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Crush Sneezes in Study Hall


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Hey guys!

I haven't posted an obs in a while, so this is refreshing for me.

Anyway, it's about my crush R, whom I mentioned in a previous post. I've been practically starved for his sneezes in my freshman year, and considering it's pretty much the middle of the school year, I think I've waited long enough! For those of you who haven't read the other post, I'll give you a brief insight of what R is like; short dark brown/black hair, brown eyes, tall, skinny and handsome, and somewhat lanky yet in an athletic way, if that makes any sense. And his nose..... heart.gif Personality-wise, he's funny, exceedingly smart, a little bit dorky, and very sweet! wubsmiley.gif

I have Study Hall in the morning, so it's my first "class" of the day. Lately I've been sitting with my bestie C exclusively, and it helps us get our work done. R and his friends sit at the table that's pretty much parallel to ours (definitely not why I sit there tonguesmiley.gif), so I get a pretty good view of him most days. Unfortunately for me, his friend was sitting right in my line of view when it happened (the second sneeze, anyway). So anyway, C wanted 25 cents so she could get the drink she wanted, but unfortunately I didn't have any, so we went over to the table where our other friends were sitting and asked to borrow some money. While I stood there with her, I heard a faint little sneeze from R's table. Soon enough, I looked over to see him move his face from his elbow, and his face was slightly pink, especially his nose, which was busy wriggling. The sneeze itself sounded a little like a muffled cough, and it was kind of a "hhh-mmmchpffff" sound. I found it a little odd because he normally doesn't sneeze that way, but R was pressing his nose and mouth against his sleeve, although not very hard. Anyway, I wasn't going to question this gift from the universe.

Later in Study Hall, C and I were busy working on our math homework when I heard another little "huh-mmmfffff!" and sure enough, I looked over at R to see him take his face from his elbow once more, his face even more pink than when he sneezed before. He tried to get back to work, wrinkling his nose and furrowing his brow in an almost frustrated sort of way. It might have been because of the tickle in his nose, but it also could have been something he was trying to focus on, seeing as he was on his laptop doing schoolwork. Either way, it was absolutely adorable. drool.gif

Considering he's never sneezed in front of me in such a muffled way before and how his face was getting red, it leads me to believe that he might be getting sick, and while I'll feel bad if he does, I won't be able to help feeling a little devious, too.... wink.png

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Ah i'd love to see updates from him !


thanks for sharing


very beautiful sneezes he has c:

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