ob.

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